Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil Review

Hello gorgeous ladies, By now, all of you must have known my skin type, its oily and acne prone. The pimples pop up any time they want. I got this as I have seen only Nexcare selling this and it did not really work for me. These patches are from Cettua.  I spotted this box and immediately picked it up as I love trying such small cutie things. Let’s see where these patches worked or not.



$3.99 for 48 patches ( I got it for $1.50)

Product Description:

  • Contains tea tree oil which helps to aid in the healing process of blemished skin and for a refreshed healthy skin.
  • It also contains salicylic acid, which removes keratin on the skin and helps to penetrate into pores clogged with oil and impurities.
  • It effectively treats acne by killing bacteria that causes pimple growth.


Directions To Use:

  • Clean face thoroughly and apply skin toner.
  • Remove adhesive back film from patch and apply on individual blemish directly.
  • Leave it on for 8-12 hours, ideally during the night for patch action.

Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil 2

My Take on Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil:

I immediately picked this stuff up before thinking much as I thought it will be good for an overnight fix. The box looks very cute green and white and with all those cute bows and hearts over it. I love to stack such stuff in my closet. The box makes it very convenient to store as if the packets are stored directly, it might get misplaced as they are too thin and if you keep it somewhere, you will never be able to find it again like me 😛 There are all the instructions that one may need at the back of the box and also caution instructions. There are 4 small packets inside the box and each packet has 12 patches which comes to 48 patches in the entire box.

Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil 3

The patches can tear up in the process of removing them from the plastic sheet on which they are stuck.  So, we are supposed to handle and remove them carefully.  The patches are very thin and flat and do not have any kind of smell.  They are transparent, so when you stick them on your skin, they are barely visible.  You can go out with the patches on, but obviously, it looks weird if someone notices it, so best for overnight use. The patches start peeling off once they start to dry up or the oil has been absorbed by the skin. At times, they do not even stick perfectly if the pimple is big in size; it starts to come off, but my pimples are not that big, so no worries. I was very excited to see and was expecting my pimple to go off even slightly because it had the two powerful ingredients; salicylic acid and tea tree oil.

Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil 4

When I got up in the morning and removed the patch, I was disappointed because it did not do anything.  Only a little redness had gone and the size had reduced a bit. I think any pimple cream is capable of doing that and also there are chances that the pimple might naturally reduce after a night. So, no power of salicylic acid and tea tree oil at all and they were cheap, so its okay but still it was a waste right? Rather I would use home remedies and use my acne kit instead of such patches.

Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil 5

Pros of Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil:

  • Cute box and packaging.
  • Affordable.
  • Good quantity of patches, but would have been great if they would have worked.
  • Not that visible when stuck on to the skin.
  • Contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil which are two powerful pimple reducing agents.

Pimple patch

Cons of Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil:

  • Reduced the pimple size and the redness only a little, which was not even visible.
  • Sometimes may not stick properly to the skin.
  • Total waste of money.
  • They are thin so might tear while removing it from the plastic sheet.
  • Supposed to be stapled after every use or else the tea tree oil may saturate.
  • Limited availability.

Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil?

No not at all. It was a total waste and did not do anything as such. Many of us would get attracted to such quick fixes but I would tell you not to buy it anytime although if you get it at a very cheap price like me, then you may try it out once.

IMBB Rating:


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24 thoughts on “Cettua Trouble Clear Patch with Tea Tree Oil Review

    1. Yaaaa i know Jyoti lol *hihi* the main reason i picked it was because it looked sooo cute *pompom* i got it from the beauty shop, Mumbai *happydance* super-dud *headbang*

    1. Even i was hoping for more Triya *headbang* *headbang* was disappointing *cry* i am doing bachelor of mangement studies (BMS)… my final year *happy dance* *happy dance* wbu??

  1. thats ok saloni if the product did not work 🙁 , but i would like to suggest you that avoid using new products whch say use it overnight. coz sometimes the products may not work wonders for the acne prone skin but may become a problem 🙁 be cautious

    1. Yeah that is what i normally dont use anything overnight except for the CTM routine *pompom* *thankyou* *thankyou* for the tip Megha *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. Me too was expecting the same when read the name and description *headbang* but as you can see it did not do what it said *cry* *cry*

    1. Your most welcome Aditi *pompom* same here even when i saw the box i thought it must be good but it wasn’t *headbang* *headbang*

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