Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette Review

Hi everyone, I will be reviewing the Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette which I bought for myself on my birthday. A few days ago I went shopping for a nice perfume and you all might know how tough and crazy it is to select one apt for oneself; you can become all confused. Even smelling the coffee beans in between the fragrances make you all baffled and dizzy. I wanted to purchase a perfume within my budget and with a sweet soft fragrance. I went to pantaloons last month and there after trying too many fragrances, I happened to see the adidas perfume section. The salesperson sort of insisted upon at least trying the smells. As adidas is somewhat of a sports brand, so I was not so keen on having a go at it. On hearing the name adidas one has an image that it will be all strong and sporty, nothing near feminine. But when I tried it, I really was amazed, they were even better than the girly ones I usually used to buy earlier and I must tell you that each perfume’s fragrance was distinguishable.

adidas pure lightness eau de toilette

The bottles were cute. All of them were transparent and the colours very beautiful. I fell in love with them at the first glimpse. I actually rejected many other perfumes just for these cute ones. When I tried all the variants, I wanted to purchase all of them, so got confused as to which one I should really prefer. I wanted a mild and fresh fragrance so decided upon to buy the Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette.

adidas pure lightness eau de toilette

The perfume comes in the following four variants
1. Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette
2. Adidas Floral Dream Eau De Toilette
3. Adidas Fruity Rhythm Eau De Toilette
4. Adidas Tropical Passion Eau De Toilette

I also preferred the Adidas Eau De Toilette for the quantity they were giving for the price, as, let me tell you I quite spray generously (in quite good quantity). I ended up buying the blue one i.e., Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette.

Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette‘s fragrance is a very refreshing. Its fragrance is on the lighter side. The scent is not overwhelming. I have been using it from the past one month and I’m very much satisfied with my purchase and I just love it. All in all it was a good purchase.

adidas pure lightness eau de toilette

People who prefer mild perfumes, it’s a good buy for them. Adidas has a whole variety of fragrances to suit the taste of all people. Since the day I started wearing this perfume, I have been getting complements from my friends. Even my mother, who is not a big fan of artificial fragrances complemented me. So people go and check out the whole collection they have to offer…I can totally assure you that you will love them. So people check it out. I will totally recommend Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette to you and would love to purchase it again in the future.

Price of Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette: Rs 499 for 50ml

Pros of Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette

1. It comes in a very cute bottle.
2. The fragrance is quite mild (just perfect for me).
3. The quantity they are offering for the price is very good.
4. It is quite cheap.
5. The perfume sprays very easily.

Cons of Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette

I can’t think of much cons of this product but still there’s one

1. The smell doesn’t stay whole day long on you. It sort of blemishes.

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20 thoughts on “Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette Review

  1. Hi Saloni.Cool review :waytogo: .I have the Adidas Fresh Vibes EDT and its fragrance is mild and feminine,not you are right on abt the smell!I think i will gve the pure lightness a try for my next .

    Infact the fresh vibes and pure lightness packagng is pretty similar BUt But… mine cost me Rs 999 :headbang: :headbang: ,maybe prices have been reduced

  2. I love their deo range ..its actually the same fragrance but the EDT will last much longer. I just purchased this blue, the green and the lemon yellow one. The blue has a very refreshing aqua lily like fragrance like you said, the green one has a slight floral smell and the yellow one has a lime like smell. I’m currently using the purple one ‘Natural vitality’. I love how these fragrances are so refreshing and feminine without being too overpoweringly sweet or ‘girly’.

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