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Cowl Neck

Hi Lovely Ladies,
In earlier days beautifying the neck was limited to a beautiful necklace, a chain- gold/silver or Diamonds. But gone are those days, now we have necklines of our clothes to bring that glamour earlier done by a pretty necklace or a solitaire. A simple dress or a top or even a sweater can grab the attention of thousands with simply draping the neckline in rounded folds. Well you have already guessed, I am talking about the COWL NECK in a woman’s garment. After intense research I have drawn the conclusion that cowl necks are the hottest embellishments adorning a woman’s garment this season. It is all about highlighting the neckline for a unique yet subtle look. But before I begin I would like to explain a bit more about the cowl neck pattern. A cowl neck is a draped woman’s neckline in garments such as tops, dresses, gowns, sweaters, etc in rounded folds that hangs in a loosely fashionable way. You can see in the picture below what it looks like.
cowl neck

Celebrities in Cowl Neck

From beautiful and lovely dresses to evening gowns, wedding dresses, to formal office wear, to casual tops and dresses Cowl Necks are perfect to qualify the feminine beauty and subtle tones of a lady’s regular wear. So let us have a peek-a-boo into some of my favorite and most popular celebrities’ wardrobe and see how they have adorned this cowl neckline in their clothes.

1. Cameron Diaz , Pippa Middleton and Frieda Pinto are looking really stunning in fresh green, lusty red and elegant white evening gowns with a cowl neckline. This pattern is also popular among many celebrities for the red-carpets gowns.
Frieda Pinto Cowl neck dress

Cameron Diaz cowl neck dress

2. Cowl neck tops are also very popular among youngsters and even the older ones these days. Kim Kardashian the Style Diva has taken this cowl neck to greater heights by wearing a cowl neckline top with a skirt and look at that big belt!!! It is just WOW!!! Don’t forget to notice she is not carrying even a single piece of accessory.
kim kardashian

3. Lily Cole is just looking ravishing in this black cowl neck gown. I love her sequined and again point to be noted accessories are lacking. That is all about cowl neck, to keep the accessories minimal since the neckline is grabbing all the attention.
Lilly Cole

4. My Favorite Woman of Matter and Substance Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is looking as a Glam Goddess in this sequined huge Cowl Neck little dress. I guess the dazzle of her dress have the million-watts to brighten up the gloomiest corner of the world. The shoes are already telling tales, I don’t need any words to praise them.
sushmita sen

5. Here is a lovely cowl neck wedding dress in white. Even the back is in similar drapes.
wedding dress

Cowl Neck Sweaters:

Cowl neckline are even structured in sweaters. It can also be worn with a blazer or a jacket. It looks stylish in all ways.

This is how my favorite Kim Kardashian has jazzed up a cowl neck top with a blazer and I liked the way the model has accessorized a plain white cowl neck sweater with a chunky piece of jewellery. I think this is a fabulous way to style up in winters. Well winter is away but still we can be prepared to welcome it in IMBB way (wink!! Wink!!).
kim kardashian


Some Tips to Keep in Mind Before Wearing a Cowl Neck Dress/ Top
• Don’t over accessorize the look. It is better to leave the neck empty so that the neckline of the garment can steal all the attentions. They make you effortlessly gorgeous in every way.
• Cowl necklined clothes suits woman of all figures, height, etc. Even those with a little weight can try the cowl neck as it will hide the volume in the upper part of the body in its folds ( try the Sushmita Sen look ☺ ) Its flowing and will hide your excess fat if you have any.
• The main body of the top, sweater or dress should fit perfectly to your body type. It should not be loose otherwise the cowl neck will get lost in the whole clothing.
• You can wear cowl neckline clothing to any party or fancy dinner or even a formal meeting.
• For your feet go for high heels, wedges, stilettos, ballerinas, in fact everything looks stunning with a cowl neck garment.

Cowl Necks are really hot and fashionable this season. Whether be it a summer dress or top or a winter garment cowl neck have the singular ability to uplift the entire look. Its sporty, casual, chic yet glamorous in its own unique way.

Thanks a lots for reading my article!!! Take Care and Be Fashionable Always!!


27 thoughts on “Cowl Neck Style by Celebrities

    1. you know aparajita, you may address everyone here by name here because i believe most people here are almost in the same age group. 😛 Someone might get offended someday… i hope not. lolll!!

  1. i dont know why this thought came into my mind, when i saw the first pic i just thought “how rati will look in this kind of style”, Rati if you are reading pls try to get this type of dress and do an OOTD 🙂 Would love to see you in this style 🙂

    1. i stopped wearing cowl necks for no particular reason actually. Now that I am thinking i dont have a single one in my closet. i’d keep this in mind shami. :))

  2. Ishani nicely written.. Oh and I adore cowl necks.. I used to buy lot of cowl neck tops and also stitched a dress with cowl neck..I am considering getting something in cowl neck now…

    Thanks a bunch for the article Ishani 🙂 🙂

  3. ishani, loved the article. i stopped wearing cowl necks long back. Actually no reason but I am totally wanting to get a lovely cowl neck dress or a top. Loved Kim K’s style. Great article and thanks a ton! It feels like I am going to add a feather to my cap. loll!

    1. My Pleasure Cutest Doll !!!! I am writing on more such articles….nd yes eagerly waiting to see an OOTD from you wearing a Jumpsuit and a pretty COWL NECK dress…….its heavily on demand. tk cr n keep glowing always 🙂

  4. I’ve a query..someone gifted me a top a while back like 3-4 years back…a purple velvet top with cowl neck..only today i got to know that it is called cowl neck…!!!!…well my top is a velvet purple top with full sleeves and a little sequin and embroidery on breast area..just 2 or 3 inches a small one..I wish to know weather I can wear it outside my home in light winters..I’d not worn it much and so it still looks beautiful…. 🙂 plz reply 🙂

    1. Ya sure, why not!! you can wear it in the light winters. but since you said there is little bit of embroidery work done there, i suggest avoid wearing anything heavy for your neck piece. purple is a good color during the onset of winters 🙂

      1. Thank you Ishani for solving my problem..I love that top its so soft…and the embroidery is in black and red so it looks beautiful just like that and i feel that no neck piece should be worn with cowl neck…its so beautiful in itself..It feels like a crime to wear even a chain with it…. 🙂

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