DIY Moisturizing Serum for Tired Skin

This homemade serum makes skin look so good, especially if you have tired, dull, and congested skin. It hydrates, nourishes, and clears blemishes and acts as a moisturizer too.

DIY Moisturizing Serum

You need:

• Vitamin E oil
• Aloe vera gel
• A moisturizer that suits your skin type.

How to prepare aloe vera gel at home


Step one:
Take an empty bowl and add about half teaspoon of aloe vera gel.

aloe vera for all skin types

Step two:
Then, add about half a teaspoon of moisturizer in the bowl. Make sure the moisturiser is apt for your skin type for best results.

Step three:
Add about 8-10 drops of Vitamin E oil. You may adjust the quantity as per your skin type, liking or climate.

Step four:
Mix all the ingredients well with an ear bud.

Usage and results:

You can use this serum twice a day or just before going to bed. I have started seeing changes in my skin after just a week of usage. This serum hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturised so that it does not look dull or tired. It gives skin a glow and it looks quite nourished. If you have really dry skin, you can follow up with a moisturiser; else this serum is self sufficient. I am sure I will not get enough time to groom myself with two naughty brats, so I feel this is the ultimate remedy for my skin. It will work well on all skin types and is showing good results on my post-pregnancy skin.

Benefits of aloe vera gel:

• Moisturizes the skin really well
• Soothes the skin
• Helps fade acne and spots
• Adds a fresh glow to the skin
• A wonder remedy for all skin woes

Benefits of Vitamin E oil:

• Infuses skin with moisture
• Helps maintain the good health of the skin
• Reduces acne marks

Benefits of moisturizer:

• Makes skin super soft and smooth
• Adds a nice glow to the skin
• Prevents dryness

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