Freeman Barefoot Softening Foot Lotion with Peppermint and Plum

Freeman Barefoot Softening Foot Lotion with Peppermint and Plum

Hey Pretty Women!

I am here today to review my very first product from Freeman. I have seen so many reviews of the face masks from this brand that I decided I would try something different. I have extremely dry feet – so dry that the spaces between each toe also gets really dry :/ I have always been on the lookout for a good foot cream that not only moisturizes well and keeps my feet soft, but also smells good (you all probably know by now about my craze for yummy smells :D). I used to use Dr. Scholl, but the smell puts me off a lot, it smells like feet, and not in a good way!

Freeman Barefoot Softening Foot Lotion with Peppermint and Plum

The name of this cream itself had me interested. It has plum extract, peppermint and tea tree oil to soothe tired feet. I love mint in everything (the colour this season, the ice cream, mint orbit, pudina, you get the idea :P).  So, this makes the product even more appealing for me.  The packaging is cute – it’s a pink tube and the top part looks like tiny toes.


Rs. 220, got it for Rs. 209 online for a quantity of 5.3 fl oz or 150 ml.

The lotion smells very candy-like, good enough to eat, and if you apply it after a bath, it does give a subtle cooling effect because of the peppermint. The lotion is thick, and soaks into the skin pretty easily. Here’s a look at what the product claims.


I haven’t really tried a foot massage with this, but if my local beauty parlour had this, I would be really pleased to get a pedicure from them. The lotion is a light purple in colour and feels immediately soft when applied. I usually apply this right after a bath or shower and also just before I go to bed. Unless there’s dust or other factors, my feet stay soft and moisturized all day, and smell amazing too!


Pros of Freeman Barefoot Softening Foot Lotion with Peppermint and Plum:

  • Smells delicious.
  • Fun colour (hey, that IS a factor for me, come on! PURPLE lotion!!! All it needs now is sparkles and I’ll be so happy :D)
  • Cools and soothes.
  • Moisturizes well.
  • Light and not greasy.

Cons of Freeman Barefoot Softening Foot Lotion with Peppermint and Plum:

  • Might be considered too expensive for a foot lotion.
  • I can’t think of any other cons :/

Would I Repurchase Freeman Barefoot Softening Foot Lotion with Peppermint and Plum?

From this range, yes, not the same lotion though, I like trying out different varieties!

IMBB Rating:


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22 thoughts on “Freeman Barefoot Softening Foot Lotion with Peppermint and Plum

        1. I used to have just one face mask from freeman..and really loved it a smelled of grapes!! 😀 😀

          Good morning Jomolllllllll!! 🙂

  1. I have the lime one and I am relatively happy with it. it does smell nice but not very sure if its doing anything softening the foot wise since I also use pumice stone and couple of other srubs..hahhaha..maye alltogether it is working..:)

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