COLORESSENCE Lipsticks Review

COLORESSENCE-Color your spirit: Review


First off, let me start by saying I love applying lipstick. Last year I was going through the Tv chanels,when I suddenly passed by the  home shop 18 channel..they were promoting the brand called coloressence from the nature’s essence & guess what it was about lipsticks.I thought the whole range was excellent and would be too good to be a nude color on my lips. Moreover, the host or beauty advisor as per the channel ,convinced it to me, that I decided to get it because I had some extra cash in hand and I was also very eager to try the brand.

Coloressence Lipsticks

Highlights: The colour range comprises of vibrant and exciting shades giving a hard shine to your lips making them look voluptuous. The honey wax and almond oil in the lipstick helps moisturise your lips keeping them soft and supple.

Where to shop: Color Essence products are available at Big Bazaar, Big Apple, Reliance Retail Outlet, Vishal Mega Mart and other retail chains as well as at select cosmetic counters across the country.

Its price:
I bought it last year,it cost me `500/- for a set of five lipsticks. Sorry, I am not sure about the actual MRP of the set. However they were talking about saving `125 bucks on the purchase, so I guess it should be around `(625-650)/-. No idea of the current price.

What Coloressence lipsticks claim:

  • Moisturizing lip color
  • Unique combination of coriander & basil extracts
  • Nourishes, protects, hypo allergic,  voluminise the lips
  • 100% vegetarian
  • No animal ingredients.
Coloessence Lipsticks Set
Coloessence Lipsticks Set
Coloressence lipstick
Coloressence lipstick

As mentioned, I ordered it through Home shop 18. The product reached me in 15 days time. It came in a black color cardboard box with the name mentioned in silver at the top. I would love to admit I loved the packaging. When I tried this on my lips once I got home, I was honestly really amazed. I didn’t think this would look that good on me, but these were the perfect shades lipstick. The kit contains a mesmerizing assortment of 5 fashioned lip colors.

Coloressence lipstick
Coloressence lipstick


Coloressence lipstick shades
Coloressence lipstick shades

(From left to right, Valentine red, passionate pink, brown town, blossom brown, nude suede)

Valentine red #06- It the red shade, but it is not that perfect red I was looking for, I fall into medium to darker skin tones range , a red from the orange red family will work best on my skin color. Unfortunately it falls in the cool blue red range, thus the effect was not up to the mark also it does not perfectly suits me.

Passionate Pink # 07- Pink lips seem to be the buzz these days. This shade of pink is like bubble gum pink, you can wear it just like they do. It’s the perfect shade to wear for daily use. You can pair sweet pink lips which tend to look innocent, a bit less innocent when you pair it with dramatic eyes.

Brown Town # 13– this is one of my favorite shades in the kit. To describe it, t is more or less like the nude color with a little bit of shimmer to it. It doesn’t look like it would be a good nude, but it comes out lighter on my lips than it looks in the tube. It isn’t too light that it makes me look dead, but it isn’t brown on my lips either. I think it’s the perfect nude shade for tanner skin tones. It can be worn every day to work

Blossom Brown # 17-although the name is Blossom Brown, but this shade is just close to the Valentine red. These 2 shades are not at all distinguishable from each other. Even the shade didn’t work out well on me.

Nude suede # 34– out of these 5 shades, this one is the undisputed queen of the nudes and naturals. It feels great, it protects, and it gives you that ultimate appeal. It creates something natural, or at least hyper-natural to your look, providing the warmth I was looking for. Somewhere I read a nude lip is always to be worn with a bolder eye. Adhering to this tip I always wear it with just a few more swipes of mascara and a couple more strokes of liner n really this seems to do the trick.

So, out of these five, Brown Town # 13 & Nude suede # 34 are my personal favorite

  • These lipsticks are moisturizing, so you don’t have to wear a lip balm underneath the lipstick
  • The lipstick has no shimmer to it and doesn’t really have sheen like some lipsticks do.
  • That being said, it isn’t completely matte either. Instead, it is more like a cream finish
  • The nude shade is great for daily use
  • Contains SPF 15.


  • They are not at all pigmented, and you have to build the color to whatever intensity you want by applying it for 5 to 6 times
  • They do not last a very long time only for 1 to 2 hours
  • Have to reapply often.
  • The packaging is not too good. It comes in a black color plastic tube with a silver rim, which s very cheap.
  • The smell of the lip color is not good either.


I really don’t think these lipsticks worth the price. Also, it is relatively inexpensive and so do the quality. I will neither buy them nor will I recommend any one to give them a try.


28 thoughts on “COLORESSENCE Lipsticks Review

  1. I vaguely remember that I have heard about this brand. I think I read it in some magazine or something and I was like wow! we have a new drugstore brand. I liked the valentine red clour but yeah as you said it’s not the perfect red. look more pinkish. I would have definitely bought these out of curiosity had I come across them. 😛 Glad you did the review.

    I liked the packaging though.

    1. hi rati, yes even i came across this brand in some local magazine.they also offer some wide range of facials …
      bt i have completely loosed my trust in this barand. wud not try if offered free….. 😕 😥
      yeah that is not the perfect red..i liked the nude a lot though :inlove:
      Glad my review helped u… 😉

  2. We all are always on the lookout for more brands and new stuff na???

    We are insatiable!!! 😉 😉 😉

    Good that you reviewed and better that you found at least some shades that you liked…

    1. hi M, yes we always are…..actually we are helpless these brands do every thing to attract our interest…n the home shop 18 people -kehna hi ya….
      yes i liked two of the shades.. almost finished them.. 😛

  3. I think I have seen this brand in Health and Glow stores. Mostly colors i would say. Whats good as nowadays with my insane allergic skin type that i don’t even call it sensitive anymore, I have been using only mineral foundations and blushes on my face when it comes to make up for quite a while now (btw girls, if you would like to try Mineral make up, please give L’oreal a try, its the best one out there and the quality is just absurd for the price and for how long it lasts, surely a great purchase and for many reasons). But still i would give it a try on the lippies, they look yummy…weird question though?? Do they smell good?? I love lipsticks but if smells like old hardened fat it does put me off =/

    1. hi deborah, happy u found your perfect foundation. wil try this out some time.. 😀
      oh u really want to pick them ,then i suggest u to try the nude shade its quite good..wel the smell in nt pleasant although not v weird too..
      check the tester first.. 😐 😛

  4. I think I saw them in Femina/Good Housekeeping..these were the freebies u would get with some 6 months /1 year subscription..n ya in channel 18 shop..after having made 21 or so blunders in buying stuff (esp makeup) from lesser known brands..I have hard-learned at least one lesson that in this field(make up dat is) only brands count..and you are assured to b disappointed if you dont stick to known ones (which often fail too :pain: ) basically you have to wait till some one bears the brunt..and you get the reviews… :devil: 😀

    1. hey anu , 500/- down the drain.. bt not any more now i m an avid follower of IMMB na .. he he.. :laugh:
      femina offering these cosmetic brand with subscription very dissapointed… 😯
      so here i review these lippies…happy it helped u… :-))

  5. Hey Renuca……I watched these lipsticks on the same channel and at that time, they were giving out 12 different shades plus shimmer, mascara, foundation, and the whole makeup kit at 2000 rs or something….glad I passed it off….but the hosts were really doing a good job…………..glad I didn’t fall into the trap. 😀

    1. hi jomol,,,,i too saw that :no: they were offerring some ek te sath ek free also na… Pls ignore any cosmetis brand in home shop 18.. :weep: 😛
      although they preached as if this is the best brand available in the mkt…

  6. Trust me to try out something new……I already have 3 or 4 of these lipsticks, and one lip gloss. The smell is awful. But the red colour I have is really good, I have even got compliments while wearing it! I don’t think it’s the same red you have shown though.

    1. I will let you know the name of the red shade….I liked it only for its colour and nothing else. As i said, the smell was really bad. I have only used it once.

  7. I am always sceptical abt shpng anything from Home Shop channel…even if I like something…just difficult for me to trust….

    glad u did this review….wil keep my eyes open against this brand now 🙂

  8. u know HD, i shopped for about 4 item from HOME SHOP 18 & none of them were up to the mark… even the nonstick cookwear set loosed there plating jst after 1 n half week.
    I suggest to all pls do not shop from home shop.. atlest do a mkt search b4 shping.. :lashes:

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