Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush Review

Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today I will be sharing my new baby with you girls and it is my beautiful blush brush from colorbar. Colorbar has launched a new range of brushes with colored bristles. They have pink as well as red colored bristles. When I saw the collection for the first time, I wanted every brush from the collection, but I controlled myself and brought only one. The one I brought is called keep blushing blush brush which of course is a brush for applying blush, but it can be used for other purposes too. Brushes from this range start from INR 250 and goes to around 475.


Price: INR 475

Packaging: The brush comes in a blister pack with black base. The handle of the brush is thick and is black-white in color. Bottom half is white and upper half is black. The bristles are bright pink colored which is the main attraction of the brush.

A plus point about the packaging is the packet it comes in. The blister pack is such that it can be open and closed when required which helps to store the brush easily. It’s kind of a plastic pouch.


Product Description:

Look no further if you’ve been searching for that happy blush you get when your heart’s been racing! This perky and fluffy brush applies just the right bit of color to take every skin tone from drab to fab in a flash.

• Perfectly sized and softly rounded natural fibers deposit the right amount of powder blush on apples of cheeks and cheekbones.
• Can also be used to highlight temples, bridge of nose and chin.

How to Use:

The instructions about how to use the brush are mentioned on the back of the packaging.


My take on Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush:

Due to my immense love for pink color, I wasn’t able to resist myself for buying one of these brushes. There were many options but I selected a blush brush, as I considered it to be the safest one.

Now starting with the things I liked about the brush. The first noticeable thing is obviously the color of the bristles. I did not want anything but the color, but me happy to say that the brush is much more than the color. The handle provided is not too long but is round and little fat. This makes gripping and holding the brush easy for me. Earlier I have had some brushes which felt harsh on the skin but this is not one of those. The bristles are extremely soft and I love the feeling I have while using it. The brush is so fluffy that it makes the blush application fun.


I am impressed with the packaging too, as the brush can be kept in it avoiding the dust and it is very easy to open and close the pack.

The only little problem I have with this product is with the shedding of the bristles. It is not very often, but 1-2 of them may shed once in a while.

Pros of Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush:

• Good quality
• Pretty decent price.
• Fat round handle makes it easy to grip
• Amazing color
• Does not feel harsh on the cheeks
• Helps in easy application of product
• Comes with a easy to store packaging


Cons of Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush:

• May shed some bristles occasionally

Would I buy this product again?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I will try to get as many as I can….They look extremely pretty on the dresser and they are of good quality. I just love the one I have.

Do I recommend Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush?

If you can afford, or you love colored brushes or you want some decent quality brushes, do give these a try.

Rating: 4/5

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16 thoughts on “Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush Review

    1. thanks abinaya…… *thankyou* *thankyou* yes there is a lip brush in this range…..its has red bristles and its for INR 250 *happy dance* *happy dance*

  1. swati, I dint enjoy this brush much. My brush bristles went a bit scratchy after a wash. 🙁 may be you got a good one. Love how pretty it looks! 🙂 good review. *happydance* *happydance*

    1. thanks Rati 🙂 my bristles are fine till now. although i have just washed it once, hope that i have a good one and it will remain like this *scared* *scared*

  2. Hey this brush looks so cute and pinkie *drool* i would love to try the brushes from this range *haan ji* *happy dance*

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