Colorful Summer Eye Makeup Photo Tutorial

Hey everyone, After following Rati’s BEAUTIFUL posts and going through all the lovely posts posted by all you lovely ladies I decided to share my passion for makeup with you all.

I am soo exited to share this summer look,I hope u all like it and give it a try. Keeping in mind the hot hot summer I planned to use bright summer colors with minimal of other cosmetics to keep it chic and simple at the same time.

So here is the look… Summer Eye Makeup

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup Lets begin with the tutorial… ^_^

  • Always prime your eyes to even out your skin tone. Don’t use any greasy base as it will not stand in this hot summer…

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup


  • Now using a white shimmery eyeshadow highlight your brow bone and apply the same on your inner corner and blend properly.. .

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup

Colorful Summer Eye MakeupApply a winged liner or any style of your choice Colorful Summer Eye Makeup

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup


Colorful Summer Eye Makeup

Colorful Summer Eye Makeup

  • To complete your look add a bronzer and pink blush and highlight your cheek bone, chin and forehead.

Now u r ready to dazzle in this hot hot summer… I hope u like it !!! PRODUCTS USED FOR EYES:

  • Oriflame concealer
  • Eyeshadows from Coastal Scents (creative me palette #12 )
  • Mono eyeshadow Essential: Sugar Crystal (Oriflame)
  • Black liner from Oriflame
  • Gold bliss liner (coastal scents)
  • Avon long lash mascara

FOR FACE: Use water based foundation as it is light on skin. Foundation should be water proof. OR Skip the foundation and apply only concealer and pressed powder or loose powder. Do not block your pores and apply minimal cosmetics on your skin. LET YOUR SKIN BREATH. WHAT I USED:

  • Avon personal match foundation
  • Oriflame concealer
  • Vision Oriflame pressed powder.


  • Lakme Tropical island lip colour in 657.

That’s pretty much it !! if u have any queries feel free to ask and all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you !!

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50 thoughts on “Colorful Summer Eye Makeup Photo Tutorial

  1. Hey Deeptima……I jus cnt take off my eyes from ur eyes, they are jus lovely n u look sooo pretty!!!!

    You hv a very artistic hand…the winged eyeshadow n liner looks beautiful on you!!! I don’t think I cn ever carry off hot pink n orange eye shadow but ur eyes are looking jus gorgeous!!!

    Pls keep dng more such tutorials!!

    1. awwww… thts so swt HD… thank u soo much…m soo happy u liked it !! i’l try and make a tutorial with neutral colors for you !!

      :heart: :-*

  2. I also want to see more tutorials. 😛 Sailing in same boat with HD. 😀 You made it look so easy but I know it is not. 😛

    :-* :-* :-* :-*

    1. Thanks soo much Di (hope i cn cal u tht… 😀 )….
      thnx for this blog … nw i cn share my work with all the interested lovely ladies…

      dnt worry di i’l be make many more tutorials…. main aapko aaram se nhi baithne dunge…. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

      love ya !!!

  3. that was unbelievably awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keeep it comin..i am an eyemakeup addict and i wud love to see more tuts too from…u r not allowed to do anything but tuts from now on….. 😉 😉 😉

    1. thnx Fathima…. i promise there will be more useful tuts…. :-*
      even m a makeup addict…i go crazy when i see colored eyeshadow, lippies, nail paints….. OMG I LOVE THEM ….. lolzz :rotfl:

      i may even do a nail art tut…

      m so overwhelmed to see all these lovely comments !!!

          1. does it stop creasing??? and how much did the coastal scents pallette cost totally…with shipping and all??

  4. ^^ AWESOME ^^ you are blessed with beautiful eyes Deeptima….
    like HD I too can’t take my eyes off your eyes 😀
    I can’t do the winged liner….keep the tuts coming :yes:

  5. Hey Deeptima, overall such a beautiful post that it is so pleasant to look at….and lovely eyes…all IMBB baibaby’s have so much varied eye shapes and colors and I swear all of them look so beautiful…this is one beautiful addition 🙂 and Deeptima…….this post is so comprehensive………loved every bit!!!!! 🙂 :-))

  6. Hi Deeptima. First of all you have gorgeous eyes. I would have never thought to use such bright colours, but they look really good on you. I have both orange and pink, but they are kinda shimmery. I don’t think I can pull this off, but it was nice to look at anyway :-))

    1. thnx Ame for the swt words… shimmery eyeshadow will look equally good… u dnt have to use bright colors u cn simply use lil bit if it to create the look… reverse the look and use pink eyeshadow on lids and orange for crease will not look that bright…

      give it a try !!!
      it looks amazing in real…

    2. Thnx so much Ame… shimmery colors look equally good… just try once… if u r not comfortable keep it light…

      :-* 😉

  7. Hi,
    u r v beautiful & your eyes compliment ur look, i liked the wy u done ur eyes awesome :-))
    Waiting for the neutral look…. :-))

    1. thnx Sush… will do the tut ASAP… have an exam on 14th so it may take time…but i’l try to do it soon… :-* :-* :-*

  8. Absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! And you are gorgeous…. love your eye color!Also loved your youtube channel.

    1. hey , thx soo much… u also have a YT channel ??? how did u find me der ???

      i used to have Oriflame’s face primer…. its good…. but :-* i gave it to my frnd… i ordered a new one but due to its huge demand its out of stock… but i’l get it in a week or so… i’l do a review on tht…

      if u want to buy it u can..overall its a nice product… it lightweight perfecting lotion great as eyeshadow base… 🙂 :-*

  9. hey deeptima, it seems you use a lot of oriflame products. Can you suggest me some of their better products? Have you tried their face primer? How is it?

  10. Hey! Wow, that is an amazing look D! I wld have never thght of pairing pink with orange but u make it look so effortless and pretty too! :yes:

  11. Hey Deeptima.. awesome tutorial.. keep them coming..!!!
    I love doing eye makeup so hoping to learn alot of things from you..!!!

    1. thnx Priyanka for ur swt comment !!
      even i keep learnign from here and there… it would be my pleasure if i cn be of any help to you !! :-* :-*

      keep practicing and trying what looks good on you !!

      1. No.. I don’t have a youtube channel. I was just searching for ‘oriflame baby beige’ (i wanted swatches!:P) and one of your videos came up . I’ll order the primer then

    1. Thnx Ki…
      pakka i’l do more looks …. i love makeup !!! :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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