Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads Review

Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads Review


I am nowadays big time into readymade masks dipped in natural essences.  This one “Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads” are eye patches with cucumber and licorice extract.  These can be placed over the eyes after a tiring day or after long hours before the computer.  A little detail about these patches:

Product Description:

Eye Pads

Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads are pre-moistened with real cucumber and other soothing ingredients.  When used on top of your eyes, these cucumber pads soothe tired, stressed eyes and help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Product Details

How To Use:

Wash your face and place pads on top of eyes or other face areas, lie back and relax.  Leave pads on for 10-15 minutes and remove.  Make sure to reseal zipper bag after use.


Rs. 124 for 10 pads.



My Take on Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads:

These cucumber-shaped eye patches come in a clear zipper bag.  There are 10 of these patches in the bag.  These soft textured, non-abrasive, kind of cotton pads are moist with cool essence in them.  These patches are for a single use.  Its a bit difficult to stick up these patches on the eyelids.  When kept on the eyes, it imparts a cool feeling.  It smells very mildly of cucumbers, its not annoying, and does not help with relaxing at all.  What does help is the cooling essence that helps to soothe the eyes.

Eye Patches 1

Eye Patches 2

Puffy eyes can get a bit of help with these patches, not much.  Dark circles I don’t think would clear up even with regular use.  The only issue I have is that the essence makes the eye area very sticky and if I am going out, I need to wash it off.

Cucumber Eye Pads

Cooling Eye Pads

I keep these pads in the refrigerator for increased cooling effect, though its not recommended on the pack.  Its advised not to sleep with the pads on, I do not know the reasons why.  Overall, I like these patches.

Eye Patches

Eye Patch

Summing up the pros and cons of these eye patches:

Pros of Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads:

  • Cucumber-shaped eye patches with natural cucumber, mulberry root, Sophora Japonica, and Licorice extract.
  • Imparts a soothing and cooling effect to the eyes.
  • These pads come in a reseal zipper bag which keep the unused pads moist.
  • Relaxes tired eyes, good after a tiring day or after long hours before the computer.
  • The texture of the pads is soft and nonabrasive.
  • Does not sting.

Cons of Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads:

  • Does not help with puffy eyes a lot.
  • Does not reduce dark circles.
  • The essence leaves the eye area sticky.
  • Only 10 pads in a single pack.

Would I Repurchase Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads?


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21 thoughts on “Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads Review

  1. Nice review and catch Jomol! It looks so pretty and tempting too :-p. Since you gals are pro into ingredients and everything now, just want to ask abt the chemicals used in this..Coz this is directly coming in contact with the eyes! I mean as far all natural extracts are concerned, it’s fine but what abt the chemicals in it?

    1. Gayatri, these pads are to be kept on closed eyelids so that nothing goes into the eyes. Since these pads are completely soaked wet in the essence, there’s no great danger of something getting into the eyes. Even if those seep into, you should rinse it off. There are no harsh chemicals, the usual parabens.

  2. aww they look so cute.. 🙂 Am also inclined towards readymade stuffs after becoming mum.. 😛 Its too messy to go for natural recipe now!! I shud get it asap!!

  3. Hey Jomol,
    I’m using them now.as u said it wudn’t do anything for dark circles.
    Its good for tired eyes.its gives a soothing effect.its a good product when u strain ur eyes so much looking into laptop.

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