Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8hrs Stay Lipstick Review

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Colorbar is one such brand that never fails to impress me. They keep launching amazing lip products that you just can’t seem to ignore them. The wide range of colors available- I feel everyone can definitely find their perfect match of lip color from them. Colorbar is my favourite brand because it offers a wide array of orange lip colors that no other brand offers and I’m proud to admit that I own each and every orange lip color from Colorbar.

Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8hrs Stay Lipstick (4)

And, when this new range was launched I couldn’t help but get my hands on the orange shade available from the range. I wish they had launched a couple more orange shades in this range (because only one orange shade isn’t enough). So today I will be reviewing Colorbar Ultimate 8hrs stay Lipstick in the shade Ocean Orange.

Price: Rs.900 for 4.2g

An exclusive lipstick with an unbeatable gliding quality and unique Powder Matte satin finish with tested hold of up to 8 hours*stay without smudging.
With just a few touches the lips are clothed in pure velvet finish, leaving them sensual and sophisticated. This highly professional lipstick is ideal for adding an elegant, refined touch to your perfect make-up.
Contained in gorgeous packaging with its distinctive lines, Offers an ultra-feminine gesture, made even more intriguing by the innovative Magnetic opening clasp.
Available in 12 chic colours, just perfect for any occasion or any style. Permits you to alternate a refined look with the latest trend in make-up.
Outline the lip contour with a pencil in the shade closest to your lipstick.
Apply the lipstick directly onto your lips, starting from the center and working towards the corners of your mouth.
For a more controlled application, use the colorbar retractable Lip brush. Use small touches to distribute color and apply it to your lips little by little.

Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8hrs Stay Lipstick (6)

My experience with Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8hrs Stay Lipstick :

Colorbar ultimate 8hrs stay lipstick comes in an outer silver carton box which holds all the details pertaining to the product but no ingredient list is mentioned on it. Normally, Colorbar mentions its ingredient list in great detail but surprisingly, this product has no ingredient list mentioned on it. The outer carton opens to reveal the lipstick which comes in a silver lipstick packaging. You might actually think that this lipstick looks like any other Colorbar lipstick with its silver packaging. But let me tell you, this packaging looks and feels more luxurious.

Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8hrs Stay Lipstick (3)

The lipstick casing is a lot more chubbier than the other lipsticks from Colorbar. And the most attractive feature is the magnetic cap. Yes you read it right, the cap closes shut with a magnetic lock mechanism. The name of the lipstick is mentioned on the bottom of the lipstick. So overall, the packaging of this lipstick gains extra points with its magnetic closing.

Ocean orange isn’t exactly an orange lipstick. So if you were looking for orange lipstick after reading the name ‘Ocean Orange’, then I must say you will surely be disappointed like me. It is a bright orangish red lipstick without any shimmer or sheen. It is more of a red lipstick and has only a hint of orange to it. This color will add that instant glamour to your face without any extra effort of applying any other makeup elsewhere. It will suit all complexioned beauties well. If you run away from lipsticks that read-‘Orange’, then you must try this shade before avoiding it- because it certainly isn’t orange.

Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8hrs Stay Lipstick (3)

Texture of this lipstick is creamy matte. It has a smooth texture that feels quite creamy and glides smoothly on the lips without any pulling or tugging, and it settles to a matte finish within some time. It is one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I have tried. It doesn’t settle down in the fine lines of the lips or dry out the lips and make them look parched. But you need to exfoliate your lips really well before you apply this color- to make it look more presentable on the lips rather than having it settled in the dry flaky areas of the lips.

Pigmentation of Ocean orange is simply amazing, one swipe renders rich, opaque color to the lips. The lipstick feels light on the lips and despite being a matte lip color it doesn’t feel cakey even if you layer on a few extra swipes. It is great as a stain for a softer day look and instantly glams you up when worn to its full intensity. The color settles to matte finish and doesn’t budge from its position.


Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8hrs Stay Lipstick (1)

Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8hrs Stay Lipstick (2)

The best thing about this lipstick is its staying power, it stays on the lips for a good 7-8 hours with minimum fading- very true to its claim. After meals, the color does fade from the middle of the lips and pursing the lips together help in spreading the color a little. Best part is that this long wear lipstick doesn’t stain the lips at all. It has a faint vanilla smell to it, which isn’t overpowering and disappears within a few seconds after you have it on your lips.

Pros of Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8hrs Stay Lipstick :

  • Luxurious and sturdy packaging.
  • Lovely orangey red lipstick.
  • No shimmer or sheen.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Glides easily on lips.
  • Matte finish.
  • Doesn’t dry out the lips.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Lasts long.
  • Doesn’t budge or transfer.
  • Doesn’t stain the lips.
  • Faint vanilla scent.

Cons of Colorbar Ocean Orange Ultimate 8hrs Stay Lipstick :

  • Expensive.
  • No ingredient list mentioned.
  • Lipstick name and actual color of lipstick is misguiding.

IMBB rating: 4.8/5 (would have got a full 5/5 if it was a true orange shade).

Overall, Colorbar Ultimate 8hrs stay Lipstick in the shade Ocean Orange is a bright orangey red lipstick that has an impressive magnetic lock system;looks very classy and unique. A welcome change from the regular line. The lipstick texture, pigmentation and staying power is amazing. I guess everyone should try at least one lipstick from this new launched range soon.

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  1. I have bought this lipstick today and in the packet they have mentioned the ingredients on the packet and the price is Rs.950… I bought if from Health and Glow…

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