Clinic Plus Vita Oil Review

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Clinic Plus Vita Oil

Hello everyone

Today I will review an hair oil, newly launched by Clinic Plus. I have always been fascinated by Clinic Plus brand and but never got courage to use it, I still remember in my childhood days when I used to see those ads, I used to wish to have same hair as those models (honestly I still lure for such great hair, they show in those ads even these days). So when I saw this product on the shelf, I knew I had my chance to try out this product and instantly picked it up. Let us see how well this works.

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Product Info:Clinic Plus Vita Oil helps in nourishing hair, thereby strengthening and making it more resilient to damage, from root to tip. Clinic Plus Vita Oil infused with Almond extracts helps in deep nourishment of the hair making it look and feel healthy.

A lighter oil, Clinic Plus Vita Oil penetrates the hair three layers deep, providing nourishment and strength. Clinic Plus Vita Oil also contains ten times more* amount of Vitamin E which makes the hair look more healthy and beautiful.

*Based on lab test vs coconut oil

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Price: 75 ml priced at MRP Rs. 40 and 150 ml priced at MRP Rs. 75.

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My Experience with Clinic Plus Vita Oil:

Let me start with the packing first, I really like the clear bottle, through which you can see the glistening liquid gold floating in the bottle. This is the best part about the almond oil, its light amber color. So the oil is not very thick (unlike castor and other pure oils) and has a very runny consistency, this is mainly because of the fact that this oil contains not only sweet almond oil but many other components that makes its consistency so runny.

I do not like the smell of the oil; it smells like shampoo/soap and not like almonds. It gets absorbed very easily on the scalp and does not make it feel heavy and I do not even get headache after application.. 😛 :-P. This oil gets washed off very easily, one wash was sufficient to remove and my hair felt really smooth and soft after washing. It does not weigh down my hair; my hair infact looks shiny. I have used it 3-4 times so far now, I do not see a drastic change in the health of my scalp.
Overall to me it is very ordinary hair oil with hardly any goodness of almond oil in it as it contains 70-80 % of mineral oil, which to me is like any other oil.

Pros of Clinic Plus Vita Oil:

• Nice packing
• Affordable
• Easily available
• Trusted brand
• Makes hair smooth, soft and shiny
• Easy to wash off

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Cons of Clinic Plus Vita Oil

• Smells of shampoo
• Does not do anything extraordinary
• Contains 70-80% of mineral oil

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    1. yes Saloni….it is an average product but I always wanted to try out Clinic plus…the ads are so luring (models with such great hair)…I thought of giving it a try but a big disappointment *headbang* *headbang* …

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