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Heena Asks :

I’ve been a tomboy and only from the past 1-2 months I’ve started to turn girly 😛

I’m a 20 yr old gal.

I would be very grateful to you if you can answer to a few queries of mine:

My skin is really fair but I’ve a lot of facial hair- black in color- and blackheads on my face which really ticks me off. I’ve a superb oily skin. Even if I wash it off properly with a face wash, it gets oily after 20 mins+ it also gets dark inspite of my very fair skin tone. It has acne + Lots of Facial hair which I get bleached + Blackheads.

In winters I used ‘Visions Peach me perfect cream’ from oriflame on my skin regularly for college or going elsewhere. But I can’t use it in summer since it’s very sticky n oily. So please tell me a substitute for it which stays on my face nicely for atleast 6 hours. If possible, avoid telling those who price exceeds Rs.500. But then again, tell your best one which suits my price range n needs. Please tell me about a good primer too.

If possible tell those good ones which are easy to use since I’m new to these.

Also, please tell about good eyeshadows,which are long-lasting for basic make-up which are not costly.

Sorry for this trouble.

Hope to get a reply from u soon! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Cream and Primer for Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

  1. i think for a moisturiser go gor neutrogena oil free moisturiser….its really good ..its gives dewy finish without an oily look and serves as a great base under foundation…. thsi will cost u 300 rs :)) :))
    i know wht u talking about skin getting oily in 2o mins! try using compacts after moisturisers..its helps a great deal and keeps u oil free for a couple of hours….

    as for a proper primer under foundation i just loveee clarins primer … but its very expensive..about 1600… but just letting u know…

    lotus matte perfect tinted sunscreen is reallllly great..u could try that instead of peach me perfect 🙂 its tinted, plus mattifying plus a great sunscreen with high spf…

    y dont u consult ur dermatologist for the acne… it will be a great deal of help and ge will suggest u the best facewash… as of now two best ones iv used are keracnyl .. about 375 rs.
    or cetaphil its two hundred something.. i dont remember the price really well..

    hope this was usefull :)) take care :)) good luck :))

    1. Agree with Sim. I have extremely oily skin & lacto calamine wot=rks perfectly. I use mybelline whitestay UBV on top of it.
      I use a Himalaya sunscreen which are also good .You need to use a very small amount on face to avoid oiliness

  2. as for eyeshadows u can trye the lakme and maybelline quads… especially the chai latte quad.. its basic and serves well for everyday look 🙂

  3. hey frst of all..i do had this similar kind of problem :P..n my dermatologist suggested me this sunscreen in Gel format which is like a must have for me since past 2 yrs..trying avoiding to go out especially in aftrnoon..and if u do do NOT GO without a sunscreen lotion..since u hav acne consult a dermatologist PRONTO and u can also try gel based sunscreen..and as for compact try UV white maybelline compact..thnks to IMBB recommendation i m using this product for last 2 weeks n result is amazing..:) 🙂

  4. hey heena..m also a clg gng will tell u everythng under 400 500 nly.. :yahoo:
    try lotus sunblock spray spf 50..mine z nrmal skin its a bit drying fr me..will go well fr u..abt primer i dnt knw bt yesterday ma sis told me abt maybelline wnder finish oundation,..she has extremely oily skin as urs.nd she z luvng it..its sme where arnd 380..u cn try chambr products as sis luvs dy r a bit costly..700 800..cnt tell u aeyesahdows..i dnt use dem…hope dat help..m answering query fr d frst time..m soo happy… :dance: :dance:

  5. you may try Lotus Alphamoist…its a great product..gets absorbed in my skin in a jiffy! It costs around 200 bucks! i apply lotus sunblock spf 50 and maybelline UV Stay compact on top of it… keeps me matte for a good couple of hours…even in Kolkata’s humid climate!

  6. try lotus ALoe Hydra gel:) it s super gud and absorbs oil …and gud moisturization too 🙂 😉 and i use lakme radiance compact its nice and costs 100 bucks oly 😉

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