Dos and Don’t for Safe Pedicures

Dos and don’t for safe pedicures

The festive season is on and we all want to look our very best, painted nails top our list of beauty do’s and getting a pedicure is so much fun, relaxing as well as beautifying, but there are some tips you must know about keeping yourself safe from infections and  know the right pedicure do’s..take a look.

Dos and Don't for Safe Pedicures

Avoid shaving your legs on the day or the day before getitng a pedi, shaving leads to very tiny nicks and cuts keeping your skin open to infections, you might not usually get that infection as our skin is a strong barrier, but exposing yourself to water in the salon and other tools might make you prone to infections, so skip shaving around your pedi day.

Skip the cuticle job 😛 cuticles and ingrown nails are the prime places for infections, tell your technician you don’t want your cuticles pushed, unless you are very very sure of the sterilization process at your salon.

Skip gel nails, be good to your nails, gel nails can lead to infection under the gel nails, since the nails remain unchecked for longer, read the problems related to gel nails in my post HERE.

Washing feet

Avoid taking a pedi if you have an open wound or cut on the feet or legs. Mycobacterium fortuitum organism can occur naturally in water and soil hence keep a check on the cleanliness of the soaks and footbaths.

Avoid getting waxing done as well as shaving like mentioned, check for any insect bites that might have led to a wound, and avoid a pedicure in that situation as well.

Take your own tools if you are so fond of pedis, find out the tools and invest in some, take them along to the salon, keeping your infection risk to minimum.

Every time your polish is removed, apply some good hand cream on and around the nails,keeping them nourished.

Dos and don't for safe pedicures3

Find out more about your technician/pedicurist and the salon, ensure the technician washes hands in between services, sterilizes the tools, and has the necessary experience and knowledge .Take notice of their actions while they are working on clients to see if footbaths are disinfected with each customer.

Check your foot soaks,they must be clean using clean water, and add some disinfectant drops if need be.

Use a base coat for stronger colors, keep your nails without polish for some days if you think your nails have gone yellower.

Take care ladies and enjoy your pedicure session 🙂

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  1. wow.. I never tried pedicure at home but now after IMBB’s posts and ur worth reading post am tempted to try it asap.. *happy dance* *happy dance* seems i gotta spark to kick start my lazy day.. *happy dance* *hihi*

  2. Waaaahhh great post *woot* *woot* pedicures are soooo pampering na *drool* *drool* loved the tips that you have given and now a perfect home pedi can be done *pompom* *pompom*

  3. Neha I follow almost all the tips when I go for a pedi. I am so grossed out and scared of the rusted and unkempt tools that I do take my own tools. I only go to established and good spas for this because I am not so sure about the neatness aspect in small salons or home based parlors. Threading ok, waxing still ok as long as u use fresh strips but facials, manis and pedis….no sister, sorri. 😀

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