Chanel Brun (20) Ecriture Liquid Eyeliner Review, Swatch, EOTD

Chanel Brun (20) Ecriture Liquid Eyeliner Review, Swatch, EOTD

Chanel eyeliner pen brun

Claims : Water-based eyeliner with a soft and supple felt-tip point delivers a smooth, precise line every time. Special pigments ensure long wear and keep colour from ‘running,’ so eyeliner always looks fresh. Slim cartridge allows for maximum control and ease of application, while the cartridge seal protects freshness of colour.

Price : Rs 2500 / USD 35

Available in 2 colors – Noir (black) and Burn (Brown)

Chanel eyeliner pen brun review, swatch


My Experience with Chanel Ecriture Liquid Eyeliner :

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I am obsessed with these pen eyeliners. I have quite a few of them and I don’t think I am stopping checking out every other one that is present in the market. 😛 I mean they are just so easy to use. I can’t help it. 😛
I picked up this brown one from Chanel a while back. It is a deep dark brown that pretty much looks like a softer shade of black.

  • It is a felt tip liquid liner. The brush tip is stiff enough to give control and has just a teeny bit movement that makes it easier to use. And it is quite soft against the skin.
  • The formula is nice. It is neither too runny nor too thick. Just nice flowing liquid eyeliner.
  • There is no twist bottom to push the product out so the liquid liner comes out evenly through out the application.
  • It does not dry out while applying.
  • Never caused irritation.
  • It is quite pigmented and you can totally build it up to make it look intense. You really don’t need to apply primer underneath necessarily. But I suggest that you atleast powder your lids. That would keep the oil away from your lids.
  • The tip is pointy enough to give you a precise application.
  • It does not flake or feather.
  • The staying power is brilliant and i have never faced the problem of it disappearing until I have removed it myself.
  • The liner dries quickly but gives you enough time to fix any corrections.
  • The only drawback is that it not waterproof.A drop of water and it would fade.
  • The pen is neither thick nor thin to hold. So makes it easier to work with.

Overall, a good addition to my collection. Totally happy using it on days when I don’t want an intense black color on lids. 🙂 Would have loved if it were waterproof as well.

Rating : 4.5/5

Chanel eyeliner pen brun 20 review, swatch

Chanel eyeliner pen brun 20


Swatch :chanel-eyeliner-pen-brun-swatches

EOTDChanel eyeliner pen brun 20 eotd

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14 thoughts on “Chanel Brun (20) Ecriture Liquid Eyeliner Review, Swatch, EOTD

  1. I love these pen eyeliner. 🙂 They are so much easier to use than the liquid liner. My hands still wobble while using liquid liners. 🙁

  2. This is definitely on my to-buy list 🙂
    looks amazing!
    and the brown def looks like a soft black! perfect balance between definition without being too harsh 🙂

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