What Makeup Brushes Do You Need?

What Makeup Brushes Do You Need?

Ok, so let’s talk makeup brushes! Don’t you just love it how there are gazillion (Alright, I know I am exaggerating ! :p) brushes available to get that make up just right !? I know I do. The right kind of make up brush is just as important as the product itself and it’s no secret. You can have the best brand of eye shadow but if not applied with the correct brush, it’s bound to look “made-up”. Our aim is to apply make-up in such a way so as to make it look as if we were born with it. The right brush can help you achieve just that. Brush Now let me take you on a tour into the awesome world of make up brushes and tell you what all brushes are there for what purposes. Fasten your seat belts girls. Here we go! Eyes Say It All – Must Have Eye Makeup brushes

Ok, first off, let’s have a look at what all is there to help adorn those enticing eyes in which your special someone loves to lose himself. Makeup brushes Makeup brushes

  1. Eye Shadow Brush – Dab a color of joy on the eye lid with this flat brush. Make sure it is stiff enough. Stiff bristles help you pick up enough color.
  2. Blending Brush- This baby helps you blend multiple eye shadow shades. You can create that smouldering smokey eye look with it and what not. It inspires you to bring out that creative spirit in you.
  3. Angled Brush- This stiff brush helps lining the lash lines with perfection. Applying powder eye liner becomes a cake walk with this brush.
  4. Pencil Brush- Use this brush for smudging color on the upper and lower lash line. It works wonders when applying color to the crease for a defined look.
  5. Eyeliner Brush- This brush helps you apply a thin line of eye liner that glides on smoothly with precision. Try flicking it out with this brush and create that cat’s eye look.
  6. Eyebrow & eyelash comb- As the name suggests, this brush is used for combing eyebrow hair and helping you separate lash hair thus removing mascara clumps. It’s a must have if you are a mascara fanatic like me. Better buy metal teeth lash combs.
  7. Mascara Brush – This is the brush used to apply my favorite makeup product. That’s right. Mascara it is! It is so important to choose the right kind of mascara brush. I cannot stress this more. Things to be kept in mind when shopping for one are:-
  • a) The shape of the brush (I personally love curved ones.)
  • b) The length of the bristles
  • c) The space between bristles

Go for the best of mascara but never underestimate the importance of the right brush to apply it. The right kind of brush is equally important as the product quality itself.

Make A Face – Must have makeup Brushes for Face Face makeup brushes

  1. Foundation Brush – This brush can be used to apply any kind of foundation be it liquid, cream or solid. Its unique shape helps achieve a flawless look by giving you total coverage. The bristles of this brush need to be stiff.
  2. Powder Brush – This brush works well when applying loose powder in order to set the foundation. It is suggested to have separate brushes each for applying blush and powder.
  3. Brush for the blushing you (Blush brush)– A brush like the third one in the picture above is recommended for applying blush. Better avoid the small ones that come along with the packaging when you buy blush. Its unique shape makes it easier to blend. Always go for the ones with soft bristles if you don’t want to risk overdoing it.
  4. Highlighter Brush – Highlight those cheeks with this awesome brush. You can also apply blush using the soft bristles of this brush. It applies color like a dream.
  5. Fan Brush – This is basically a multi-purpose brush. You can use it for dusting off excess eye make up, to even out loose powder, for adding shimmer on your face, blending, applying blush, etc.

    Luscious Lips Lip Brush

    1. Lip Brush – Use this brush for a controlled application of lipstick. It helps you blend the lip liner into the lipstick perfectly. You can make use of this brush to apply eye liner too. The stiff bristles help make that task easier.

    The world of brushes is huge and often confusing. Only I know how confusing it was for me when I first became aware of this astounding world of make up as a young girl. I was like “So why exactly are there separate brushes for blush, powder and foundation?” Thanks to the sales girls at the makeup product counters for bearing with me. I have learned a lot from the trained staff at such counters and from the internet of course.

    In this article I have only covered the basic types of brushes that are a must-have in your kit. There are way many other types of brushes too that make up artists use. Remember, a right brush is as important as the product itself if you want to achieve the flawless look for yourself. You might think I am repeating myself but I thought it’s worth mentioning again. You get it now.

    Have a great day ! 🙂


    36 thoughts on “What Makeup Brushes Do You Need?

    1. This is a really useful article, I was confused about the different kinds of brushes I saw in the stores. Could you recommend a reasonably priced brand having good quality brushes for beginners?

      1. Hey Sunayana..thanks for appreciating the article 🙂
        The brands that Rati has mentioned work great and are reasonably priced too.
        Colorbar works the best for me. It costs you anything between Rs 200- Rs 1300.
        Hop it helps 🙂

    2. I got the mini-brushes from TBS..a blush brush and the rest are eyeshadow brushes..is okay enough and reasonably priced, but its really not the best out there. I think their regular size ones are good, though. I suppose with brushes a good quality one costs a whole lot but its really worth it. I am a makup dodo but tx to articles like these am picking up on the essentials 🙂
      .-= Radhika´s last blog ..Super Soft Lips the Body Shop way – TBS Lipscuff and Lip Care (01 Translucent) =-.

    3. i think everyone needs-
      one blush brush
      one fluffy eyeshadow brush
      one flat eyeshadow brush
      one powder puff

      mascara and eyeliner (liquid/pen ones) come with their own brushes. foundation is mostly best applied with fingers (tried and tested!).

    4. I agree with Rima.. Even I use brushes mostly for my eye make-up & a huge fluffy blush for the powder blush & one for the loose powder.

      For my foundation & cream / gel blushes I prefer my fingers.

    5. nice article Gaytri… i just love makeup brushes … to me they are supper cute !! hehehe :beauty: :-* 😛 ..
      my 1st brush set was from Vega… the kit was not heavy on pocket and is worth to try out… till now i have no problems with it… it doesn’t shed hair and look very pretty in dark red handle.. :yes:

      my lastest love is my Oriflame’s professional brush kit.. superb packaging and very good quality…

      :inlove: :inlove:

    6. Very useful article indeed.This article would serve as a reference for me.Make up novices like me can refer to this anytime they need it. Thanks.

    7. I agree with Mrun…..I too have a poor brush collection…….need to spruce up on that front…………. 🙂

    8. I didn’t know Colourbar sold brushes! I’ve been using Vega – the cheapest around and good for a beginner like me. I’m going to go look for Colorbar tonight! I’ve been slowly buying MAC ones but they are so heavy on the pocket!

    9. Hi Rati,
      I love applying makeup but i am not very gud at it 🙁 ….I joined makeupandbeauty recently.Can you please let me know what all makeup brushes i need.I have some from vega:
      Lip Liner
      Lip Filler
      Eye Shadow
      Eye Liner
      Eye Groomer
      Eye Applicator
      Blush Brush
      in resonable rate?

    10. Awesum post Gaytri… I started using brushes 4 years back.. started with Vega kit of 5 brushes(Lip filler and eye applicator are pretty useless) and use them still(I shampoo my brushes weekly). Got a powder brush from VLCC groome.. is soft and works fine. Faces has an awesum angular blush/contour brush.. faces is decently priced and nice..

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