Dove Daily Shine Therapy with Advanced Serum Shampoo + Conditioner Review

Currently, I am in a holiday mood and getting pampered by others around me.    I am feeling so good about being relieved from my mundane activities and not only that,  something else is making me smile from ear to ear, and it is because I have found my HG shampoo and conditioner that works like magic on my hair to tone down the frizzy edges of my hair.    I have complete disdain for therapy shampoos and conditioners, the reason being that they never worked for me in terms of either conditioning or treating my curly/wavy hair.  I am so indifferent towards picking up a shampoo/conditioner that I usually pick up the small Rs. 2 sachets for a clean scalp and then use serums and sprays to bring discipline to my hair.  Earlier,  I had used conditioners and therapy shampoos from Ultra Doux, Sunsilk, St. Ives, etc,  but in the name of conditioning, they made my hair limp and bounceless.  So, to cut the story short, I have not been using any kind of conditioner for a long time now.    While holidaying at my sister’s place, I have hit upon my HG shampoo and conditioner and I was cursing myself for not trying it before.  In earlier posts,  I had so many times cribbed about the fact that I have curly/wavy hair that tends to be frizzy,  but not any more.  Right now,  I love the way my hair feels to touch and the bounce is so bouncy.:)

Dove Daily Shine Therapy
Dove Daily Shine Therapy


Diagnosis and Solution:

Normal hair exposed to daily environmental aggressions such as pollution and sun can be dull.


  • Contains advanced protecting serum made up of millions of micro particles.
  • Gently cleans and protects normal hair from daily aggressions, smoothens hair’s surface to make it visibly reflect the light.
  • Leaves hair healthy and shiny everyday.

Directions for Use:

Gently massage to wet hair.  Rinse thoroughly.  For best results, use daily with Dove conditioner.


Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Dimethiconol and Trideceth-10 and TEA-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Gycol Distearate, Perfume, Gylcerine, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Amodimethicone and Cetrimonium Chloride and Trideceth-12, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Mica and Titanium Dioxide, Disodium EDTA, PEG-45M, DMDM Hydantoin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Methylchloroisothiazzolinone and Methylisothiazolinone, CI 15985, CI 19140.

Price: Rs. 329 for 700 mL bottle.


  • Diagnosis and Solution
  • Normal hair exposed to daily environmental aggressions such as pollution and sun can be dull.

Solution:  Daily Shine Therapy System:

  • Contains advanced protecting serum made up of millions of micro particles.
  • Protects normal hair from daily aggressions and smoothens  hair’s surface to make it visibly reflect the light.
  • Leaves hair healthy and shiny everyday.


After shampooing,  apply onto to wet hair and massage onto hair tips.    Rinse thoroughly.    For best results,  use daily with Dove shampoo.

Water,  Cetearyl Alcohol, Cyclopentasiloxane,  Cetrimonium Chloride, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine,  Dimethiconol and tea-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Glycerin, Perfume, Hydroxyethylcellulose,  Citric Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower ) Seed Oil, Methylchloroisothiazolinone,  and Methylisothiazolinone, CI 15985,  circulation 19140.

PRICE: RS. 69 for a 90  mL tube.

Jomol's Back Pic Grrrr
My sister posed for me after using dove shampoo and conditioner and it works wonderfully for her long hair too


This is a shampoo formulated especially for normal hair prone to dullness, which is like exactly what my hair is, it does not mention straight hair or curly hair, but then it’s a therapy shampoo.  This therapy shampoo comes in a huge bottle with a press top, which dispenses the shampoo in small squirts,  which is so thoughtful because without such an utility,  I would be using an obnoxious amount of the product for a single wash.   It has a very lovely flowerly fragrance that lasts and lingers in the hair even after two days of shampooing.   It gives out good lather even with a small amount and after the last rinse, the hair and scalp feels squeaky clean.  I used the Dove Daily Shine Therapy conditioner after the last rinse and massaged the product into the hair tips for exactly 2 minutes.     After thoroughly rinsing the conditioner away,  I could feel the softness and blowing the hair dry resulted in a lovely bounce and frizz-free and soft-to-touch hair.    Both the shampoo and conditioner list sunflower seed oil as one of the key ingredients, which is kind of impressive.    Since,  it worked so wonderfully on my curly/wavy hair, I am guessing that it would work for all kinds of (problematic)  hair.  I have decided, no more cribbing about bad hair days,  I am going to make Dove Daily Shine Therapy Shampoo and conditioner my staple for everyday wash.  So, out goes all the Sunsilks, Ultra Douxs, and Garniers and bye bye “bad hair days.:”: )  I am hooked on to Dove therapy shampoo/conditioner.

Dove Shampoo conditioner
Dove Shampoo + conditioner


  • Very mild and can be used for everyday wash and conditioning.
  • Lovely flowerly fragrance that stays put even after two days of shampooing.
  • Contains Sunflower Seed Oil as an ingredient.
  • Shampoo and conditioner work in tandem to make the hair frizzless,  shiny, and bouncy.
  • Shampoo and conditioner can be used independently.
  • Conditioner only requires a short amount time to work on the hair.
  • Price is very reasonable  for the quantity.
  • Both shampoo and conditioner have sunflower seed oil as key ingredient.


  • I can’t think of many cons except that I do not know how this combo works to stop hair fall because I do not have hair fall issue.


Yes, yes,  and yes.

IMBB STAR RATING: :star: :star::star::star:


79 thoughts on “Dove Daily Shine Therapy with Advanced Serum Shampoo + Conditioner Review

  1. I’ll buy anything that gives me thick, luscious hair like your sister’s in the picture. :inlove:
    It’s just gorgeous!

  2. Nice review Jomol 🙂 your sister has great hair! so thick and looong 🙂 I know how hard it is to find a HG shampoo/conditioner…glad you found yours 🙂

    1. Hey Appu….thanks….. 🙂 …you know I had so dry and frizzy hair and it just worked fine on my hair….and it does not take two weeks time to show results, the shine is just instant 😀

  3. Nice review Jomol 🙂 Glad you found your HG Shampoo and conditioner.. Will this suit fine and limp hair?? Does this weigh down your hair?? My scalp tends to get oily soon 🙁

    Probably I’ll buy small sachet and try this out..

    1. Hey Priya, I used this Dove shampoo/conditioner in the hot and scorching climate of Rajkot where the scalp tends to get easily oily and makes hair limp…..but with Dove, I did not have this problem, probably, you should also try it out and let me know how it works for you….. 🙂

    1. :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: You Amba Devi, I would like you to use Dove therapy on your Mohawk hairstyle and let me know how it works for you…. :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: ……I don’t need Dove for my beautiful eyebrows…they are naturally so shiny and soft….. :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

  4. Hi Jomol, thanks for the review, I have both the shampoo and conditioner lying in my cupboard, but I was hesitating to use them as I had heard that some of the Dove products cause hairfall… but I guess if it can be used daily it must not be harsh. I remember having tried a satchet and loving the effect it had on my hair, and I agree the smell is wonderful.
    Your sister does have lovely hair, but we would have been more convinced if we had to see your tamed locks too 😛

    1. Hey Renuca, I do not have hairfall problem, so I do not really know how it can work to stop hairfall……..but I have been using it regularly, and as of now, no hairfall as such….maybe u should just give it a try…..

      BTW, Renuca, have you joined the “enemy gang”…. 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 … too Renuca…..??????

    1. You Amba Devi….you are badkofying all IMBB girls against me, first it was HD, then sush, and now Renuca too 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 :teeth: :shout: :pissedoff: :reallypissed:

  5. lol, Rads told u na, Im on the fence :D, but you have heard of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew na? errrr Jomol, me not calling you shrew han…

    1. :knife: :knife: :knife: :hammer: :hammer: “Shrew” :beatup: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :pumpkin: :pumpkin: :pumpkin: :knife: …….Renuca, you calling me shrew……I have so many enemies now……I must make new combat plans. :hammer: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller:

          1. Grrr…Jomol…she was on the fence. With a little bit more effort, I could have got her over to our side. Now she isn’t going to turn up on IMBB also!!!

    1. Thanks Diao5, I was just surprised that she cut her hair just 3 months back to waist length and it has grown back so soon……………….. :-))

  6. Waise, to comment sensibly, I think Dove is pretty good, but for some strange reason, I have to use this white Dove shampoo and the conditioner has to be the blue Dove one (breakage therapy). Any other combination and my hair feels so limp. Does anybody else have this kind of a problem??? Plus I think Dove does over time weigh your hair down.

  7. Yeah, I had used Sunsilk and Ultra Doux before and after conditioning, they made my hair so limp and weighed down, that I didnt use them again. You know if you have curly and fuller hair and something makes it limp, how odd it looks………but Rads, I think, yours and ours water in Hyd and Bangalore is kinda of heavy….the salts get deposited in the hair…..I think that’s a major problem…. 🙁

    1. Thanks Amritha……I am so happy when I am on IMBB….all these catfights and chatting with you people takes so much stress off me and I am the happiest when I am here…….can’t even miss it when I am on holiday….***hugs*** hugs**** :-* :-* :inlove: :inlove:

  8. Yup, that is true…we do get yucky water here. My hair, not very wonderful to start with, has gone really horrible, and I need heavy-duty body butters for the skin 🙁 You stay in Hyd?

    1. Hey Rads, I live in Hyd…….drinking water we get it mineral, but I can’t use mineral water to wash my hair na….it will turn out pretty expensive……. 🙂 🙂 BTW, Rads, will using body butter help, I mean, the water makes the skin so horribly dry and the face oilier….. 🙁

      1. wow…who all stay in hyd pls tell ……….pls tell.thks jomol :kissed: :kissed: :hugright: :hugright: :hugright: :jump: :jump:

        1. i too stay in hyd.. 🙂
          have used the Dove Hair Fall therapy (pink colored bottles) shampoo n conditioner n i jst luv the conditioner.. it really makes my soft n silkyyy…
          cant say much on the shampoo though coz i used it few times.. didnt help 🙁 .. shifted to Loreal for my hair fall prob.. tht worked well.:-))

          1. Hey Nids, I think the L’oreal one is good for hair fall…….wanna try that too :-)) …bt I don’t have hair fall as of now…***touchwood***

  9. Absolutely true Jomol. I had such problems…even went to the Derm doc for what I thought was some horrible horrid disease on my hands!! Actually na, you don’t even need the body butters. Good old coconut oil is the best. Just massage in 30 min before your bath. It works wonders, but I am too lazy to stand with this on for 30 minutes. I got one podi also from the ayurvedic doc…its called eladichoornam..I think it is at least. Just mix it in with warm coconut oil and massage and wait for 30 min (again the wait!). That was what finally got rid of my horrible horrible skin chori-like thing 🙁 🙁

  10. skin chori….. :-* :-* :-* :-* ….so finally my curse has hit you hard……… 😛 😛 😛 :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce: ATTENTION ATTENTION ALL THE GIRLIES :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce: :announce:


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    Moral of the Story: Prevention is better than cure.

    The End.

  11. Jomol you are the origin of this disease :devil: :devil: She of course did not try the old traditional Ayurvedic methods and resorted to some unprintable medicine..which is how she became a Wingeeee :beauty: :beauty:

    Why oh why dear Jomolayyyy would you otherwise only put up photos of your sister… :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
    .-= Radhika´s last blog ..To Save or To Splurge- Pantene Lively Clean and Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo =-.

    1. :snicker: :snicker: :devil: :devil: :cowboy: Buhahahaha buhahahaha….the damage has already been done… loo-loving castor-oil freak Rads……buhahahaha…buhahahaha :vampire: :vampire: :vampire: :vampire: :vampire:

  12. Oops, I ducked down………….you itchy-witchy Rads 😉 😉 ,,,….try escaping my sutli bomb :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:

    1. My dear itchy-witchy Rads, since I took the pic of myself, it came out like that….camera in one hand and posing tooo……….taking my sister’s pic, I had the freedom to fit the entire length of her hair into the lens… ITCHY WITCHY Radhika…I have to explain to you everything….but anyway, you are too cute :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    1. I should be scared….. :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: …you are the one with contagious itchy chhorri skin…..God…. :pray: :pray: :pray: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: please do not let Rads skin disease spread to me :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:

  13. :evilgrin: :evilgrin: One of us going to adopt the other na…still a lil confused about that..but whatever…. :hugleft: :hugright: :hugleft: :hugright: to the obedient baby…. :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

  14. I suggest, let me adopt you…otherwise, if you adopt me, I will have to bring all my stuff to your place and I would not share them with you :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

  15. Ohh 😯 Grrrrrr…I have explained exactly what I will be sharing with you…and you needn’t come over for that. I will gladly courier it to you :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

    1. I have heard about the mask and someone told me it really works well…..even the Loreal one….I suggest you try the Loreal hair mask first Sonia…. :-))

  16. hey you all.. i’m new here.. came looking for a concealer review and stumbled upon this blog and God am i happy?! 😀 i sat reading almost every post here for the last few hours and it feels like i know you all. 😛
    You people are doing such an amazing job!! :yes: :yes: thankie. :-))
    Oh and bdw i wanted to ask you gurus here something.. dove shampoos contain SLS no? i read its not good.I stopped using dove shampoos though when i did, the daily therapy was my fav! i use Himalaya now since thats the only drugstore brand that doesn’t mention SLS as its main ingredient.
    Also Jomol- awesome post. and I live in hyd tooo!!! 😀 😀 😀
    so i’m on your side!! (hope it counts! 😕 and others dont hate me! 😛 i love you all already!!! :-* )
    :blush: sorry for the looooon comment. was just so excited to comment! :silly: 😛 :-)) :blush:

    1. Hey ik, I am so happy you have taken sides with me….together we can kick many a****s…… :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕

      1. Hey ik, this hype surrounding Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a no-issue…actually all shampoos except a few use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and there is not much of a difference……they say it does cause cancer but I am doubtful about this claim…………….. :-))

  17. Jomol and Radhika, you two are just too cute! You bring a smile on my face and I have to scroll down all the way just to see you two fight and make up. But nice review, Jomol, and wow, what lovely hair your sis has.

  18. heeyyyyy after reading everything i will also plan to buy one
    ty !!!!!!!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :highfive: :heart:

  19. :thumbsup: :thanks: :star: :star: :waytogo: :haanji: :jiggy1: I am totally a fan of DOVE :inlove: in love with every product of DOVE :rose: :rose: :star: :star:

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