Deborah Milano Hydra Face Perfect Foundation Review

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I was looking out for some decent foundation, because I don’t why, but I am slowly getting transferred from BB creams to foundations for the fact that they provide a better coverage. BB creams are great for daily use when I want to just roam around for fun, but when it comes to attending some occasions, can I wear a BB cream? No, right! We totally need some good foundations for those events. Let’s see how my new discovery from Deborah Milano performed.

Price: 9.90 Euros (Rs 740-750 if converted to Indian currency)


Product Description by Deborah Milano:

Well hydrated, beautifully smooth, flawless skin. In one simple step.
Multi-tasking product formulations with extracts from six different fruits, the new Hydra Face Perfect Foundation could well be described as a multi-vitamin cocktail for skin.
It contains Multifruit Extract DH Complex, a balanced blend of extracts from six fruits – raspberry, apple, peach, kiwi, papaya and strawberry – with a moisturising, anti-oxidant, revitalising action that also protects skin from harsh environmental aggressors. SPF 15. Hypoallergenic*


In 8 shades to suit the needs of all skin types, grouped in either pink or beige undertones.

Pink Undertone: this is a cool undertone, the veins on the inner side of the wrist are bluish.
01R Fairest Rose
02R Fair Rose
03R Medium Rose
04R Deep Rose

Beige Undertone: also described as warm, it’s the most common undertone. The veins on the inner wrist are greenish.
01B Fairest Beige
02B Fair Beige
03B Medium Beige
04B Deep Beige


My Experience with Deborah Milano Hydra Face Perfect Foundation-

I have come across a lot of foundations but this had something special amongst various brands. The foundation comes in 8 shades which are segregated according to undertones. My face pretty much has pinker undertones and foundations with yellow undertones make my skin look a little pale and dark. Hence I was happy that I finally got a foundation with a hint of pink.


The foundation comes in a medium sized tube which is a little see-though hence I can note the amount of product getting used up. The tube looks decent and is travel-friendly. It contains various fruit extracts which might be good for the skin. Also it contains SPF 15, so a sunscreen can be skipped. The consistency is a bit thick initially but when you blend it on your skin, it is smooth and light-weight. A brush or a blender will give a better application but it is easy to blend with fingers too.


It almost matched my skin tone and created a very even look. I have uneven and red patches around my skin and my mouth and they were invisible after I applied this. It will not provide a heavy coverage if used as a foundation. But due to its thick consistency, I tried to use it as a concealer. And the results were brilliant! I dabbed a little foundation on each blemish and pimple, and there were totally hidden. I couldn’t see them anymore. This provided an excellent coverage when used as a spot application/concealer.


The advantage here is that it is very difficult to find a foundation and concealer that matches totally, but what if one product can do both? I was extremely happy with the way this worked. My complexion was glowing because of the pinkish hint. It gave a slight dewy finish to my face and my face did not look oily at any point. The foundation and the conceal effect stayed on my face for 5-6 hours without melting or fading. Hence I think it was a really good buy, and all those who are looking out for a medium coverage should try this.


Pros of Deborah Milano Hydra Face Perfect Foundation-

• Convenient packaging and comes in a handy size.
• It contains fruits extracts which might be good for the skin.
• It comes in total 8 shades further segregated into shades for pink and yellow undertones.
• The foundation is easy to apply and blend on the skin.
• It gives a dewy finish to my face and my face does not look oily at all.
• It provides a medium coverage and will cover uneven patches thus making the skin-tone even.
• It is hydrating and very light-weight.
• The layer did not look cakey on my face; in fact it looked so very natural.
• I found an interesting way to use this; first apply a light layer as a foundation and then conceal the blemishes and acne; being thick it consistency it conceals everything perfectly.
• It is great to have a product which can be used to conceal and create a base; this is how there is no difference in two shades; because it is very difficult to find a same shade foundation and concealer.
• Stays on my skin for 5-6 hours without a primer; with primer it extends to 1 hour more.
• Contains SPF 15.


Cons of Deborah Milano Hydra Face Perfect Foundation-

• It might highlight the dry patches initially as the colour is pigmented; but it soon settles down.
• I got the shade in deep rose and this colour is a little more pink for me; a lighter shade in pink undertones might be perfect.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase Deborah Milano Hydra Face Perfect Foundation?

Yes I will. We do not get a lot of foundations with good pink undertones and this very much matched my skin-tone but I would just buy a lighter shade than this one. I am happy I came across this one and I would totally recommend this as it is very light-weight and looks natural.


This range is very lightweight for everyday use and gives a natural finish. It also has so many shades to choose from specially segregated into yellow and pink undertones. I think it totally fits into a category of double duty product which does the job of a concealer and a foundation too.

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