Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner Review

Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner Review

Hello Everyone,

Today, I am going to review Coloressence Eyeliner.  After being very pleased with the Coloressence eye shadow, I was very eager to try some other products from this brand.  So, I picked up this eyeliner. Let’s take a look at the details.

Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner Review

Product Description:

Supreme eyeliner completes the eye makeup by being applied with its special brush to the beginning of the eye lashes at the desired thickness. Its water resistant formula makes it stay for longer time.

black liner


I love the packaging of Coloressence products. It comes in a nice, neat, black color box. The eyeliner comes in a very cute and stylish bottle.

black liner


black liner

I hate the applicator. It is very thick. How am I supposed to apply eyeliner with such a thick brush? It’s useless.


I bought it for Rs. 95 for 9 ml.

Shelf Life:

2 years.

It is not jet black, but the good thing about the eyeliner is that it is glossy. The texture of the eyeliner is not at all smooth, there are a few solid particles in it.

Swatch 1

After keeping the liner under running water:

Swatch 2

After rubbing it:

Swatch 3

Pros of Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner:

I hate this product, so it is very difficult to write anything pro about it.

  • Attractive packaging.
  • Glossy finish.
  • Staying power is not that bad.

Cons of Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner:

  • Applicator is useless.
  • Texture is not smooth.
  • Not water resistant.
  • Not jet black.

Will I Repurchase Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner?

No and I will not recommend this eyeliner to anyone.  I don’t even use this liner anymore.

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27 thoughts on “Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner Review

  1. i too have the same eye-liner but mine had a proper thin applicator brush which applies a very thin line ! i wonder how yours is like this!!?? wierd! :stars:

    1. Hi ragini i got this one from home shop 18 so i didnt even got any chance to see how the applicator is. In television Ad everything was looking so amazing and then when it came home this is what i got….thtz y i decided not to buy anthng online…:(

      1. probably yours was a defective one.. i’d rather say stay away from homeshop 18.. the other online shopping websites i’ve used have never disappointed me!

  2. nice review. :love: . would never buy this product… ghosh you saved me..
    @ragini.. how come you got a thin applicator… dual standards by the company!!… :pan:

    1. yup m thankful i saved somebody…but ragini was lucky may b if u buy from store and test it there u vl get good on’s and if u buy from home shop 18 and othr such places they cheat u by giving damaged products :pissedoff:

  3. am not buying this ever :nonono: ..thick brush n see how it’s going off in water 😯 ..i prefer my liners to be waterproof :smug: thnx for reviewing this :yes:

    1. same here…i have remains careful not to splash water in my eyes while washing face to keep my liner in its plc:-p

  4. nice review, :)) :)) yesterday only i saw it and i was also eager to try coloressence but then i skip the idea as of now but today after your review i think i should skip the idea forever… :)) :)) :))

  5. Looks pretty black to me and looks decent in the pics …sad that it washes off so easily and that it aint smooth!!

  6. hey nice ‘to the point’ review! i prefer eye pencils to liquid liners…n m not that big a fan of coloressence…so i can definitely give this a miss!

  7. i like liquid eyeliners as long as they dont smudge and dry fast :stars: :stars: . but past few months the MAC gel eyeliner is working well for me and i use the Faces long wear eye pencils for my waterline.

  8. Though haven’t tried any other liquid eyeliner so can’t compare …but I love the one I am using ..Lakme :makeup: Thinnest possible brush gives perfect lines & it din’t disappoint me in any which way till date.. :teddy: These days am into Gel liners…so using this liquid liner for painting ethnic bindis.. :haanji:

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