Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise 87 Review, Tutorial, Swatches

Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise 87 Review, Photos, Swatches, Tutorial

Chanel Ombre a Paupieres Mono Douceur/Ombre Esssentielle /  Soft Touch Eyeshadow Single Taupe Grise is a part of Chanel’s Fall 2010 collection. It is a true taupe colour. You would see the hues of brown, gray and mauve in it.

Price : Rs 1650

It’s an easy to wear colour for me because I love wearing neutrals.

Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow
Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow

I loooovee the shade. I have worn it so many times already. The texture of Chanel eye shadows is super smooth. They blend easily, barely have a fall out and look fresh all day long. Chanel Taupe Grisé is one of the classic colour. You can just wear it as a single wash of colour on your lids or can mix and match it with different shades. The pigment of , Chanel Taupe Grisé eyeshadow is pretty strong and just a swipe of colour gives you beautiful pigment to work with.

Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise 87
Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise 87

Chanel Taupe Grisé has a satiny finish – it’s neither matte nor shimmery. Another interesting thing that I like about this shade is that it looks different in different lights. Sometimes it looks more brown, sometimes it shows its mauve undertones and sometimes the grey undertone becomes prominent. Love it for it is and it one of the “must haves” if you love neutrals.

Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise
Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise
Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise Swatch
Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise Swatch

Played with Chanel Taupe Grise eyeshadow a little. I generally like to apply it all over the lid but in the following look I have also used the pearly white eyeshadow.

Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise photo
Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise photo

This is how I created the eye  look:

  • Step 1:Apply primer on your lids
  • Step 2 Apply brown eyeliner on the upper lash line and smudge it with Chanel Taupe Grise eyeshadow.
  • Step 3 : Apply Chanel Taupe Grise on the outer two third of the lid.
  • Step 4: Apply pearly white eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid and blend it lightly with the Chanel Taupe Grise so that no edges are visible.
  • Step 4: Apply Chanel Taupe Grise on the outer two third of the lower lash liner and pearly white eyeshadow on the inner third.
  • Step 6: Curl lashes and apply mascara.
  • Step 7 (optional) before curling lashes you may also define your upper lash line with a gel liner.
Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise
Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow Taupe Grise
Chanel Soft Touch Taupe Grise 87
Chanel Soft Touch Taupe Grise 87
Taupe Grise
Taupe Grise

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-*:-*:-*:-*

Have you tried Chanel Taupe Grise eyeshadow?

PS: The product shown in this entry was sent by company/ PR for consideration.


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      1. I liked everything..khakhi…this one…but I think she might have been right….she said that was more like my colour…this weekend I will go there..tell her to put it and see it in daylight…she is going to think I am mad. You see last time, I put khakhi on one eye and taupe on the errr..i did look a bit mad 😀

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          1. i have the same pair lalalalalalalaaaaaaaa
            rati dear you look beautiful. you should wear eyeshadows more often when i meet you :-X
            and good you coupled this shadow with that pearly white, it’s added depth

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  2. that is very beautiful rati … u looking awesome , i think it is you who is making the shadow more attaractive .. and which lippie .. pls share:) and ur sharmana aahh haaa .. are you like that or saasu maa ka aasar hai 😀

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    1. Inglot is a good brand….I dont have Chanels n MACs n ELs but I hv a Inglot e/s and its really nice…and a palette of 3 for 1200 is a good deal….planning to get one in future…god knws whn it will open in mumbai

    2. Sree there is no dupe of this eyeshadow. I searched and searched the internet like mad people. but there was a limited edition mac eyeshadow that was closer…

  5. You really shouldnt put that kind of a comment Rati..earlier when I used to be the decent kind who never comments on blogs…I always used to wonder why you say that. Now I am wiser, but I still wish you won’t say that :-(( :-((

  6. saw rima’s and cynthia’s e/s palette post..finally Inglot is in my town!!!yipeee :clap: :clap: otherwise i would have had to ask my “reluctant” guy to get me sme stuff from Inglot in Delhi!! :giggle: :giggle:
    planning to go for a major haul from there!!loved the lip paint review by Rati as well!!i guess they would do as good MAC dupes too right??
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  7. you are looking sssssssooooooo pretty!!!!! :-* :-* :-* i really dont know if i ‘m liking it now.. i’m having low self esteem. :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( everyone is so pretty here. :-(( :-(( :-((

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  14. needless to say .. as already so much has been said about ur luk.. Rati.. simply AWESUM… the eyeshadow is superb n ur whole luk is just gorgeous.. :-* :-*
    everytime i see ur luk.. i’ll go bak n chk all the reviews done by u on ur Foundations… n then get confUUsedddd.. so plz suggest just 1 best foundation na.. MF or MAC.. whtever but just 1 as there’s no use buying all of them togteher… 😛
    i tooo hav dry skin… do reply… 🙂

    1. Thank you Nids.

      If you want a full coverage foundation, go for age renew. And by god! it never looks cakey.

      And if you want a medium coverage foundation, i love mac mineralize spf 15. :))

      MAC one you can wear easily during the day. It gives that dewy kind of a finish and is very natural looking. 🙂

      1. thankuu thanku for the quick reply… wud go for MF then 😀 … coz i dont apply foundations every day..need 1 for occasions only … n MAC only has 1 store here in hyd n tht too is too far off frm my place.. wud luv to pick tht up tooo 😛 … definitely bt nt nw.. i think..
        even i am nt able to find COLORBAR here any where.. want their i-glide pencils n even thinking of trying their conceler too.. for the 1st time.. bt stilll searching.. 🙁

  15. Heyy Nids..Gaea was wearing the MF Age Renew foundation the day we met..and its fabulous..actually naa..the photos don’t do justice at all to her. Her makeup was superb but the stupid pics didnt show anything.

    1. ohh okkk.. the pics were gud radhika.. i cud see her glowing in them tooo… :-))
      so she too using tht foundation.. i am gonna pick it up for sure .. 2 beautiful ladies doing justice to it.. so wht further proof reqd.. 😉 😛

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  17. You look really beautiful Rati.. Perfect eyes and awesome look.. 🙂

    Totally love the shade :inlove: have to buy :inlove: :inlove:

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