Diet Chart For Flat Abs

Flat abs are what I dream of – each day, every day.  The post-pregnancy paunch is a nightmare and when I wake up every morning, I just wish it wasn’t there, wishful thinking, I know.  I am not ready to let go of my cheesy and high-calorie stuff yet, but those of you who are determined to get a flat tummy, I have put together some great tips and a diet chart that will help you lose weight from your tummy and body.  By following these points along with the diet, and a bit of workout, you can get great abs, just be religious, that’s the mantra! Let’s go directly to the topic.  I will write down everything point wise, so that it would be easier for you to read through and remember:


1.  Cut down on sugar, aerated drinks, canned and processed foods, and also food products with lots of preservatives.  All this stuff adds on extra empty calories to your body which you would find hard to shed.  No sugar-coated stuff either.

2.  Eliminate pasta completely from your diet.  Go easy with your cheese slices.

3.  Start your day with a warm glass of water.  It helps to flush out toxins from your body.  As your second glass of water, squeeze in one whole lemon in a warm glass of water with 1 tbsp of honey. This drink will help you to cut down extra calories.

4.  If you are a non-vegetarian, replace high-fat meat in your menu with steamed fish.  The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish are great for your heart, skin, and hair.

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5.  Replace refined oil with olive oil for cooking purposes.

Diet Chart For Flat Abs

6.  Completely eliminate whole purpose flour completely from your menu.  This plain flour does nothing for your body, in fact, it sticks to your gut like glue and would allow unhealthy bacteria to grow in your gut.

7.  Have an early dinner.  You should remember that body’s metabolism is highest during mornings and afternoon time and slows down completely by night.  An early dinner would give your body enough time to digest and burn the food.

8.  Eat food rich in fiber – cabbage, broccoli, oatmeal, anything that is high in fiber.

9.  In addition to the diet chart I have given below – always remember to get a healthy serving of fruit – apple, oranges, grapes, banana, kiwi, apricots, peaches – a fruit a day.

10.  Replace refined sugar in your diet with maple syrup (did you know it has 50 antioxidants) or jaggery.

11.  Don’t lie down right after you have had your dinner, take a stroll after you have had your dinner.

12.  Instead of polished rice, opt for brown rice which is much more nutritious and healthy.

Now, coming to the diet chart, it’s a 7-day program:

Remember, whenever you have cravings or hunger pangs – pick up a healthy mix of fruit slices or a glass of tomato juice.  One serving of fruit a day is mandatory, I have not included in the chart, it’s understood!  Also, I have suggested taking 1 tbsp cinnamon powder with 1 tbsp honey with one glass of water, you can adjust the cinnamon powder according to your choice, it’s best to start with 1/2 tbsp in the beginning.

Diet Chart For Flat Abs


Breakfast: Wholewheat bread with omelette or egg burji or omelette.  Replace your breakfast tea with one glass of fresh orange juice or a few slices of apple.

Lunch:  Two or three phulkas with steamed broccoli or green pea curry.  One whole cup of curd.

Tea-time Menu:  Tea (replace the sugar in your tea with sugar free or honey or jaggery) with raggi khakra.

Dinner: Two or three phulkas with one cup dal + spinach curry (with grated garlic) + one bowl of curd or yogurt. One small slice of lemon (which helps you to digest the food quickly).

Before hitting the bed – one glass of warm water with one tablespoon honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder.


Breakfast: Two or three idlis with coconut chutney or poha/ or toast with scrambled eggs.

Lunch: Brown rice with vegetable kurma (or any vegetable curry of your choice).  One bowl of curd.  One small slice of lemon.

Tea Time Menu: Tea with honey + oatmeal cookies + or homemade rajma patties.

Dinner: Two or three phulkas with any vegetable curry + one cup of curd + a slice of lemon. One cup of green salad with healthy dose of nuts (pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts).

Before hitting the bed – one glass of warm water with one tablespoon honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder.


Breakfast: Brown bread + sunny side up + slices of apple and avocado.

Diet Chart For Flat Abs

Lunch: Green salad with nuts + phulka and choley. One slice of lemon.

Tea time menu: Tea with honey with sugar free and low cal biscuits.

Dinner: Two or three chappatis with moong dal curry + curd + one slice of lemon.

Before hitting the bed – one glass of warm water with one tablespoon honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder.


Breakfast:  Dalia upma with orange juice and avocado slices.

Lunch: Brown rice or roti with dal + raita + steamed vegetables.  One cup of yogurt or curd.

Tea time menu: Tea with honey + methi or raggi khakra.

Dinner:  Rotis with green peas curry or other vegetables of your choice. One slice of lemon.

Diet Chart For Flat Abs

Before hitting the bed – one glass of warm water with one tablespoon honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder.


Breakfast: Whole wheat brown bread with sunny side up, orange juice or poha/idli.

Lunch: Rotis with mixed vegetable curry + one cup of dal. Green salad.  One cup of yogurt or curd.

Tea time menu: No tea – a big bowl of fruit salad with no sugar.

Dinner:  Two or three rotis with spinach curry (with grated garlic) and green salad.

Before hitting the bed – one glass of warm water with one tablespoon honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder.

Saturday:  Khichdi Day

Breakfast: Poha/oats idli/or dalia upma.

Diet Chart For Flat Abs

Lunch: Detox khichdi prepared with moong dal, rice, spices, cauliflower, brinjal, potatoes, onions, French beans, green peas, and garam masala. Don’t forget the slice of lemon.

Tea time menu:  Tea with oatmeal cookies.

Dinner: The above-mentioned khichdi with a slice of lemon and green salad if you want.

Before hitting the bed – one glass of warm water with one tablespoon honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder.

Day 7 (Sunday): Cheat Day

It’s a day to vent out your cravings – eat whatever you want to eat man! Just remember to get back to your normal diet the next day.

So, if you want great abs, slim figure and a sense of overall well being – get on this diet asap and don’t forget your regular walks and workout sessions!

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