Coach Eau de Toilette Review

Coach Eau de Toilette

coach eau de toilette
Pretty, chic and playful: a lighter version of our original Signature scent, blending soft, fresh fruits and florals with a heart of fragrant yellow blossoms and warm hints of amber and cedar wood. Released in 2010.

Top notes- Water Lily, Mandarin Orange, Violet, Guava.
Heart notes- Jasmine, African Orange Flower, Tuberose, Mimosa.
Base notes- Virginia Cedar, Amber.
coach eau de toilette cover
I recently got a bunch of perfume samples and this was the one I tried out first. I was a little intrigued. I’m more familiar with Coach as a brand of handbags and I wasn’t aware that they had fragrances as well. Turns out they’ve already released Poppy, which is in a super cute girly bottle, plus the Coach Signature perfume, launched in 2007, and then there’s also a lighter, eau de toilette version of it, which is what I’ll be reviewing.
coach eau de toilette sample
I have a 1.5ml spray vial of Coach Eau de Toilette, as seen in the photo above. I’ve worn it a handful of times in the past few weeks, and I must say, it’s very in line with the Coach brand and products. It’s very much like the perfume equivalent of the cream or neutral-colored, monogrammed bag that Coach is known for.

Coach Eau de Toilette smells fresh and tangy during the first few minutes, due to the presence of mandarin and guava. It’s really light and has a touch of floral thanks to the violet note. I find it rather nice and to me it’s almost like a fresh-from-a-bath smell.

When the heart or middle notes come out, jasmine is prominent, and I think its being combined with tuberose makes this fragrance sweeter. Neither the jasmine nor the tuberose is heavy though- even after three or four spritzes on a hot day, the scent remains light to my nose. It’s quite feminine, but it’s not frilly nor does it try to be seductive. It’s simple and on the elegant side.

It dries down to what smells mainly of cedar on my skin, which is a scent I’m not really fond of, but this doesn’t bother me because it isn’t sharp but faint, and is a sheer, musky skin scent. Coach Eau de Toilette lasts half the day on my skin.

This is a versatile fragrance and I like that about it. I wore it on a sunny, sweltering day and during cold rainy days and it was comfortable to wear in both types of weather. I think it can easily be worn by girls in their teens as well as more mature women. In fact, I recommend this to any women looking for a workplace or school appropriate perfume, since it’s not loud but pleasantly light, and is feminine but not overly so. It wouldn’t smell too stiff or formal for after work hours either. It just works well.

A 1.7 oz or 50 ml bottle of Coach Eau de Toilette costs $65, which I do find expensive, and I have other perfumes in my collection that are sort of universally pleasing in the same way the Coach EDT is, so personally, I wouldn’t buy a full bottle. However, receiving one as a gift wouldn’t be bad! I think it’d make a nice present too for a fresh graduate who’s new to perfume, or to friends or family who’d like a light, sweetish floral perfume for summer.

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16 thoughts on “Coach Eau de Toilette Review

      1. ida i love coach for their bags and key chains and things like that.i just own one thing by coach and thats a butterfly key chain from poppy collection i think gifted to me by my! i dont know abt scents but am super fond of their totes!!!!the patchwork collection :woot: :woot: :woot:

  1. Coach is pretty nice! Nothing special or different, but it is a ‘good’ normal. 😀
    It’s weird, but I find that the parfum and the EDT smell a bit different from each other. I also love that the smell stays for quite long when compared to most of my EDTs.
    The dry down… I can’t pick up any cedar, but I get a tonka bean-like smell.
    Nice review Ida! :))

    1. Yeah exactly. :)) It’s not unique or anything, but it’s nice and really easy to wear. Haven’t smelled the EDP yet. Perhaps my skin brings out the cedar. I’d love to get a tonka bean smell for the drydown! :cute: Thanks Samantha!

    1. Haha, me too Rati! 😀 I was browsing their site to get info about the perfume…saw lotsa nice bags for everyday use. :))

        1. rati do…….who doesnt want a coach bag :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .ask coach to do a giveaway on IMBB!lmar dalungiiiiii lol :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

            1. Rati, Fly Girl, Ida – Coach has their offsale in end of Aug-Sept…I was in Folsom when they did that and I bought 2 bags for real slashed prices, gave it away as gifts…try it then! I am :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: for it!!!!

              1. Vaishnavi sounds like a good bargain. You should’ve kept one for yourself. :toothygrin: Coach has some sales here too but the prices are still pretty high even during then.

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