Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment Review

Hello Lovelies,

Today I’m going to review the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment. Hair fall is a problem that we all have to deal with at some point in time and there is nothing more painful than watching those hair strands in every nook and cranny of the house. I’ve been using this product for quite some time now and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised.

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Without further ado, read on:

Product Description:

The New Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment strengthens and nourishes strands from the roots helping you control hair fall. It contains Trichozole active with Ginseng and Soy Protein that reduce damage at the roots and help lock your hair firmly in place – so you have the freedom from hair fall in just 2 weeks. Use Dove and see the difference.

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Directions to use the New Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment:

1. Wash hair as usual and towel dry.
2. Break open flat nozzle cap and apply lotion directly on clean scalp.
3. Make series of partings and apply lotion evenly to the scalp.
4. Massage lotion for 2-3 minutes to let it penetrate into the roots of your hair.
5. Use entire content of one vial at each application and leave it until next wash. Style as usual. (Must be left on for atleast 8 hours).
6. For best results, apply on clean scalp soon after towel dry & use every two days.

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Price: INR 350 for 7 vials

My experience with New Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment:

The lotion comes in a small vial which has a flat nozzle that has to be broken in order to use the product. The lotion is clear and has a purple tint to it. The quantity is just perfect for a single application, the texture is like a serum and the lotion spreads pretty easily. It has a standard mild dove fragrance.

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I applied it on clean scalp after towel drying my hair, it has to be massaged for about 2-3 minutes so that it penetrates the roots of you hair. This step is critical and you need to take out those 5 minutes to follow this even when you have to rush for office. It doesn’t feel sticky or greasy rather it leaves the hair shinier and moisturized. My hair is normal to dry and more on the dry side and this one acted like a nice revitalizing serum by adding shine and luster to my dull mane. I’m comfortable leaving it on till the next wash, as per the instructions it has to be left on for a minimum of 8 hours anyways. I used it every alternate day and I noticed that my hair fall has reduced to a great extent, the number of strands in my comb and on my pillow has gone down dramatically.  I’m still using this after 2 weeks and will continue using it for 2 more.

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Pros of New Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment:

• Nice, mild fragrance
• Does what it claims
• Non-greasy
• Nourishes
• Spreads easily
• Adds sheen

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Cons of New Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment:

Honestly, I don’t find any con with this one; however results may vary from person to person and people with an oily scalp might not find it very appealing.

Do I recommend New Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment?
Without a doubt, yes.

Will I repurchase New Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment?
I already have, this is my third box.

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32 thoughts on “Dove Hair Fall Rescue Intensive Roots Treatment Review

  1. Hey nice review Esha… *pompom* *pompom* just what I needed…I suffer from a severe hairfall, u cant even imagine… *cry* *cry* *waaa* …do you use it alongwith the shampoo and conditioner from the same range??

  2. *thankyou* Radhika…I’ve been a loyal dove shampoo user until I found Tresseme..I’m using hair fall control from that range and my hair has loved it.

  3. Wow!!! ive got to try this!!! ive got hairfall issue too, and nothing seems to work!!! will give this a shot!!!

  4. I have seen its add on youtube, they did it with bloggers *happy dance*
    nice that it worked for you esha, and its price is also reasonable *oye balle*
    I have use somthing from loreal to rescue hair fall it did not work *nonono* and the price I paid was some 2K *cry*

  5. i am really afraid to use dove now a days, since it left me with severe hairfall *cry* *cry* *cry* *cry*

  6. WOW! Seems like a wonder product! *secret*

    My family is always complaining about my hair strands all over the house that now I’m scared of going bald! *scared* I should totally try this! *clap*


  7. i love Dove for my hair! nothing suits me like it, will defo give this a go 🙂 n its so cute lookin 😀

  8. *thankyou* sooo much for the review Esha… you have solved a big problem of mine… *hifive* i badly needed something for my hairfall…. my dream two days ago , i saw i had only few strands of hair left lol *hihi* i had become soo conscious … thank you once again *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi*

    1. Saloni…that dream must’ve been a total nightmare na *ghost* *ghost* thank god you woke up… *happy dance* *happy dance* try this and tell me how you like it.. *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* to you

  9. I don’t have any hair fall issues but it just seems like such a fun product to use and if it helps make it shiny and smooth that would be a great bonus. My biggest problem is frizzy hair. The lighter I color my hair the frizzier it looks. Serums are a God send to me.

    1. Aru, I so hope it works for you. *pigtail* *pigtail* And yeah, it is fun to use *happy dance* *happy dance* with all the shine which we all crave for.. *secret* *secret*

  10. oh is it so.. *preen* am getting it for aadya’s daddy n myself soon.. *drool* we both are suffering from severe hair fall.. *cry* *cry* *thankyou* esha

  11. Neetu, my hubby also uses it *secret* *secret* and it works for him too.. *haan ji* *haan ji* hair fall is such a heartbreak *cry* *cry* i can understand..let’s fight it.. *duel* *duel* and say hello to beautiful hair with this one.. *pigtail* *pigtail*

  12. i am having severe hairloss…had cut my hair short for that reason..but now I think I got to try this out..thankyou so much for the brilliant review ..keep it up *powder*

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