Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

Well, it’s not always “makeup” behind their radiant complexions for Bollywood celebs.  Some are truly blessed with gorgeous skin while others work towards getting a flawless complexion even if it means spending big bucks on weird facial treatments.  These actresses do not hesitate going bare faced and without makeup because they have flawless skin to flaunt.  Check out whether your favorite actress is in the list or not:

women with flawless skin

1.  Shruti Hassan:  This actress has done some very forgetful films including “Ramaiya Vastavaiya” *yawn*  This singer-cum-actress has a beautiful porcelain complexion.  Makeup only enhances her beauty, take a look at this pic.

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

2.  Shraddha Kapoor:  She looks girl-next-door, effortless, and pretty in this minimal makeup look.  Her skin looks so healthy and smooth, totally green with envy!

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

3.  Kareena Kapoor:  She features frequently in our “no makeup” posts, but truly she is blessed with great skin and she looks good equally good without makeup and with it.

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

4.  Shilpa Shetty:  This leggy lass has gorgeous skin, and I guess, it’s the outcome of all those yogasanas that she does religiously!

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

5.  Alia Bhatt:  These petite yet enormously talented actress seems to not have any skin issues at all – not even a tiny zit or acne, duh!

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

6.  Aishwarya Rai:  Do you know one of her beauty secrets is using a face pack made from besan+haldi+yogurt.  She has always maintained that besan helps her in keeping her skin clear.

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

7.  Aditi Rao Hydari:  Aditi has stated that she hates caking up her face with foundation and loves going bare faced because she has well-behaved skin and usually only a bit of cheek tint and mascara is what she applies in the name of makeup.  Apparently, she only frets about her eyebrows.  She doesn’t use soap on her face and remembers to hydrate it thoroughly.  Also, she attributes her great skin to her genes.

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

8.  Asin:  This actress from down south says the secret to her blemish-free skin is a healthy diet, water, and sunscreen.

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

9.  Jahnvi Kapoor:  She has got perfect skin, period! She should be endorsing skin care products rather than makeup products!

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10.  Preity Zinta:  Those dimples sit pretty on clear, smooth, and blemish-free skin.

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

11.  Kangana Ranaut:  She has suddenly gone low profile, but me thinks this porcelain beauty should do more women-oriented films like “Queen.”

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

12.  Lisa Haydon:  This fabulous supermodel has fabulous skin too, and she has recently launched her own skin care line.  Way to go Lisa!

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin
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26 thoughts on “Bollywood Celebs with Flawless Skin

  1. i love how beautiful kareena’s skin looks 24*7. but seriously all of them have such good skin. they must really be taking care of their skin a lot. super post jomo. 🙂

  2. Hi. I am silent reader of imbb from last one year and today this is first comment on the post. I want to congratulate you that you do a great job while compilation of the pictures and content. I always come up new kinda post which is interesting.

    I like kareena and Alia without makeup…


  3. I always think of doing yoga and surya namaskars after seeing changes in Kareena’s skin. Remember how she used to look at her early career days and look her now… wow!!!
    hope i can ever do exercise 🙁 🙁 🙁 and not just for IG selfies 😛 😛

    great post jomol!!! i also like Aditi rao face!!! she is flawless 🙂

  4. I envy everybody’s skin but asin doesn’t deserve to be in this list….she used to have very bad skin….you can witness it in her early tamil movies….but she is beautiful though…:-)

  5. seriously flawless beauties… 🙂 sonakshi is also one such flawless beauty, her skin is also gorgeous with or without make up.. (y)

  6. Most of them have gone for skin whitening or lightening treatment, NOT ALL. Shilpa, Ash, Asin, Preeti, Kangana. Rest are natural of course. I’m not saying these are totally fake, they must have enhanced through yoga also, but yes, this is the main reason. When you do these treatments, the tan goes away, and face looks ultra even tone, and gorgeous. I personally love Alia’s skin.

    1. Kangana too? Apparently, she refused to do skin whitening cream ads because she believes it reinforces the negative bias towards dark skin. That sounds kinda hypocritical now if she herself went dor skin lightening! But she has always had the same complexion unlike Kajol, Priyanka etc (even Aishwarya) whose skin tones have lightened drastically over the years.

      1. if you go through older pics you will find her skin uneven. even in movie queen you could make out she has blemish. not that i am criticizing her but i feel good that even imperfect women make it big! and skin peels always help them

  7. I doubt Shilpa has naturally flawless skin.. She is all plastic.. Met her last month on some event and she was all caked up… But I’m my none of my pesonal favs are not mentioned in list… Katrina, Karishma and Dia Mirza 🙁

  8. I agree with you smriti…dia mirza has got amazingly flawless skin and hair too…I m not a fan of her acting but I personaly do luv her dressing sense and the way she looks…and from above list I loved aditi’s skin…never noticed her skin before…thanks jomol…

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