Sigma Sigmax Brushes Review – F 80, F 84, F 82

Sigma Sigmax Brushes- F 80, F 84, F 82

I love Sigma makeup brushes. Especially their eye brushes are something that I use every single day. SigmaX is a new makeup line by Sigma . These are synthetic duo fibre brushes that are great for cream, liquid or powder products. You can purchase them from

Price : $ 16 each


SigmaX line includes 3 brushes :

Sigmax Brushes
Sigmax Brushes

Sigma F 80 Flat Top Kabuki:

Sigma Flat top Kabuki F 80
Sigma Flat top Kabuki F 80

This was the first duo synthetic fibre brush I used from Sigma. I think this is one of the best brush they have ever made. I did a review of this brush  before. Copying the review from my previous post.

Sigma Flat top Kabuki F 80 brush
Sigma Flat top Kabuki F 80 brush

It’s a very dense duo fiber brush. I took a little long to get used to this. I started applying liquid foundation with this brush. The foundation applied flawlessly but the cleaning became a pain. Since the brush is dense I could never get rid of the foundation that used to get trapped at the center.

Now the brush gives that awesome air brushed look. So I just started buffing my base products with this. And Voila!! I lovveee the brush. It gets cleaned up easily now. Just apply your base products in any manner and this brush will take care of the rest.

  • Streaky foundation – Swirl Sigma F 80!
  • Cakey Foundation – Swirl Sigma F 80!
  • Un-blended blush – Swirl Sigma F 80!
  • Want airbrushed look – Swirl Sigma F 80!
  • Want to apply mineral foundation : Use Sigma F 80

It is a multi purpose brush . It is velvety soft. You can use it to apply cream, liquid or powder products. I would not review it as a must have but it’s good to have.

The only not so good thing is that it takes long to dry up.

Sigma F 82 Round Top Kabuki:

Sigma round top Kabuki F 82 brush
Sigma round top Kabuki F 82 brush

This brush is very similar to the F 80. It is a round top Kabuki. You can use it for powder , cream or liquid foundation. However, I don’t like using powder products with this one, it kind of cakes up the powder products, The bristles are more tightly packed as compared to the sigma F 80. The biggest benefit of this brush is that you can even reach the smaller areas of your face with this brush. It reaches easily under your eyes or around the areas of your nose.The bristles are velvety soft .

Sigma ROund Top Kabuki F 82 brush
Sigma ROund Top Kabuki F 82 brush

Sometimes when I want a heavier coverage on some part of your face, I find this brush extremely good to use. I use this interchangeably with Sigma F 80.

Recommendation : If you are buying your first Sigma Sigmax brush, buy Sigma F 80. If you already have Sigma F 80 and you want to purchase another brush from this range, go for Sigma F 82.

Sigma F 84 Angled Top Kabuki:

SIgma Angled Top Kabuki F 84 brush
SIgma Angled Top Kabuki F 84 brush

You must pick this brush if you are novice in applying cream blushes. I generally like to apply my cream blush with fingers . This does an excellent job by placing the colour just where you want it. Thanks to the angled shape . The soft dense bristles would blend the blush like a dream on your cheeks. The bristles bend just fine to move on your cheeks easily. Say bye bye to streaks or uneven blush application. :)I don’t like to use it for powder blush. It picks up more blush that I’d like it to.

SIgma Angled Top Kabuki F 84 brush
SIgma Angled Top Kabuki F 84 brush

Suggestion : Put some dots of cream blush on your cheeks with finger tips. Then blend with sigma F 84.  You’ll get flawless blended blush on your cheeks.

Overall review of Sigmax brushes:

Sigmax brush
Sigmax brush
  • Sigma has out done itself by creating these brushes. you can never go wrong with these brushes.
  • They are multi purpose brushes. You can use them for cream, powder and liquid foundation.
  • Since the bristles are dense , the liquid foundation doesn’t seep towards the bottom of the bristles.
  • The brushes don’t bleed . Nether do they shed bristles. Infact I’d say, ZERO shedding.
  • The handles are very strong and speak of their quality.
  • The brushes take time to dry since they have such dense bristles. These days since it’s cold, they take a full night and almost a half to to dry completely.
  • They make your foundation or blush application flawless.
  • I used to have problem cleaning F 80 brush initially but a cleanser has sorted out that problem as well. My brushes look pretty always now. 🙂
  • The handles are of medium length so it gives a better control over your application.

Where to Go After this Review?

You can buy these Brushes from

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog rating : :-* :-*:-*:-* + 0.5

Here is a nice video that teaches you how to use these brushes.

Further Review:

products sent by brand for review.


61 thoughts on “Sigma Sigmax Brushes Review – F 80, F 84, F 82

  1. What are the thingh one must watch out for while purchasing brushes? Does anybody know about Body Shop brushes??Actually it is difficult to procure Sigma brushes (shipping etc).Instead going to a store where you can physically check the brush may help to make the right choice.

    Secondly,I am a novice in make-up so I am askin-Do brushes really make a difference.I mean ok they help in even application but cant the same be achieved using bare fingers?

    1. 1. Check the bristles ,whether they are soft or not.
      2. Check whether the brushes you are buying solve the purpose of buying or not. i mean you should know why you are purchasing a particular brush.
      3. You can apply liquid foundation with a brush but how would you apply powder or cream foundation without a brush?
      4. brushes are more hygenic option.
      5. You must never use sponge tip applicators for eyes . they tug and pull your eye lids and cause premature wrinkles.

      The body shop brushes are pretty good . The only thing is that they dont have a full range of brushes.

      1. I so agree with ur RATI 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I just wish they had a full range of brushes.. I rem asking them for eye brushes n they showed me lik just 1 brush.. So does BOBBI BROWN .. they also have a very less collection of brushes

  2. I’d like to ask the very same question as sonam…me too new to makeup so dont wna spend a whole lot and then figure out tht sme cud have been done with fingers

  3. rati ,brushes are imp part , they make the makeup look better but first you need practice with those stupid sasta sasta brushes naaa…. ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

    i have like only 2 blushes and i use the lakme souffle as a base … :-/ :-/ unimpressive – i know :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((

  4. bought vega ka blush brush … when i apply the blush with that it doesnt show up at all … need to apply sooooo much of it … with fingers it shows up quick ….

    m i applying it wrong or it happens ????

  5. I love the sigma brushes i’v ordered the face , the eyes and the sigmax brush… I know …Crazy me but wat 2 do I had 2 i don’t mind being broke after i get them 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think these brushes hav a better Quality than the sum of the MAC brushes 😐 😐 😐 I don’t no but i feel dat way 🙂 🙂 🙂 Do correct me if i’m wrong

    1. MAC doesn’t even have these kind of brushes. Regarding eye brushes I think the quality is very comparable. 🙂

      I dont think you would regret your decision of buying Sigma brushes. They are pretty good at what they are doing. 🙂

      1. Ahh I use my buffer brush for applying powder products, like loose powder and blush.
        I use sponge for my foundation.
        Can I use this for liquid foundation??
        I feel this is too soft for applying foundation so I avoid…plz help clear my confusion Rati 🙁

        1. yeah the brush is excellent for liquid foundation.. The bristles are quite firm and just easily blend the foundation. In fact i like these brushes more than the regular stippling brushes. Those I find are too soft and bend too much.

          I think you must have F 80. It’s a great brush.

          Sponge drinks up a lot of your foundation. I used to use it initially but then stopped. :((

  6. Im thinking of ordering this F80 but not able to decide which shipping option to choose..has anyone bought it with the normal USPS shipping w/o the tracking no? How long did it take to reach?
    Thanks for your help.

  7. I try to apply my compact blush powder with Sigma F84 AND f82, but I don’t like it. Do you think that the blush will look more natural with F80?
    Regards from Romania!

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