The Body Shop Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm Review

The Body Shop Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm Review

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My next review is on a lip balm from The Body Shop! The Body Shop has some cult products like body butters, body scrubs and there is the awesome Peppermint and Tea Tree range.  Then, there is makeup which is good too. I always have something or the other from Body Shop in my beauty regimen. I never bought a lip balm from Body Shop until last year, until then, I was using Nivea lip balms. Those were pretty good, but Body Shop’s lip balm packaging is really cute and they come in yummy flavors.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm Review

Product Description:

The organic beeswax in our Born Lippy™ range has been produced in an environmentally sustainable way in the remote forests of Zambia by our Community Trade partner, North Western Bee Products. The wild bees visit flowers unspoiled by pesticides and pollution, and the beekeepers use traditional techniques handed down over the generations that rely only on the natural equilibrium of the forest. Mother Nature provides most of the tools they need to produce the beeswax, such as the tree bark they use to build hives for the bees. By using methods similar to the ones they used in the 1800s, the beekeepers are helping to ensure the preservation of the forest.

TBS Rapsberry

How To Apply:

Apply to the lips with your fingertips, as often as required.

TBS Rapsberry


Rs. 200 for 10 ml.

Shelf Life:

12 months.

TBS Rapsberry

My Take on The Body Shop Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm:

When you first enter Body Shop, the lip balms are stacked so nicely that anybody would be attracted to these yummy flavors and cute packaging and to the reasonable price for sure. That is what happened to me!  I bought two of these, one in Raspberry Flavor and the other one in Watermelon. The latter one I gave to my sister. We both were very excited to try them. As I am not a huge fan of lip glosses, I don’t like the sticky feel and watery look on the lips. I had high expectations from this one.

TBS Rapsberry

When I applied this balm on my lips for the first time, I really loved the scent and tint. After some time, my lips felt so uncomfortable that I had to wipe it off.

TBS Rapsberry

The next day, I told myself that it was okay, everybody wears shiny and glossy lips these days and maybe that’s how it feels.  I thought I would try it again, maybe at least it would moisturize my lips.  Somehow, I kept wearing this lip balm for a day or two and to my surprise; my lips were drying out badly. You know that chapped feeling, it was so weird to see a product that was supposed to be moisturizing actually drying my lips! I don’t know why because it has some nice ingredients like:

Organic Beeswax: Moisturizes and helps to condition dry skin, especially on your lips and around the fingernail beds. It acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture.

Raspberry Extract: Helps provide a natural fruity flavor.

Lanolin: One of nature’s richest moisturizers. It is readily absorbed by the skin and so provides good protection.

Nothing seems to be helping in my case.

TBS Rapsberry

TBS Rapsberry

When I bought this lip balm, I did not realize that this packaging that looks so cute could be a pain. It is fine if you apply it once in a day and you can wipe off your fingers at home and go out. But when you have to apply this a couple of times throughout the day (as it is not long lasting) and then keep wiping your fingers and nails, trust me, it’s not good.

Pros of The Body Shop Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm:

  • Nice bubblegum taste.
  • Very cute packaging.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Decent tint of color.
  • Makes lips shiny.

Cons of The Body Shop Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm:

  • It feels very sticky on the lips.
  • Lip balm in a tub is not very hygienic.
  • Instead of moisturizing, it dries out lips even more.
  • It is not long lasting.

Would I Repurchase The Body Shop Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm?

No, I don’t think so.

Overall, I did not like this product. However, it might not be the case with others. As it is reasonably priced, anybody can try to see how it works on them.

IMBB Rating: 3/5.

Other User Reviews:

lip swatchThis balm comes in a cute little tub packaging. The screw open lid is sturdy and leak proof. It’s easy to carry in handbag and can also fit into your pocket. The product is bubblegum pink in colour. It smells like raspberry jelly, quite fruity. The amazing fruity smell stays for a long time. The texture is creamy and thick like jelly. A very little amount is needed to give a nice shine to your lips.

You have to apply it with your fingers. The lip balm has a light pink tint. The product seems lighter in colour when you apply it on your lips. Honestly speaking, I was disappointed as there was no tint at all. Only a nice shine was there on my lips same as I would get from a clear gloss. It does not work for chapped lips and it’s sticky. Also, it doesn’t stay longer on lips. You have to re-apply it after 2-3 hours.

My point is that if I am not getting any tint or hydration, so why should I spend money on clear gloss which is priced Rs 275.At the least I can use it over matte lipstick to add shine and that’s the only use I can find for this one.

Rating: 2.5 /5. I am not at all happy with the tint and poor staying power. Never expected this from the Body Shop.- Nimisha Swami

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23 thoughts on “The Body Shop Born Lippy Raspberry Lip Balm Review

    1. Hi Ritu R, Tubs are really not ideal for most of the skincare or lip balms, dnt know why they even make it? anyways next is Vitamin E stick….yayeyayaya

  1. ohh.. do try the l’occitane shea butter lip balm stick.. its tad expensive…at rs 560.. but amazinggggg.. i love it.. bought it last saturday… <3 <3 <3

  2. Same happened with me 🙁 i loved its scent n bought it but i was disappointed with the product… I have generally never needed a lip balm as such my lip stay just fine without it but this made me lips dry !!!! 🙁

  3. Oh I was contemplating on buying this but held back coz of the tub packaging. Thank God I did. Thanks for the review, Neha.

  4. That’s so weird because I received this during an international swap and I love it! It wasn’t sticky or drying for me, a little thick but I like my lip balms thick. I found it comparable to my HG lip balm, Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Balm or even reminiscent to the texture of Dior’s Lip Glow.

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