Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

How many of us have dreamt of the ever-flawless skin and got jealous of those who’s skin was so sculpted and perfected without even a single flaw, I am one of them! Even though I hardly get any pimples now, I have marks from the mistakes I made in my teenage, squeezing out the pimples! I regret it so much and if I would go back in time, I would tape the hands of the 16 year old me 😀 Along with the marks came a hell lot of treatments – chemical and homemade; after I met my husband – like a lucky charm, my pimple marks are fading away(Touchwood!!) and yet, I am super cautious now and always take care of my skin and here is one such product that can do some wonders to your skin.

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash  (4)

How Clearasil® Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash Works with Your Skin
Works fast to open blocked pores for visibly clearer skin in as little as 12 hours. Rapid delivery of spot fighting ingredients that keeps working through the day.
Clearasil® Ultra™ Skin Science
When fighting breakouts, faster is better. Dermatologically Tested.

How to Use
Use every day in the morning and evening for visibly clearer skin.
Wet face. Dispense product into hands, lather and massage gently onto face avoiding the eye area.
Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Gently pat dry.

5.99€ for 150ml

My Experience with Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash:

I always read reviews before I buy a product or alternatively go for a trial pack as my skin is combination+super sensitive and a change in product creates disasters on my skin. This time it was the time I had to change my face wash. After years of using Himalaya Neem face wash (it did wonders) and alternatively switching to Vichy Normaderm face wash(It was expensive) I felt I needed to buy another one and Clearasil Rapid action face gel caught my attention.

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Clearasil Rapid action is a foaming gel wash and comes in a pump bottle. One pump is more than enough for a clean wash. The product is clear blue and it smells pale and fresh. I tried the product and it felt fresh but boom, by the night I had a pimple popping out and I cursed myself for not returning the product and the devil in my head insisted I use it again. I was not sure if the pimple was due to the wash or if it was due to something else and I tried the product and by the next morning, I could see that the pimple which would be pus-filled usually for me, was drying out. Even though it didn’t 100%, at least there was some changes and I was happy. And by the third day, the pimple was nowhere in sight it existed.

The product contains salicylic acid and as known the acid reduces pimples and not to forget it dries the skin too! So a good moisturizer is needed so that it doesn’t dry out. I have a combination skin so it did work out for me and I think it would be a boon to the oily skinned beauties but I am not very sure about dry skinned beauties. But if you have a good moisturizer, it is better to have a little dry skin than a pimple prone skin. I don’t agree that I would reduce the pimple in 12hrs as per the claim but in a day or two the pimple vanishes. The product foams a lot as you work it with the face so it has to be made sure that enough water is used to clear away all the foam and residue from face. I was lucky that the product suited perfectly well and I still have a long way to go with the product.

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So Summing up:

Pros of Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash:

  • The pimple diminishes and fades by 2-3 days.
  • Doesn’t have a strong smell.
  • Little product is enough for each use.
  • Makes the skin feel fresh.
  • Salicylic acid present dries out the pimples and the product works like a chemical peel.
  • The product flow can be locked at the pump, so it is travel-friendly.

Cons of Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash:

  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t work for dry skinned beauties.
  • Need to follow up with a good moisturizer as it tends to dry the skin
  • Foams a lot so it does contain chemicals.

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Will I Repurchase Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash?
Yes, I don’t mind a little dry skin as long as it is smooth and clear 😀

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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