How To Get Clear Skin

How To Get Clear Skin

How To Get Clear Skin

All of us dream to have a clear skin, perfect and faultless, but unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a clear skin since blemishes, pimples, acne, pigmentation and dark spots tend to mar our hopes of getting that flawless look. Beauty is innate and so, it is important that along with taking good care of your skin everyday, you develop some good habits and increase the intake of nutritious food. Bringing in a few changes in your daily lifestyle can go a long way in ensuring a bright and spotless skin.

How To Get Clear Skin By Inculcating Simple Everyday Habits:

How to get clear skin

• Drink plenty of water. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from your body and thereby to control the break-out of pimples and acnes on your skin. Drink ten glasses of water everyday.
• It is important that you sleep properly every night. This would help you to keep dark circles at bay and your skin would not look tired.
• Wash your face twice or thrice daily with a mild cleanser, suited to your skin type. This would cleanse the skin and prevent accumulation of oil and dirt.


• Use a sunscreen while you step out in the sun to avoid dark patches and tan on your skin.
• Avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin.
• Do not prick your pimples, blackhead, whiteheads and acnes as pricking might leave ugly marks on your skin.
• Exercising daily would help in clearing the pores of dirt and impart a clear complexion by increasing blood circulation.
• Restrict the intake of processed food, oily and fried food items and junk food. Have fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and fruit juice instead.

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How To Get Clear Skin By A Proper Beauty Regimen And Home Remedies:


• Exfoliate your skin with a scrub twice every week. You can either go for a packaged product available from various brands or make it at home. A honey lemon and sugar scrub is a great way to remove the dead cells from your skin.
• Go for regular facials so that your black heads and white heads can be effectively removed by expert professionals.
• An oil skin cleansing, once every week would help to get rid of clogged pores, dirt, impurities and reduce your chances of getting pimples and acnes.
• Use face masks that incorporate the use of turmeric, neem, lemon, milk, honey, cucumber juice, dried orange peels and potatoes. It is not needed that you mix all the ingredients in the same face pack; it is important that you use them as convenient depending upon the ingredients you have at home. For instance, you can dab cucumber juice on the face daily to treat blemishes and pimple scars or mix curd and turmeric to get a glowing complexion. You may apply a mixture of milk and honey on dry skin or combine neem and rose petals to make a face pack for a smooth complexion. Alternately, you can use egg white with honey to get a clear skin. Thus, ideas are many and options are countless. However, you must be consistent in your efforts and use the pack at regular intervals.
• Certain facial cleansers, skin toners, lotions and gels are available to cater to certain skin problems that hinder the acquiring of a clear skin. For instance, you can use a face wash formulated to treat pimples and acnes and then use a lotion which helps to reduce zits. Thus, by treating the root cause, you can get clear skin easily. If sign of aging is a matter of concern, use a night cream that helps to combat pigmentation and dark spots and other similar skin problems.

How To Get Clear Skin By Eating Proper Diet:


Eat right and your skin will show the results! Indeed, if you eat a proper diet, it goes a long way in ensuring a clear skin to you. Eat whole grains like, fruits and salads, which act as anti-oxidants; try including green tea in your daily routine. Munch on red and purple food items like pomegranates, cherries, beets and black grapes to improve the elasticity of skin. Vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, spinach and nuts like chestnut and hazel nut also help in destroying free radicals. Have fish with omega 3 content and eggs too. Taking food rich in vitamins, iron and anti-oxidants would help! At the same time, avoid having refined carbohydrates like pastries and cakes, sugar in jams and desserts and fatty food like creams and butter. Stay away from alcohol and soft drinks. Processed food items and fried junk food are a strict no-no!

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