Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel Review


This is my 1st article for IMBB, and I am thrilled. I am going to review Aroma Magic peppermint exfol gel which is an exfoliating and black head removal gel. This gel was advertised to me by the saleswoman at health and glow, and considering the price and the active ingredients, I did not think twice before buying it.

aroma magic peppermint gel

What the product claims –
This gentle formula contains AHA, a multi fruit acid mixture that eliminates dead surface cells, black heads and fine lines uncovering smoother and softer skin. Your skin will look amazingly revitalized in just one day.

Directions to use –
Apply onto face and leave it on for 10 minutes. Gently massage it off. Rinse thereafter.

Active ingredients –
Extracts of Sage, Cornflower, Sugarcane, Apple, Grapes, and pure essential oils of Peppermint, orange and Lavender.

Price – Rs 60 (only!) for 60 ml bottle
Needless to say, the price, the brand name, the packaging and the active ingredients made me drool for it.


My take –

Yes, the product claims to be super duper herbal. Then why did my sister and my friend (both of who have dry skin) get boils and pimples after applying this the 2nd time itself? Blackheads were not significantly cured either. I mean, I wouldn’t mind living with blackheads if I had to get pimples to get rid of them. So basically, this product (inspite of being a gel), is not suitable for dry skin, and sensitive skin. I, on the other hand, have an oily skin (with my fair share of pimples), and so the gel formula did not cause much harm (or I did not notice the harm because I already had pimples!). But when I tried to massage it off (following the directions for use), it just wouldn’t come off. I had to rinse it off with water to make it come off. So the exfoliative effect was minimal. My skin did look smooth and revitalized after the first use itself, but the blackheads were not reduced to significant extents even after continuously applying it for about a week. This product is for exfoliation of oily skin only, (and that too not a good one), and not to get rid of blackheads.

Pros of the Aroma magic peppermint exfol gel –

1. Super duper cheap.
2. Cute baby pink coloured gel.
3. List of active ingredients is really tempting.
4. Easily available at any aroma magic outlets.
5. Not tested on animals.


Cons of the Aroma Magic peppermint exfol gel –

1. Does NOT help in getting rid of blackheads at all.
2. Is not easily removed by massaging it, like the directions for use state.
3. Has to be kept applied for at least 10 minutes. So can’t be used as a scrub when in a hurry.
4. Gives pimples and other reddish boils near the T zone.
5. Not suitable for dry skin at all.
6. Gives a bad impression of the Aroma Magic ‘herbal’ company.

My rating – 1/5

Half for the cute baby pink colour, and the other half for putting up an amazing list of active ingredients that don’t work. Oh, and a clap for the price at which it comes. *claps*

Will I repurchase it?

Definitely not. I don’t know what to do with this one also now. I have oily skin but I would rather use a promising scrub for exfoliation, than risking my skin with this gel that doesn’t even come off the way it is supposed to. And for the purpose of blackheads,

I will use another scrub, the review of which is coming very soon!

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31 thoughts on “Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel Review

  1. welcome to IMBB shreya. 🙂 I totally adore AM products. Aroma magic is an aromatherapy company and not herbal company. Sometimes the aromatherpay oils dont work for a few people. They work great for my skin. I am a little on the edge because because so far I have had no bad experience with BK products. Sad didnt work for you. 🙁

  2. me too love AM products…not tried this peppermint exfol yet and prob. wont after this review! nice post, shreya:)

  3. HI Shreya…good review………my skin is oily too, but since it does not work in anyway, it is better to stay away 😀

  4. I have used the above reviwed product, I have dry skin, and I didnt get any break out or any prob! Well yes it doesnt remove blackheads easily but after applying 10 minutes , exfoliating really brightens my face!

  5. welcome to the addiction shreya :puchhi:
    i had this n bas the effect was only mmmmm….psychological so to say :toothygrin:

  6. Welcome to IMBB, Shreya! :toothygrin: Too bad that this gel did not work for you. I think aromatherapy may sometimes cause reactions in sensitive skinned people. I have heard generally good reviews of this gel but then, I have this friend with really sensitive skin who breaks out in boils with Blossom Kochhar products. It may be the aromatherapy oils. :sidefrown:

  7. jabberwocky and neha s. i really agree. boils on the faces of two of my friends. better to stay away. bee – yes, i use the eye gel too. its just awesome. rati – no AM product works for me apart frm the eye gel. suggest something for blackheads. i have super duper oily skin with breakouts. bhavana – :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  8. they didnt suit me at all bhumika…i have over sensitive oily skin…anything even the tiniest bit harsh causes break outs…

  9. ya..let me know if it works for oily skin widout giving breakouts…mineral glow scrub will be my next purchase then…MINERAL GLOW …sounds mast! LOL!

  10. hi!shreya, nice review. this was the first am product i used and it was a damp squib….had no results at all from the product..sad!

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