Boyfriend Blazer : How To Wear

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Boyfriend Blazer
Boyfriend Blazer

The boyfriend blazer has been around for a long time now. As it’s Fall ,it’s time to forget those summer dresses and welcome some woolen sweaters and cardigans.

One of the most spotted trend this season are, Boyfriend Blazers.

Whether you’re going casual or dressy, “office chic” has suddenly become “always chic” with the boyfriend jacket. And shopping for the trendiest piece of clothing can be as easy as raiding your boyfriend or husband’s closet!

Boyfriend Blazer
Boyfriend Blazer


Kate Bosworth in Chloe

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Boyfriend Blazer
Boyfriend Blazer

Stylish stars are giving their outfits menswear flair with oversized jackets. “I love the casual yet chic aspect of this trend,” says VH1 stylist Alana Kelen. “It is slouchy yet polished at the same time.” Kate Bosworth layered a baggy topper from Chloe over short shorts and a sequined tank. As Kelen says: “Always balance the masculine effect with something feminine such as embellishment, frills or pumps.”



  • Find a proper , fitted boy friend blazer.A perfect fit matters a lot,Make sure it fits you well-Shouldn’t be too slouchy or too Body hugging.
  • Make sure you roll up the sleeves to give a casual look.
  • Look out for Good long lasting Blazers-You never know when the Trend might come in and Go out.But yes a Blazer can be with you forever and forever.Be it for formal events or casual days.
  • Before shopping,Check your closet for a blazer or your Boyfriend’s /Husband’s closet.You might find one 😉
Boyfriend Blazer
Boyfriend Blazer

What to wear with a BOYFRIEND BLAZER?

  • Pair it with a short or long evening dress.Stay warm and super trendy at the same time 😀
  • Skirts-Pair it with cute boots.
  • Sleeveless tops-Don’t have a cardigan?Use a boyfriend Blazer 😀
  • You can also pair it up with plain white t shirts or shirts!
Boyfriend Blazer
Boyfriend Blazer
Boyfriend Blazer
Boyfriend Blazer

To spice your outfit up:

  • Wear a pretty necklace.: Necklace a plays a very important role when you wear a boyfriend blazer , as that’s the most important part of the whole outfit.
  • Wear some chunky bracelets if you’re going to fold your sleeves up.Even Bangles go well with it.
  • You can also pair the blazers with scarves.
  • Wearing a plain boring black outfit?Wear a scarf with some colourful flowers on it or a neon coloured scarf.

What i like about this trend?

  • It gives you a super-classy, chic look .
  • You just have to invest on one blazer and it will be your companion forever.
  • Pair it up with anything and everything.
  • Want to cover your Flabs?Wear this 😛

But in some cases , You might end up looking like a BOX [ due to shoulder padding ] 😛

What I don’t like about this trend?

  • It might look weird on people who are on the healthier side.
  • People with broad shoulders should totally avoid or wear some thing that doesn’t have shoulder pads.
  • It’s tough to find good blazers here-Not the formal one , i am talking about a perfect body hugging blazer.
  • You can’t wear it to school or college as it looks too dressed up.
  • People who live in Mumbai totally cannot go near this. 🙁

You know why i am saying this.[Only if you want to sweat like a PIG!!] I wish it was cold here- like in Delhi or Banglore .:(

Okay, so this is it! 😀

Go get some blazers and look chic!


Take care!

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  1. They have been in for over 1.5 years now….they are just not available in india that easily :(….you will find normal blazers not BF blazers:(… the that you find are toooooooooo expensive!!

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