Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

I was busy revising the movie “2 States” (yeah…I have watched it that many times), when I started wondering why I like the movie so much. It is definitely because of the story, which seems so close to my heart (and to my life); the acting was superb and also the natural and flawless look sported by all the actors in this movie. I then thought of all the movies which I really like and I realized suddenly that it is this sort of movies which I like the best. I decided to pen down this post that very moment; including all the lead actresses who looked so simple, natural, yet beautiful bordering on gorgeousness in the movie yet not in a very obvious way. This is the way I like best, and this is the way I dress too.

I am not penning down anyone who were deliberately portraying any deglam or “gaaon ki chori” or victimized look. In fact, what they portray are the women of today, who know how to dress well, who are happy, confident with who they are and how they look. That does not mean they do not apply makeup. They do. We all do, but it has to look very fresh and natural, with a glow which always comes from within. They are strong, independent and very comfortable with their inner self; and also very firmly grounded to their roots. They look extremely fresh and natural and pretty in the movie; and do not change their makeup and style according to the situation in the movie.

1) Alia Bhatt in 2 States and Raazi:  The movie which started me off on this whole long journey.  She looked absolutely gorgeous in the movie yet the look is so fresh and natural. She is beautiful outside her movies as well, but in this movie, Ananya Swaaminathan….a South Indian…ooopss!! Tamilian girl, really took our breaths and our hearts away. Equally cute and handsome looking was Arjun Kapoor and both Revathi (aaahhh…she takes my breath away) and Amrita Singh did full justice to their roles of middle class mothers….simple, elegant, natural, and breathtakingly beautiful. Talking about what is considered as the best performance of Alia Bhatt ever, she played a spy in Raazi and played it to perfection, she looked absolutely natural.

Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

2) Gayatri Joshi- Swades:  This was the first movie which I remember, which brought forward this concept of “natural is beautiful.” She plays a school teacher in this movie and her looks and confidence really took my and ShahRukh Khan’s breath away 😛 I totally loved her in this movie.

Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

3) Deepika Padukone- Chennai Express:  A real shift from her usual glamorous roles, she was utterly gorgeous in this movie. Her simplicity, her fights with Shah Rukh Khan, and her beautiful portraying of a simple Tamil girl on the run, in the backdrop of an almost to die for cinematography, the entire effect was simply too gorgeous to ignore. And ignore we did not!

Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

4) Tabu- Cheeni Kam:  I saw this movie when I was in college and going around with my not-yet -married husband :{ The first thing which attracted me to this movie were the beautiful and peppy songs. And when I saw the movie, it was like….OMG! Totally blown away. Tabu has often sported a natural look, but this movie was outstanding. She was totally natural, confident, a bit of a tease, and sensuality all combined in one. Jaane do naa…Jaanejaane do naa!!!!

Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

5) Sridevi- English Vinglish: A simple middle class Maharashtrian housewife, who is also an entrepreneur.  Have you ever seen her in such a role? I still remember her “Hawaa Hawaai” song and her movie “Sadmaa.” She is undoubtedly one of the finest actresses of her times, but I feel, her times were such when heavy makeup was a norm….how I hated it. This was her comeback movie in which she had to prove something and prove it she did. To her audience, to her husband and family in the movie, and to herself. We saw her grow from an almost timid wife to a confident lady in the movie, but it was her natural looks, her cute child-like smile, and her makeup, which I liked the most.

Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

6) Konkona Sen Sharma- Wake Up Sid:  What should I say? Right from her movie Mr. and Mrs. Iyer until now, her looks have always been the same. She almost never comes across with an extremely dolled-up look, but it is her natural looks and confident stride along with her superb acting, which has mesmerized me time and again.  She has an extremely gorgeous smile and expressive eyes, which fills up the screen, and we can never look at anyone beyond her. She is undoubtedly the “hero” in most of her movies though this movie had Ranbir Kapoor in it and his was an almost effortlessly flawless acting.

Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

7) Yami Gautam- Vicky Donor:  Our very own Fair and Lovely girl, she is one beautiful girl alright!! A very new concept film, having a fresh lead pair.  I first thought this must be an art film. But when I saw her on screen, I just could not take my eyes off her. She looks so beautiful and polished in this movie, I was totally in love with this fresh and new actress.

Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

8) Gracy Singh- Munnabhai MBBS and Lagaan:  She looked so fresh in this movie. She played a doctor, and had a minor role to play compared to Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, and Boman Irani. But who said that doctors had to be always in a no-makeup, white apron, hair tied, neat and tidy  and oh-so-boring look.  I hope I am not because I would really die if I was ever told to dress up the way they show doctors in movies. All so serious and grim, I am not that and I almost tried to dress up like Gracy Singh when I saw the movie. But we should not ignore is the fact that she set her foot in Bollywood playing a village damsel in Lagaan in a de-glam avtaar and was extremely natural.

Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

9) Vidya Balan- Parineeta:  I cannot complete this post without mentioning Vidya Balan. This was her first movie, though I think I have seen her in a few advertisements, and in the Euphoria album “Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali.” Her roles in movies like Lagey Raho Munna Bhai, Paa, Kahaani, and oh yes…..The Dirty Picture…her poise, her confidence…simply mind-blowing! She epitomises a complete Indian woman, mostly seen in Indian clothes, extremely gorgeous, beautiful, sensual, yet not with a perfect figure….but do we mind that? No, absolutely not. I love her just the way she is.

Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

I had many more actresses in mind, who are so naturally beautiful, but could not accommodate all of them, hence have included those movies which I personally love. I feel that films should really try to enhance an actress’s natural beauty instead of hoarding up on makeup till we almost don’t recognize her in real life. Thankfully, compared to a decade or two earlier, we really have such new and fresh movies coming up, which we can really enjoy. Hope you all liked this post. Please do tell me your views as well. Thank you. Bye.

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21 thoughts on “Bollywood Actresses Who Carried Off The “Naturally Beautiful Look” Flawlessly

  1. You have picked up exactly the same actresses that came to my mind when I saw the article heading 🙂 I love all these movies and the respective looks 🙂 Awwwweeeesome write up 🙂 Deepika looked naturally beautifully in the first half of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani too. I am a speci so I loved her look 😀

  2. What a refreshing post Arpita! Looking naturally beautiful isn’t as easy as it looks but is definitely worth the results and brings out your genuine beauty. BTW I also loved Kareena’s look in Jab we Met and my fav Sonam Kapoors in RaanJhanaa. So you’re a doc? wow so is my dad btw! 😉

  3. In this all-time fav is Gayatri Joshi..she’s a true definition of beauty..or let’s say, simplicity at its best 🙂

    1. Sharita… Gayatri Joshi is simply amazing looking…. And i guess the first actress who literally provided some soft breeze amongst the heavily dolled up beauties

  4. Awesome post Arpita . .. I loved Gayatri Joshi’s look d best . . . She has looks of natural beauty wid grace and innocence . . . wooow she looks . . ..

  5. Perfect post Arps doc, totally agree …. yeah well chosen looks as you penned them down, love Alia and Deepks as she looks in chennai express

  6. Such a fun post! Definitely like all of them in their natural looks! I’d especially like to know Sridevi’s beauty hacks 😀

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