Skin79 BB Cream Review

Skin79 BB Cream Review


I had never heard of or seen a BB cream, that is, a Blemish Balm cream in India, but it seems to be a ‘must-have’ makeup primer in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Well, BB Cream, register this word into your make-up vocabulary because its getting pretty widespread now.

Skin79 BB Cream

What is it exactly and what all the rave is about?

Blemish Balm cream is among Asia’s hottest beauty products right now. Where did it come from and how did it become so popular? It is said that the formula comes from Germany where dermatologists prescribe it to heal laser skin surgery because it has soothing and skin-regenerating properties. Famous South Korean actresses then began using it for beauty purposes.

From what I have read about it, it all started in Korea where an actress had undergone laser surgery and the BB cream was in fact part of her daily use as cover-up as well as treatment process to recovery. It was said to be a miracle cream and because of her testimony, BB cream has become highly sought after.

The difference between BB cream and other make-up applications is that it is a skincare/healing product combined with make-up. While regular foundation liquid does nothing to your skin, BB cream is supposed to do wonders to your skin while covering up. There are many types of BB cream, some are said to have whitening properties, some anti-wrinkle, some to even out skin tone and lighten blemish scars, etc., but all of them work as moisturizer, sunscreen, make-up base and foundation too.

I skip the makeup base/foundation or even powder and just use the BB cream as it is already tinted and not oily.

About SKIN79 VIP Gold Collection Super BB Cream:


SKIN79 is a Korean brand, which is a well-respected brand in Southeast Asia. The variety that I’m using is ‘VIP Gold Collection Super BB Cream.” The moment I saw it on the shelf, I fell in love with the packaging. A brilliant silverish-golden pump bottle is tucked inside a shiny brown box. Both have the tag ‘BB’ printed in glitter which seems to change the color from golden to silver as the light reflects or deflects on it. Both have a lot of information printed on them. It’s not possible to replicate all of it here. I’ll summarize only the important facts and claims.

What Does Skin79 BB Cream Claim?
1.  Whitening.
2.  UV protecting with SPF 25 PA++.
3.  Wrinkle improvement.
4.  Excellent coverage with the combination of makeup base and foundation.
5. Good for sebum control, non-clogging.

Important Active Ingredients:
1. SPF 25.
2. Adenosine and arbutin extracts.
3. Gold and caviar extracts.
4. Sunflower, rice bran and ivy extracts.
5. Sweet almond oil.

Plus other must haves like titanium dioxide, preservatives, emulsifiers, aloe and atleast 10 more things, the list is too long. Seems too glamorous to be true, right? Well, there is no way to determine if the content list provided by any product is true or not, except a chemical analysis. As end users, we can only determine the results for us and then vouch for the validity of the claims, that’s what I’m doing here.


Reviewing the ingredients in short:

1. Adenosine – This one I had never heard of before and not much information is available on its skin care benefits. Adenosine is a chemical that is present in all human cells. It is one of the components that make up our DNA. I guess that is where its skin healing benefit comes from. It is used for treating certain kinds of irregular heart beat conditions (as a prescription-only intravenous medicine). It could be possibly effective for treating weight loss in people with advanced cancer and for varicose veins. It is not a major component of the SKIN79 BB creams.

2. Arbutin – Used in many skincare products for its whitening properties. But then it must be making the product more photo-sensitive. All whitening products make the skin more susceptible to sun radiation. Thus SPF is necessary.

3. Caviar extract – I only knew the Caviar as one of the most expensive foods in the world. It is made from the unfertilized eggs of a sea fish called sturgeon roe from the Caspian Sea. It is said that it can make the facial skin becomes taut again because its contents of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals are quite high. Caviar is combined with a gold mask that can make the face look brighter.

4. Gold extract – How can they leave this more expensive metal out after adding the most expensive food on the planet?

Research has revealed that gold not only has anti-bacterial properties, but actually helps to transport oxygen molecules directly into the skin, influencing cellular functions and providing a new energy level. This helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin.

Hand swatch – My hand skin is darker, so the BB cream looks too light. Need waxing….duhhh!!


My Analysis of SKIN79 BB Cream:

I absolutely love the results. Having an acne-prone skin, not many makeup products are friendly with me. I use the makeup only on special occasions, but this one is good for me, even for a casual use. So, I do not care about what kind of ingredients it has, what are their long-term effects/benefits, etc. Even if it doesn’t have the healing properties like it states, I am satisfied that it gives me a fantastic coverage and does not cause me to break out. It is definitely oil based, the only turn off is that it leaves a greyish undertone on my skin even after it is completely absorbed.

Here is the BEFORE and AFTER comparison. Applied it only on one cheek, the nose and under the eye.


1. Notice the redness and acne scars and under eye darkness in the BEFORE pic.
2. Notice the reduced redness and acne-scars visibility in the AFTER pic. Also, the under eye darkness looks reduced.
3. Face looks greyish in the AFTER pic.
4. Please pretend not to notice the ghastly, undone eyebrows.

Pros of Skin79 BB Cream

1. Non-clogging.
2. Best coverage product I have used so far.
3. Covers the deep-pitted acne-scars and makes them less visible.
4. Does not look powdery or oily.
5. Has the SPF and anti-wrinkle properties.
6. Attractive packaging.
7. Easy to use air-tight pump bottle and the cream is not left at the nozzle of the pump to clog it.
8. Smoothens the skin to prepare for the makeup. Makes it look a little fairer.
9. Can be used by itself without any other makeup bases or covering products.
10. Esay to spread with its perfect consistency.
11. Does not add extra shine and neither is matte finish, but the skin gets a certain glow.
12. Long lasting. If the natural oils start to show up after some time, I just blot with an oil-blotter paper.

Cons of Skin79 BB Cream

1. Oil based, so might cause the break outs for some.
2. I prefer to add a drop of water to it as I have to be cautious to let my skin breath.
3. Adds a bit of a glow, may not be suitable for some.
4. Leaves a grey undertone and makes me look like a dead person in the natural light.
5. Takes some time to settle in and adjust to your natural skin tone, till then, the skin looks pale.
6. Biggest drawback is it comes in only one shade. Clearly, this shade does not suit me much, but I cannot opt for a better match. Maybe, they are just testing the markets and may come up with more shades in future, I sure hope so.
7. Suitable for a shade fairer than me.

Rating: 8/10.

Will I Repurchase?

I will definitely purchase again from SKIN79 if they offer more shades. Choosing a different shade might be a solution for my grey undertone problem. Meanwhile trying other options.

So there it goes friends. See if you can find it in India or order online. Certainly worth a try, but make sure you get the right shade for your skin tone.

Have a happy day!

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19 thoughts on “Skin79 BB Cream Review

  1. I got it for 14 singapore dollars, that comes to about 520 INR…on promotion sale. and the quantity is enough for atleast a month even if used daily. :waytogo: Not sure where you can find it in India, but will search more n let u know the online store for it.
    Yes it really helped me a lot, in fact the first cover-up product that i’m able to use. :yahoo:

  2. :love: … I wanted a BB cream since i first read about it.. i wish if it was available in india… Nice review 😉

  3. i have heard of bb creams….n they are available online also…but not sure which sites…..but they were pretty much on the higher side starting from around 25 dollars…. :-/

  4. onliners can be pricey! also when buying online u hav to be absolutely sure of the shade, which is difficult since u cant see the shades urself.

  5. Yay, a BB cream review! :cute: Nice review Geeta. :)) BB creams are pretty big too here in Manila, but when I tried a few some years back, they all broke me out. I might try one from a Korean brand called Missha soon though. :))

    1. missha is good too. i tried it at a trial counter at Etude House. Didn’t buy it at that time due to the fear of break outs, then dared n bought SKIN79…..thankfully it suits me.

  6. Mostly BB creams have that whitish/greyish cast problem..I guess coz of the sunscreen in it..i.e titanium dioxide..very nice review geeta…the difference in remarkable :yes:

    1. wish only the graying thing was minus…n this wud hav been my lifelong solution. also this is not the right shade for me….i’ll pick up something more tanned next time.

  7. Very nice review Geeta. I was behind getting a BB cream since a year since I want a nice brightening moisturizer. But this is kind of a primer/ T.M so now will get when my current moisturizer gets over :)).

  8. OMG. The Skin79 BB Cream Pink and the Gold and MISSHA Perfect Cover BB cream were on sale on Amazon for like 7-9$!! The discount it still on 😀
    Great Review! Very Informative ^^ :waytogo:

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