Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick Rose Plus Review,Swatches

Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick Rose Plus

Hello to all you gorgeous ladies.

Here I am with another lipstick review. I came across this one when I was randomly shopping on the Chambor counter the SA showed me this Lipstick and I was kind of impressed with this one because I am always in need of something that covers my lip pigmentation and heal my dry lips ! Anyways let’s see how this one performed.



Price and Quantity:

Rs. 595 for 4.5 gm


Product Description:

An innovative “dual action” formula with a nourishing core to hydrate lips and prevent dryness; surrounded by a soft, ultra-moisture colour coating for a smooth, radiant finish. (image)


It comes in a silver bullet with Chambor inked on it and the shade is mentioned on the bottom. I personally don’t like the packaging at all it’s like a “short fat lady” nothing elegant and graceful but beautiful inside with a moisturizing core 😉


My Experience with Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick- Rose Plus

Coming on to the shade I feel that it is the most neglected shade from this range because it might not suit everyone. The name says “Rose Plus” but I didn’t find anything rosy about it 😛 it is a light pink shade with mauve undertones which might not work for everyone but it would look the best on all cooler skin tones no matter how dusky or fair. I have pink undertones to my skin so it works for me as a nice MLBB shade. All of you have reviewed so much from this range and definitely this is not the best shade but it heals my dry lips instantly and covers them to an opaque finish in 3-4 swipes, a single swipe will just give little hint of color to your lips. The finish is very glossy and my lips felt fuller after applying this. The product has a coconuty kind of fragrance which I liked! Staying power is very average after a single meal it vanished, but thankfully it didn’t feather or bleed unevenly. I prefer to wear it beneath my bright lipsticks to tone them down for a perfect daily look and I like to use it that way only. I wish it had some SPF may be then I would not look into its flaws.


Pros of Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick- Rose Plus:

• Pretty light Pink+Mauvish Shade
• Shade will suit cooler skin tones.
• It works as a nice MLBB shade.
• Sheen-glossy finish after application
• Medium Pigmentation
• Very creamy and light on lips.
• Lips look visibly fuller.
• Can be used to lighten bright lipsticks
• Can be used as a tinted lip balm everyday
• Doesn’t settle into fine lines of lips
• Transforms into subtle tint
• Heals cracks and provides long lasting moisture to extremely dry lips
• Available in many shades to suit everyone.




Cons of Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick- Rose Plus:

• Wish it had SPF
• Staying power is very average.
• I don’t like the packaging.
• Expensive for the quantity.
• Shade might not work for everyone.
• Fragrance might be a con for some

Do I recommend this Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick Rose Plus?

Go for it only if you have a cooler skin tone otherwise it may make your face look dull. If you’re looking to buy something for you dry and pigmented lips then it is a thumbs up from my side. Do consider the fragrance also 😛

IMBB Rating:


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  1. oooh thats a gorgeous color! Not sure if this will suit me as I have a warm complexion but I’m tempted to try out some other shades for the hydrating texture!

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