Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub Info

CLEAN & CLEAR the leading teen skin care brand launches its latest innovation which has a special and unique formula to tackle stubborn blackheads in just 3 days! Introducing the New CLEAN & CLEAR Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub that helps you get clear and beautiful skin like never before!!!

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub
Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

Regular exfoliation with the New CLEAN & CLEAR Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub gives you clear skin while removing the excess dead skin cells on the surface of the face so that they don’t build up within the pores and also gently scrubs away the blackheads from your face.

CLEAN & CLEAR Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub is the most natural yet effective way to say bye to your embarrassing blackheads. The unique and special formula is enriched with Green Apple Beads that takes care of the stubborn blackheads while softening & gently exfoliating the skin without any side effects. This easy & pain free removal of blackheads in just 3 days allows you to have a clean & clear skin that lets you face the world with confidence.

Now get the benefit of 3 in just 3 days with CLEAN & CLEAR Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub –

  • Effectively removes blackheads is Just 3 days
  • Enriched with natural ingredient Green Apple Beads which gently softens and removes the blackheads
  • No side effects

Face the world by being Clean, Clear & Confident, with the CLEAN & CLEAR Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub.

CLEAN & CLEAR Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub is available at an introductory price of Rs. 27/- for 20g and a consumer promo of 10g free on 40g @ Rs. 49. It will also be available in 80g at Rs 90/-.

Clean & Clear products are available at retail stores nationwide.


31 thoughts on “Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub Info

      1. Hi Rati,I am a big fan of yoursss!!Just love those reviews u post.I have a request to u…can u pls give me the review of GARNIWR LIGHT NIGHT–Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream??I saw the review of it in another site like yours and those were quite impressive and seemed the cream really works!!But still I thought of asking u about this…pls if it is possible then try to give a review of it,and pls reply…. :bye:

  1. Clean and Clear Face Wash: :poop: :can: :can: :can: :poop: Forget everything else, you wash your face with it, you wipe with toner…if you see dirt on the cotton what did this stupid face wash wash???? And no, I don’t even go out..I sit at home…and now cos its winter…even the windows are closed…so really what what what does this stupid face wash do?

  2. I don’t have blackheads… 😐 😐 Worse, I have whiteheads… 😥 😥 😥

    Do you think this will work for me?? ?:-) ?:-)

  3. Mrunmayee : same pinch , i have white heads, regular clean ups at parlours will do the trick and it is good to get pampered too 😉

  4. I used clean n clear oil-free moisturiser. but it broke me out 🙁 . their face wash is good though. might give this a try.

  5. Hi…I am Sarah.I am new to this divine website 🙂 I read all the reviews posted by u people but never commented on any post.Therefore thought of posting a comment.Love clean and clear but some of there products really disappointed me.Don’t know about this!

  6. seems like good one. but ve a huge tube of st ives whitening scrub in my shelf.
    would try this once after it gets the way love the smell of green apple mwahhh
    thanks rati

  7. looks like a good product .. never tried any clean and clear ever ..shall get it soon ..

    btw Rati .. dont you reply to mails?? i sent u a mail few days back didnt get a reply :-(:-( was waiting for it.. and i am a newbie here no one even says hello 🙁

  8. The clean and clear blackheads scrub is not at all useful to me I have tried it for 3 days but there is no effect . now what sould i do …… its all backwass…. :reallypissed:

  9. Hey am watching the ad daily on T V i want suggestion from one you have used it plzzzzzzzzzzz help . i have very sensitive skin. :panda:

  10. I always search reviews in this blog before buying any product… Its really a divine blog.. But this scrub has such a strong smell that I felt like crying… My God!!! 😛

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