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Devanshi Asks

I am new to makeup and have used just one concealer which is in stick form but it tends to exaggerate the dryness on my skin and is also very difficult to blend.
I am looking for a good concealer. I am on a budget so please suggest something under 500 bucks.
have dry/combo skin.


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    1. Rati di: she haven’t mentioned her Age & skin Type,,,, ?:) ?:)

      Blue bOx…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :woot: :woot: :woot:

        1. Ooo soii soii…

          Devanshi: If your skin is dry, then opt for a liquid concealer. You can opt for white solid concealer, Be sure to use the pat-and-blend technique of applying the concealer. i am not aware abOut the Range but yOu can gO with L’oreal… :waytogo:

          Hope it heLps.. :))

  1. Hey Devanshi…I have a makeup book that I bought recently, and it said if you want to save money by forgoing cocealer, you can use “almost dried” liquid which is found on the cap of the foundation bottle…..its thicker and will give you goood coverage….. :whistle:

    By the way the book is written by Carmindy, she is makeup artist/advisor on famous show in US “What not to wear”…

  2. Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Anti Puffiness Concealer ( Rs 550)
    Oriflame concealer for eyes 198/-
    or Oriflame or Avon stick concealer both less than 250/-

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