Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash Review

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Some of my friends, especially guy friends have an aversion towards body washes and they insist on using soaps, but I have a special penchant towards body washes. How many of you are like me? I hope many! And, those of us who do like body washes can’t do with just one and we have to stock up for our different moods and needs. This particular one is my go-to body wash. Keep reading to know why. 🙂

Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash Review

Product Description:
Replenish your skin with the Equate Total Moisturizing Body Wash. This fantastic product contains Shea butter. It also provides you with long-lasting moisture. The rich, creamy lather of this Equate body wash leaves skin feeling soft, silky and smooth.

• Long-lasting moisture
• Rich, creamy lather to leave skin feeling soft, silky and smooth
• Moisturizes while you cleanse
• Body wash with Shea butter comes in a convenient 33.8 fl oz pump bottle

Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash Review2


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My Experience with Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash:

I have used regular body washes like the one by Dove or VOS and I have used more luxurious ones too by Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works and so on, but I don’t have a personal favorite and I keep changing brands and variants in this regard. However, I did like the product reviewed in this post and am contemplating purchasing another bottle once I run out of this one.

Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash Review

Packaging: The product comes in a big 34 fl oz bottle with a pump dispenser on top which makes it my instant favorite bottle since on weekdays, I am always in a rush and while in shower, it easier to use compared to a squeeze bottle.

Consistency: Since it is a moisturizing body wash, it has a thick lotion like consistency and even a small quantity is enough for one shower session, if used with a good loofah.

Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash Review1

Fragrance: Smell is not so exceptional that it would create a lasting impression on my olfactory senses! However, it is mild and serves its purpose well. It smells like how most of the body lotions smell – mild floral aroma which vanishes after sometime.

Efficacy: A small dollop on a wet loofah is enough for one shower session. I rub my loofah all over body and massage for good few minutes with extra concentration on areas that I shave since they need extra exfoliation. When not in a rush, I use a body brush to remove ingrown hair and also to get rid of cellulite from upper thigh region.

Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash Review3

It gives generous amount of lather, to the point that if, at times, I don’t have the time to use a shave cream or body oil to shave, I just use this body wash to shave my legs and when used under hot shower, it makes the entire process smoother and easier.

Conclusion: It is a good and inexpensive body wash which would do well in our shower caddy.

Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash Review4

Pros of Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash:

• Packaging – pump dispenser makes it easy to use while in shower
• Small quantity goes a long way
• Very soothing aroma
• Gives generous amount of lather
• Small quantity is enough even for large areas
• Can be used for shaving too
• Exfoliates body when used with a loofah or body brush
• Leaves skin soft and smooth
• Not at all drying

Cons of Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash:

• Should have had more appealing aroma

Would I Repurchase Equate Deep Moisture Body Wash?
Usually, I don’t repurchase the same body wash, but I might make an exception in this case since it is so practical and affordable.

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  1. Wow it looks really creamy and moisturising. My dream body wash would be something like this for sure. I too like to stock up on body washes for different moods. 🙂

  2. Shh, don’t tell anyone, I prefer soaps to body washes and shower gels, but it’s because of the high TDS content in our water, shower gels and body washes do not wash off easily 😛

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