Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick- 14 Shades Review, Swatches

Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick: Review and Swatches

I am more of a ‘lip person’ than an ‘eye person’ (if you know what I mean) 🙂 Women who claim to possess only two to three lipsticks which they buy, use and exhaust within a span of one year belong to a breed I don’t understand. They are an alien species existing on this planet in some remote corner where I never tread 😛 My mother strongly feels I suffer from an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) of hoarding lipsticks. Since the aforementioned OCD has now acquired gargantuan proportions, I am often compelled to denote her a few out of my treasured collection in a bid to keep her pleased and appear ‘normal’:)

My tryst with lipsticks began some four years ago with Colorbar matte lippies. Today, I own close to 25 shades from their matte collection. Since I find the remaining 20 (out of their total 45) either too dark or too light for my taste, I felt it was time for me to hoard up another brand. In my search for a new brand that offered a new texture and formulation to matte lippies I came across Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks three months ago while casually tottering inside a mall 🙂

Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks
Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks

Price and Weight: Rs 415 for 4.5 grams (so you get a tad more product than your regular 4g or 4.2 g lipsticks)
What Chambor claims: Non – drying triple action formula which (a) has anti-ageing properties to soften and smoothen lips (b) SPF 15 to protect against sun (c) hydration effect of Vitamin A and Jojoba oil. It contains no animal ingredients.
Total shades: 12 when these mattes were first launched in India in April 2010. Four or five new shades have been recently introduced in addition to these 12.

Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks
(L-R) 1st row: Rose Fantasie, Desert Rose , Fronce Rose, Pink Devil (L-R) 2nd row: Brun Cider, Coral Reef

I would be reviewing fourteen shades.

1. Rose Fantasie: A pretty mauve lipstick with deep pink undertones that would suit a lot of skin tones. Pair it with a neutral eye during day or top it up with gloss for evening wear and see your complexion glow  🙂
2. Desert Rose: A terracotta brown with very tender peachy undertones to it. The shade reminds me a lot of Colorbar’s Full Finish lipstick ‘Tempt Me’. But Desert Rose is a creamier version of the same so it tempts me more than ‘Tempt Me’ 😛 Also instantly reminded me of deserts, camels and Rajasthan where I spent 3 years of my childhood :-D. And Oh! Also the song by Sting “Sweet Desert Rose, la yeah-ee yeah-lay” 😀

3. Fronce Rose: An earthy brown with slightly orange undertones. A very wearable shade for most Indian skin tones.

4. Pink Devil: Similar to Rose Fantasie but lighter and more pink than mauve. Suitable for fair to very fair complexions.

5. Brun Cider: It is a coffee brown with black undertones (Don’t know how else to explain it!). I do not find this very wearable. A shade which will instantly add 5 years to my age and so is a blow to my vanity 😛

6. Coral Reef: A gorgeous coral colour with strong pink undertones. A personal favourite.

Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks
(L-R): Rose Fresque, Dusky Earth, Fantasy Nacre, Mauve Fantasy

7. Rose Fresque: Darker than Pink Devil but lighter than Rose Fantasie, this shade is actually a mix of both. Makes my complexion glow even on a bare face minus any make up. Along with Coral Reef, it is another favourite.
8. Dusky Earth: A regular chocolate brown colour which I find too dark for my liking though not hideous like Tender Chestnut below. Dusky Earth is a pretty shade in its own right and reminds me of ‘Verve’ by Colorbar.
9. Fantasy Nacre: A cherry colour with slightly brown undertones. Good for evening wear.
10. Mauve Fantasy: A deep mauve minus any pink undertones, bordering towards plum but not yet quite there. Apply this lipstick along with the same colour on long nails to achieve a Gothic look.

Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks
(L-R): Tender Chestnut, Indiana Fusion, Brique Rose, Rubis Rouge

11. Tender Chestnut: A chestnut colour similar to Brun Cider but 2-3 shades darker than it. Apply this lipstick along with auburn coloured hair, medium and dark brown eyeshadow to achieve a Gothic look.

12. Indiana Fusion: Lovely auburn brown with orange undertones. Reminds me of Colorbar’s ‘Twig’. I used to wear that shade everyday during winters last year :-))

13. Brique Rose: A terracotta brown with pink undertones. The picture above does not do justice to this beauty, neither does the one below with me wearing this lipstick. The SA recommended it to me claiming that every customer who buys any of the Chambor mattes always takes this one home as a rule. Now I know why. It is a colour that gives me a pout, matches well with both Western and Indian outfits of any colour and doesn’t look over the top even when paired with gloss. I absolutely adore this one.

14. Rubis Rouge: I am not into reds but for those who like collecting reds and oranges, this is a beautiful red with orangey undertones.

Below are pictures of 3 of my favourites:

Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks
Rose Fresque
Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks
Brique Rose
Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks
Coral Reef

My lips in Brique Rose

Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks
Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks

What I like about Chambor Powder Matte lipsticks:

  • Dermatologically tested so I believe very few people will break suffer from any allergic reactions or
    break-outs after using them.
  • Water resistant and long wearing: My Colorbar mattes stay put for hours on end but the lighter shades do tend to fade with meals or when topped with a super moisturising clear gloss. I can eat, drink and make merry in my Chambor Mattes with or without a coloured/clear gloss and it stays put much longer!
  • Claims to have spherical powders to get the ultimate matte effect: I don’t quite understand what this
    means but the moment the SA swatched these on my hand, I ‘felt’ the skin touch, sensation, and the
    texture of these mattes to be very smooth and of superior quality.
  • Awesome pigmentation that gives you colour in one swipe flat.
  • I have very dry lips and always use a colourless chapstick beneath all my matte lipsticks. But with these lippies I simply exfoliate my lips and apply them directly. The colour spreads beautifully and evenly without making my lips feel dehydrated.
  • I also have a number of very visible fine lines on my lips and till date no other matte lipstick has
    diminished their appearance to such a great degree as these.
  • Lightweight formula which does not leave any gunky or goopy residue towards the inner rims of my lips.
  • Amazingly Non-feathering.
  • For those whose days are guided by the names of lipsticks, this range has the most beautiful names !
  • I am sensitive to lipsticks that emanate any kind of smell. But this one has a very mild and pleasant fragrance which does not overpower your senses as you carry on with the daily hurry-blurry of life 🙂

What I don’t like about Chambor Matte Lipsticks

  • There is nothing wrong with the packaging but I find it a tad too simple. Though it is a very sturdy and ‘easy-to-carry- in-my –purse lipstick’ yet one that I don’t like to flaunt. It does not make for a ‘pretty-out- of- the- purse lipstick’ like the Maybelline Colour Sensationals. Frankly, these just look a bit ‘Auntyjee’ 😛
  • The packaging for all the shades is exactly the same so I have to first find the tail end of the lipstick, read the microscopic names and then choose and apply. So those not blessed with a good vision or a good memory will have to twist the lipstick to choose the shade if they hoard many of these 😛
  • I often feel that some of their pink shades make my lips look slightly thinner as compared to my
    Revlon and Colorbar mattes which make my mouth appear fuller.
  • Limited shade selection with too many browns-reason why I did not swatch all shades. I would have liked more pinks, corals and peaches so I hope they come up with more shades soon.

But then these are drawbacks that I am rather readily willing to ignore given my break-up with Colorbar and a new found love in Chambor . 🙂

Verdict: Absolute value for money and a must-have for those into mattes.

Indian makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-*:-*:-*

Would I purchase Chambor Matte Lipstick again: Yes, without doubt. They will definitely sit pretty in my never-ending and bulging-out-of-the-fridge (that’s where I store all my lipsticks) matte collection 😛 But now I need to purchase a new fridge for my makeup:-D

P.S: This is my first review for IMBB so it would be good to know how I fared . 🙂

Have you used Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick? please rate in the box below.

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78 thoughts on “Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick- 14 Shades Review, Swatches

  1. yes priya, those 2 are on my list next whenever chambor comes up with a scheme. I hav asked the SA to call me up and inform me about it on the very first day 😛

  2. IMO one of the best IMBB reviews….well informed, very authoritative..:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  3. thanks rajeshwari. yeah i was teaching at the university for may years until recently so well yeah” authority” 😛 most people around me have told me at least once that I should have been a lawyer and here i am writing on lipsticks!:rotfl:

  4. dia, i ahven’t tried their lip gloss but i am planning to try it soon. i saw this lovely coral pink colour (similar to coral reef ) in their gloss range and i am planning to buy that when i am done with my current glosses.

  5. I barely have any makeup from Chambor. I tried their lip balm wali lipsticks and I was quite disappointed. So never gave Chamor another change. These look awesome. i loved Rose fresque :))

    where did you pick these rings from. They look pretty. 🙂

  6. Natasha, very nice review n lovely colors. Hv never used lippies from chambor yet, but wd first finish off d around 30 lippies lying in my lipstick stand. Me recently turned lippies n nail paints addict.

  7. rati, as for lipsticks those triple core moisturising kinds are always the worst from any brand. those rings i picked up from one of those chotu-motu shops in some narrow gali in some god-forsaken market 😛

    i ahven’t revisited that shop again in 2 years as my silver jewellery collection is piling up too much 😀

  8. jinal, i can never have anough of pinks myself 😀 i always go out thinking i will buy sshades from some new family today but then again end up with pinks :rotfl:

  9. nataaashhhhaaaaa :hypnotized:
    i loveeeeee lipsticks and matte specially :-*
    i am gonna have sleepless nite today or till i get one of these

    u fared very very well and me waiting for ur next lippie post

    i love such shades and texture
    never picked up chambor

  10. natasha aftre reading this i am checking out chambor surely
    what are the offers u were talking of?
    any suggestions for my first encounter with chambor?
    do they give freebies? :inlove: :drool:
    like if u buy 1000 ka stuff u get this that types?

  11. i too had sleepless nights after i went to chambor and picked up only rose fresque. thereafter i pledged i will buy more so got the other two with the bhaiya doj money 😀
    as for colorbar, don’t u think they shud pay us some money for publicising them so much???!!!

  12. Beautiful collection and amazing reviews Natasha… :yes: :yes: :yes: Me louingggggg all the shades!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: …I tooo love matte shades 🙂 🙂 !!! I am typically liking the Rose Fresque and Pink Devil!!….

  13. neha, freebies were on during the karva chauth period.

    a gloss or a lipstick or a shopping bag on 1000/- .a metallic purple box with black circles on 2000/- . these are still left at some outlets but now they r giving it 3000 and even 4000 lie jiska jo munn kiya types !

    the SA told me that they come up with new schemes every second month so i guess january is the month to go for chambor.

  14. NEha
    well, always say kuch free nahi de rahe na aap shit! sshit!and keep singing that ditty before , during and after the SA is swatching shades on your hand to convince you to buy one.

    at the end she will be convinced to let go off something from her little cupboard 😀
    always works with me 😛

    1. natasha… :rotfl:
      i also store my never ending collection in the fridge
      i have separate boxes for separate brands coz lakme and color bar are too many to be mixed here and there
      with the difference …that i have a bottom mounted freezer and my freezer has only makeup
      the top portion of the fridge never has any place

      i dont believe i found some so similar on IMBB

      and colorbar shud def pay us 😐 with free make up

  15. Neha
    yes, i ahve requested my mother to give me a new fridge in dahej when i get married as i will store only food in my husband’s fridge i swear 😛

    my mother also has this family friend wo makes plastic goods along with the moulds. i am planning to design a rectangular plastic mould with many rows so that i can keep lipsticks according to color and not brand in each row. like peaches in one….pinks in the 2nd row ans so on. of course i will do this once i select a fridge

    i am crazy :rotfl:

    1. :rotfl: :silly:
      which city are u in natasha?
      my hubby actually wants to get me a mini fridge for my make up….
      but since i own the fridge completely here, no one cares
      :rotfl: :rotfl: 😐 😐
      what a taunt

  16. neha, i live in delhi. and i want to get married soon only so that i can get a separate fridge. mom has promised me that as a dahej item 😛

  17. aarthi, nail paint is magic mauve from street wear. there was a scheme of 2 nails paints free with every revlon lipstick.since i use magic mauve often, picked 2 of the same shade 🙂

  18. Natasha, you have a fantastic style of writing. Alien species? very funny :laugh: :laugh: I’m a ‘lip person’ as well so I totally relate to your obsession 😀
    2 thumbs up for your first review :yes: :yes:

  19. oh..i dont long tym back 🙁
    i wanted to ask u is storing lippies in d fridge imp ?
    like dey do stay fine outside na ?
    or does it harm dem ?

  20. bhumika, i live in delhi and because of the heat there is indeed a lot of product meltdown in summers. but in the fridge, they dont melt. so they last longer.

    besides they don’t smell rancid even after 3 years or more.

  21. This was a lovely review Natasha – I have a question for well who ever can answer it really – Which company owns “Chambor” and which country is it based in – every google search if mine ends with export company “House of Baccarose” based in Mumbia but even their website does not help much and I can not tell if they own the brand or merely import it – and no Chambor is not made in Geneva ………. yes, I know it says so on the label….

    so can anyone help me with the mystery ?

  22. i have no clue janhavi. they do ahve a very sad site. yeah, the label on their products does say geneva, switzerland. but well, doesn’t colorbar call itself colorbar usa??!! let all of us at imbb sue them 😛

    1. bhuva thanks. i don’t like the browns either and find ‘mauve fantasy’ straight out of a cheap television horror show 😛

  23. hi there…
    i purchased these lipsticks yesterday…dont rem the names but the numbers are 167(orange) and 166(deep pinkish red) im blown away by them…and think they are better than mac lipsticks(and all this while i thought my loyalties would always be with mac but not now)
    i just happened to read your review now….i simply loved it, it being ur first attempt, i can surely see your love for lipsticks… 🙂
    oh yes my next purchase is gonna be the dark mauve…its a kick ass colour and not everyone would wanne take that risk…but i would love to wear it….sure its not straight out of a cheap tv horror show…its just too sexy to handle…

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