Garnier Skin Naturals Light Daily Moisturiser Review

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Daily Moisturiser

Though I buy and stock up foundations and makeup like a hoarder, I do not use foundation, pan sticks, and face gels on a daily basis.  Usually, I go through the day with just a Clean and Clear moisturizer, compact, and lip gloss.  There are many moisturizer options for the dry skin divas, but for us oil tanks, the options are very limited and I do not even want to mention how I hate the sight of the thick Dove and Nivea creams.  Coming back to moisturizers, though my Clean and Clear moisturizer is water based and gives a light moisturizing effect, it does not suffice on exceptionally dry days.  I had used the Garnier Skin Naturals Sun Control Daily Moisturizer, but it didn’t work for me at all and broke me out.

Through the comments on posts published on IMBB, I heard many people raving about Garnier Skin Naturals Light Daily Moisturiser and I wanted to try it for myself.  Although, I had seen the advertisement for the moisturizer with Tara Sharma in it, it did not push me enough to try it.  But the commenters on IMBB did make me inquisitive and I went ahead and brought one for myself.

Garnier Light Daily Moisturiser

Garnier Light Daily Moisturiser makes your skin visibly fairer and reduces dark spots.  Its formula contains PURE LEMON ESSENCE and VITAMIN C to clarify and smoothen skin.

LONG DAN EXTRACT to help slow down skin darkening.

GLYCERIN to moisturize and comfort the skin.  Your skin looks naturally lighter and more even.  It feels smooth and appears illuminated with a healthy glow.


  • Apply it twice a day after cleansing your skin.
  • Gently massage using light circular movements from the center of your face to outwards.


There is no ingredient list mentioned on the jar.  The jar only hints at Pure Lemon Essence + Long Dan Extract on the label, but other ingredients are missing on the jar and I am suspicious.


Long Dan
Long Dan extract is an herbal extract.  Long Dan is known for its powerful anti-pigmenting properties.

PRICE: Rs. 65 for an 18 g jar.


The moisturizer comes in a lovely bright yellow shade glass jar with a white top.  The moisturizer has a very mild tangy fragrance to it.  The consistency of it is not like that of usual moisturizers meaning its not too runny, its slightly thick, and it looks more like a day cream.  So comparing it with Fair and Lovely would not be unfair.  Those who are using Fair and Lovely would get the same effects with this Garnier Light Daily Moisturiser.

At first when I applied it, I was quite impressed with the way it turned out on my face.  It gave a certain brightness instantly and also gave moisturizing effect without turning greasy on my skin later.  It is all that I have been looking for in a day cream even though it’s a moisturizer.  It works perfectly well under the compact and does not tend to either dry out or turn greasy after a few hours, but it does turn dewy after sometime, which I do not mind at all.  However, there are quite a few things that bug me about this one.  The first one is that it does not have any SPF value, I have to dab on sunscreen lotion separately.  Also, if you take and rub a little extra on your face, this cream kind of becomes pasty and settles all over your face, especially eyebrows and the small crevices of your face and you would need a tissue to take the extra paste off.  The third one is that this might contain some film-forming agent that shrouds the skin to give it a special “glow” or “fairness.”

I have been using this moisturizer for close to two months now and I have not seen any change in my complexion or spots.  The fairness effect comes to fore only when you have applied the cream and there is a certain brightness associated with the matte effect, but it does not lighten your skin in the long run and does not reduce spots.

Garnier Light


  • It works quite well as a moisturizer.
  • Able to provide a nice balance between matte look and dewy look.
  • Can double as a day cream because of its consistency.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • Mild fragrance.


  • No ingredient list is mentioned on the jar except Lemon Essence and Long Dan Extract, which kind of makes me suspicious as to why didn’t they print the list of all active ingredients on the jar.
  • I cannot really foretell if any bleaching agents are used.
  • Fairness claim is just momentary, which means this moisturizer makes your face bright when you apply it and the fairness effect lasts till you wash the cream off your face.  I think its some film-forming ingredient in it that does the “brightening” work.
  • Dark spots reduction claim does not work.


Garnier Light

I had bought the Garnier Light jar in June and then two months later, I saw this sachet of the same Garnier Light with SPF 15 added.  This sachet costs Rs. 10 for a 7.5 g pack.  I purchased the sachet out of curiosity and found out that it is the same as the jar one, same fragrance, same consistency, only difference was the SPF 15 claim and oh, they have included this very impractical and pathetic shadometer in the sachet, which is such a big gimcrack because neither will you be able to find your shade on the meter nor compare any change of shade that you develop (?).  It is just an inane marketing strategy to lure girls who want to become fair and fairer.  A majority of fairness creams and body lotions are coming up with a similar shadometer strategy.

Garnier Light
Garnier Light with a pathetic shadometer to find and compare shades.

Also, as I said Garnier Light is very similar to Fair and Lovely in terms of making tall claims to make skin lighter, clear spots, and giving an even-toned skin with regular use.  Also, the consistency is very similar, just that the Fair and Lovely is more pasty and there is no moisturizing effect.  But, in terms of results, both are same.

My neighbor uses the new Fair and Lovely Multivitamin cream and it has the entire list of ingredients printed on the tube.  Just take a look.  Personally, I run a mile away from Fair and Lovely because I have practically seen so many women with hyperpigmented skin after prolonged use of Fair and Lovely.  Take a close look.

Fair and Lovely MultiVitamin Cream
Towards the left side of the tube, you can see the entire ingredients list.

Aside from the palmitic acid, niacinamide (vitamin B3), provitamin C, provitamin E, provitamin B6, I am very inquisitive and suspicious about a few ingredients in Fair and Lovely, just wanted to share them with you all.

1.  TITANIUM DIOXIDE: Since titanium dioxide reflects light so well, it is ideal for use as a protective coating for many products, such as automobile parts.  Titanium dioxide is used in the manufacture of paint.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute also states that octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC), a dangerous chemical used in 90 percent of all sunscreens, is known to kill mouse cells, even at very low doses. These studies show when OMC penetrates the skin, it increases the production of free radicals (byproducts proven to cause cellular changes to DNA, which are directly linked to cancer). Free radicals are also one of the primary causes of premature aging.

3.  ALUMINUM HYDROXIDE: Functions as an opacifying agent and a skin protectant.  Opacifying Agent(s) are substances that reduce the clear or transparent appearance of cosmetic products. Some opacifying agents are used in skin make-up for hiding blemishes.

But anyway, it’s a brave thing on Fair and Lovely’s part to have listed all the ingredients, I have to make a special mention of that.

WILL I REPURCHASE GARNIER LIGHT: I will use it until I can find a good day cream for oily skin and I hope I find it soon because I don’t want to continue using a product whose ingredients haven’t been disclosed completely.

IMBB Rating: :star: :star::star:

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85 thoughts on “Garnier Skin Naturals Light Daily Moisturiser Review

  1. Hey I drops Rashmi…I have found another name for you…i was keeping it reserved for Rati’s baby girl, but then I thought, we have other optiosn for that baby…so…can we call you MAC Devi 😀 …waht say Rati?

  2. Hey Jomol, I was done with this review and I was about to send it to Rati 😉 I felt exactly what you had written about the cream [even the fair and lovely part] including the rating and would I repurchase lines !!!!!!!!!

  3. I’d used this 2-3 years ago and cam to essentially the same conclusions. At the first application, I went wow… skin brightens! But then, the effect did not last… never got the second jar…
    .-= anks´s last blog ..Writing Vs Therapy =-.

  4. Hey Jomol can relate how u feel abt moisturizing lotion coz i too have oily skin. :-)) i bought this one few years back actually when it was lauched n to my dismay i found it more or less like fair n lovely, thus diccontinued using it. yes it doesn’t reduces any dak spots. 🙁

    btw u can use the lotus aloe hydroxy moisturizer gel.i m using it for the last few months & liking it a lot… :yes: :yes:

  5. Oh Aarthi, I am really glad that you feel the same way about this too, I was kind of thinking that may be I am cribbing too much… 😀

  6. Hey Anks, same pinch… brightens instantly…but then wears off instantly too………..we have had the same experience…. :-))

  7. Yes, Sush…guess what I had read your review about that yellow gel and take a guess, will I leave it after you have recommended it…my oily-skin companion…..I bought it Sush 😀

  8. Hey Rati and that vicious Rads….who are you calling winged eyebrows :beauty: …..something going on behind my back….. :-X :-X

    1. you only mentioned that you liked the winged eyebrow that mickey contractor did. :rotfl: you see he actually did a winged eye liner. :rotfl: :rotfl:

  9. I think I hv also used this some years back…still have the jar with me 😛 though I finished the entire jar didnt re-purchase as I didnt find anything gr8!!

  10. Oh no……..cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…did I write “winged eyebrow”…….******hitting my head on a granite stone********……Rati…before that vicious Rads comes here, lets join hands and turn against her……willl buy you toffee…eclairs, whatever 🙁

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      *runs and hides under the table **

  11. I purchased it in April because I wanted a light moisturizer. It did nuffin to my dry skin. I used it for a week and after that my skin was crying for some moisturizer. The jar is still lying in my cupboard. Planning to wash the it and use it for a better purpose. 😛

  12. Oh Rati……I feel like the Sridevi :shy: :shy: of Chalbaaz and I feel you and Rads are like Amba of Chaalbaaz with the Mowhawk hairstyle :mohawk: :mohawk: and hanter in hands…….you vicious ladies :curse:

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  13. Hi Jomol, I stay in dubai & purchased this cream from here itself. The box of the moisturiser has the ingredients listed on it & it says ‘Made in India’.

  14. Hi Insiya…..I had thrown away the cover, but nowadays, even the tubes and jars should list all the ingredients, you can check out random products from differnt companies and they have all listed the ingredients on the tub/tube/jar, etc………..that’s why I took the pic of Fair and Lovely……towards the left of the tube, you can check out the complete list….. 🙂

  15. Hey Mrun……it will work for oily skin in the sense that it will give a matte-brightening effect, but then does not improve complexion and reduce spots….. 🙁

    1. Well Miss J :X-P: ,

      You are just not getting the point. no no no… :idk:

      *waits for Rads to come and make Miss J :X-P: understand the whole point. * :waiting:

  16. I have a combination skin and it kind of works alright for me but yeh i agree the fairness claim & dark spots claim don’t work but i think the quality is way better than fair & lovely’s. I will try the Loreal fairness cream next. Its quite expensive compared to garnier’s. I suppose it will be of a better quality also.

  17. Hey Insiya, if you don’t mind, can you give me the complete list….I want to compare it with Fair and Lovely……please check whether it has any OCTYL METHOXYCINNAMATE and titanium dioxide……pls

  18. i checked. It does not contain Octyl Methoxycinnamate but does contain titanium dioxide & aluminium hydroxide as well.

  19. Really……all fairness creams are adding this two or three particular ingredients…..there must be something behind it :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/

  20. Jomol, shocking to read about OMC… :pain: 😯 why bcoz around 1 year back my dermatologist prescribed a moisturizer combined with sunscreen and this OMC was the major ingredient in tht lotion.It has worked wonders on my face when acne was bothering me due to some hormonal imbalance+sun exposure. also i think this s a major ingredient in most moisturizers with SPF like neutrogena- well neutrogena is not tested on animals so they would not have probably noticed it killing mouse cells 😉

  21. **************Nahin__ dont call her….okay if you do not like Amba how about Cruella of 101 Dalmatians….. 😀 ….I don’t mind being one of the dalmatian though! 😀

  22. Hey Shyna, if you don’t mind my asking…was the hormonal imbalance PCOD???? A lot of ingredients which cosmetic brands are adding lead to hormonal imbalances and other changes and production of free radicals, we are oblivious of the effects that other ingredients may produce later….. :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((

    1. no was something not very serious…gynec din give me any medicines, just told to control food and exercise…well at tht time my skin was breaking out and dermatologist told it mite be due to sun exposure too and prescribed this moisturizer with SPF…now i dont have any probs with my skin as well…tht pdt worked well for me..this is long back around 1-2 yrs back.

  23. Have never tried the cream. I have used their cleansing milk some time back and found it quite ok. But even that left a kinda tightening film on the face after usage. After that I never re purchased it.

  24. Hey Poorni……frankly speaking, none of the Garnier products worked for me except for the Garnier pimple control pen and that is not visible in the market now 🙁

  25. Hey Jomol!
    R u serious abt the ingredients in Fair and Lovely! 😯 I am using Fair and Lovely for the last year….it did reduce my uneven skin tone but I never thot it could lead to premature aging coz of the harmful stuff in it!…thanks a lot for giving me a heads up!….stayin away from F & L nw….btw I’m trying the Neutrogena Light Night Cream…for night…it doesnt have any SPF or nuthing….jus a moisturizer but it doesnt leave my skin oily…guess should try to combine dat with a sunscreen for day now…..thanks again! ?:-)

    1. Hey Madhu, I am scared of Fair and Lovely coz many people are attracted to the “Fair” tag and also it does give instant fairness… cannot take that away from Fair and Lovely, but in the long run how it will effect you…premature ageing and sagging skin….I have seen many cases and when I ask them whether they were sunburnt, they tell that they have been using Fair and Lovely for long……………………….. 🙁

    2. Madhu, neutrogena has a moisturizer with SPF suited for oily skin which can be used at day time…am using it now

  26. Nice article Jomol…I’ve tried this one before…it gave me a whitish cast all over n made me look like I had put on some talcum powder on my face 🙂 totally hated it…and to top it off..I started sweating badly on my upper lip n all after a couple of minutes of applying this 🙂

    1. Appu….I agree with you…if you take even a little bit extra it kind of gets settles into the eyebrows and all…very tacky to remove.. 🙁

  27. OMC and titanium dioxide are pretty common ingredients in many many really no point jumping on Fair and Lovely! At least they put the ingredient list unlike so many companies which put only key ingredients thats it..still I don’t like Fair and Lovely and won’t use it scary 😛

    1. Hey Rads, thats what I was thinking… least Fair and Lovely has listed all the ingredients…both on the cover and on the tube too so that they are at least not hiding anything………..but even then 🙁

  28. should add a winged eyebrows emoticon…didnt find any good ones. I think I should gift the castor oil drum to her…to use on her eyebrows…then Jomol will be become Rapunzel with her eyebrows…heheheheheee

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    1. He he he…oh no Jomol hats off to ur humor sense…i cant control laughing at ur comment-“nor am I constipated……”… :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  30. Hey Shyna…read this……….. ………………………. :snicker: :snicker:

    Actually, castor oil promotes hair growth and also castor oil is good for constipation….so Rads being a malayalee would have good hair growth…she has drumfuls of castor oil in her she must using it for …………………………. :laugh:

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  33. Apparently, they call their home “aloo villa”, their bacchas will be called, “aloo kachhaloo”………………. 😛 😛 😛 😎

  34. garnier light is like putty on my face..i hate it with a vengeance..And it burned my sisters face..due to the lemon essence i think. It is a horrible product..

  35. hey all ,

    I hav tried this cream for about a month … later i stopped bcoz it is such a blunder for my skin ..
    neither it lightens the tone nor do provide a good moisture .. turned my skin into an oil tank 🙁
    It do give an instant glow which looks so artificial as though u hav applied loads of makeup … a very bad xprnce frm it 😛

  36. its does not work i m using this before a month i have not effect nither on my darkspots nor on myfairness :yawn: :yawn: this product is not good

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