Dolce and Gabbana Matte Lipstick 229 Dolce Mamma Review

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Hello everybody,

Today, I am here to share my views about Dolce and Gabbana Matte Lipstick 229 Dolce Mamma. This range is inspired by the colours of rose, the queen of flowers. To know more about this pink matte shade in detail, kindly continue reading.


Price: £30 for 3.5g
Product Description:
Introducing Dolce Matte Lipstick; in pink and nude shades. Perfectly opaque, it envelops a woman’s lips in a delicate rose, while keeping lips hydrated and soft. Embrace every mood and emotion with a palette of pinks inspired by the rose, the eternal flower, a symbol of femininity of Dolce and Gabbana. Recommended for the woman desiring perfectly defined, soft lips with a matte finish. Available in a magnificent variety of pinks and nudes; to suit every mood.
How to Apply:
First apply the lip liner in short strokes to fill the whole lip without contouring the lips. Then apply the matching colour of Dolce Matte Lipstick, using short upper strokes on the top lip and downward strokes on the bottom lip for natural, plumper looking lips.
It comes packaged in a black and gold coloured, square-shaped lipstick tube. The bottom of the tube is black coloured and the lipstick bullet is golden coloured with two gold coloured bands and a black coloured cap. The outer gold coloured band has “Dolce” inscribed on one side and “Dolce Gabbana” on the other side. This elegant looking tube feels nice to hold and comes packaged in a black coloured cardboard box. The lipstick tube closes with a click and does not open easily, hence can be termed travel-friendly.


My Experience with Dolce and Gabbana Matte Lipstick 229 Dolce Mamma:

Recently, I picked up a few pink shades, one of them being Mamma. It’s a beautiful rose pink shade. I find this shade quite warm and cuddly as if it is hugging my lips lovingly. The texture is smooth and creamy and applies easily and smoothly, thanks to the rounded tip of the lipstick. It gives a matte finish to my lips.


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This shade is nicely pigmented, but two to three swipes are required to get an opaque finish on my pigmented lips. It does not dry out or dehydrate my sensitive lips, which otherwise tend to dry out easily. This lipstick mildly hydrates my lips and keeps them soft and smooth. It is best worn on moisturised and exfoliated lips for better results. The lasting power is around four to six hours without eating or drinking.


This shade fades after having a cup of tea/coffee and light snacks but can be reapplied without removing the whole lipstick. It vanishes after a meal and leaves a very light stain, which can be easily wiped or washed off. This shade can be used for daily wear and on special occasions. I love this shade; it gives a beautiful definition to my lips. It is mildly perfumed with a rose scent; the scent does not bother or irritate me.


I apply this shade directly with the lipstick bullet or sometimes use a lip brush. I do not feel the need to use a lip liner beneath; however, to make this shade last longer, like eight hours or so, applying a lip liner beneath definitely helps. It does not transfer or spread during applying either.


Pros of Dolce and Gabbana Matte Lipstick 229 Dolce Mamma:

⦁ Creates perfectly defined lips.
⦁ Gives a true matte finish in one swipe.
⦁ Provides full coverage.
⦁ Keeps lips hydrated and soft.
⦁ Exceptionally creamy texture.
⦁ New rounded tip for ease of application.
⦁ Lasting power is four to six hours on my lips.


Cons of Dolce and Gabbana Matte Lipstick 229 Dolce Mamma:

⦁ Two to three swipes are required for my pigmented lips.
⦁ Expensive.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Dolce and Gabbana Matte Lipstick 229 Dolce Mamma?
A definite yes to both! If you like using pink coloured lipsticks, do give this one a shot. I will repurchase this shade or probably try a different shade from this range.

Thanks and cheers!

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