Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder Dry Shampoo Review

Bumble & Bumble pret a powder review

Claims : What it is:
An all-in-one hair powder featuring dry shampoo, style extending, and volume benefits.

What it is formulated to do:
Extend the life of your blowout and give style a second shot. Prêt-à-Powder offers strong oil absorption and volume-boosting benefits in a finely milled formula that is nearly invisible in the hair. Great for all types and textures, yet ideal for hair that’s missed a wash or two, this must-have powder will leave hair looking clean, fresh, and voluminous.

Price : USD 27 / Rs 1,700 approx!

Bumble & Bumble pret a powder claims

Ingredients : Bumble & Bumble pret a powder ingredients

My Experience with Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder

I was not really a dry shampoo user until I started working out. It’s not possible or healthy to wash your hair every day. So dry shampoos are a life saver. I used to use the one by L’oreal until I found this one.

Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder looks like your regular talcum powder. It totally soaks up all the oiliness from your scalp and leaves your scalp feeling fresh and clean. Plus this powder gives soo much volume and body to your hair, it’s amazing.

It comes packed in this pearlescent pastel pink plastic jar. There is a mini hole to dispense the powder. You have to be a bit careful not to put too much product at one place but as you start using it, you get the idea. So you dust the powder section by section on your scalp and massage the roots.

The best part is that once you massage the product, it does not leave any residue behind.

It’s a total life saver especially on days when you don’t have time to wash your hair and it’s looking flat. Just put it on, massage a bit and your hair would look so much better and nicer.

It also smells nice.

The effect I’d say lasts pretty much the whole day if you are using it on a second-day hair. In fact it works pretty great even when your hair is in a disgusting condition. 😛 A total must-have last minute product.

Rating : 5/5

Bumble & Bumble pret a powder review, swatch

Swatch : D84A9417

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13 thoughts on “Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder Dry Shampoo Review

  1. I have the L’oreal one and I feel it does not work very well on my hair. I soo want to get this one now. Summer and work outs do not make a very pleasant pair.

  2. Nice one Rati… I m not into dry shampoos yet… But just today.. I was in need of one.. my weekend shampoo day and was in no mood to shampoo… It was raining outside

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