Olay Quench Body Wash Review

Olay Quench Body Wash Review

Olay Quench Body Wash Review

Once, while browsing through the official website of Olay, I came across the Olay Quench Body Wash and I was quite impressed to see that ‘In the September 2011 issue, Ebony featured its first-ever Beauty and Grooming Awards. Its panel of top pros and beauty bloggers voted Olay Quench “Best Body Wash” in the Best Essentials category, because its deep hydrating formula lets you “kiss that tight, dry post-shower feeling goodbye.”!!!!!’ It was thus that I decided to give this body wash a try and today, I am going to review it here.

Product Description:

“Each bottle contains more than a jar of Olay moisturizers.”  Cleanse skin with a body wash that helps stop the cycle of dry skin and reveals radiant, more beautiful skin.
• Cleanse skin of dirt, oil and impurities.
• Quench dry skin with moisturization.

Product information as given by www.olay.com:

Quench Body Wash cleanses skin and moisturizes to help stop the cycle of dry skin. Add it to your skin care routine to:
• Cleanse away dirt, oil and impurities.
• Moisturize dry skin.
• Help prevent dry skin from coming back.

Product Claims:

The result of over 50 years of skin science, this body wash goes beyond clean to improve the condition of skin over time. With continued use skin becomes soft, smooth and beautiful.
• Continuous 24 hour moisture.
• Helps stop the cycle of dry skin.
1 use: Soap-free cleansing saturates skin’s surface.
1 week: Skin looks noticeably soft, smooth and beautiful.
1 bottle: Supports skin’s ability to preserve its natural moisture for a long time.

Directions For Use:

For use in shower or bath: Squeeze a small amount of product onto wet puff. Lather and rinse.  For shaving: Use as a shaving aid, then rinse.

Body Wash


Rs. 210/- for 354 ml.

List of Ingredients:

Water , Petrolatum , Ammonium Laureth Sulfate , Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate , Sodium Lauroamphoacetate , Lauric Acid , Trihydroxystearin , Fragrance , Sodium Chloride , Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride , Citric Acid , DMDM Hydantoin , Sodium Benzoate , Disodium EDTA , PEG-14M.


My Experience with Olay Quench Body Wash:

Since I have already used the Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash, I more or less knew that I should be expecting another of my fabulous shower-time experiences and I was quite right. To speak about my experiences with Olay Quench Body Wash in a few words, here it is! A heavenly smell, a rich cream-like texture, loads of lather (with only a few drops on wet lather) and moisturized, soft skin after bath is all that I can say in a nutshell.

Body Wash 1

What I Like about Olay Quench Body Wash:

  • It cleanses really well and gives a clean feeling.
  • It has a thick and creamy texture which produces a rich lather.
  • It keeps the skin perfectly moisturized and does away with the after-shower dryness, which is a common problem for many of us. Using it is a sheer delight during summer months and a necessity (but a blissful one) for your skin during the harsh winter months.
  • The fragrance is pleasant and mild.
  • The quantity needed is not much and hence, it goes on and on for days!
  • It is affordable at Rs. 210/- for 354 ml.
  • It comes in a white bottle with a violet flip-open cap. The packaging is good and it is convenient to use.
  • It can also be used as a shaving aid; hence a two-in-one product.

What I Do Not Like about Olay Quench Body Wash:

There isn’t much really about which I can elaborate in this section, but if at all I have to say, here they are.

  • The packaging, though decent, is quite generic.
  • Because of its jumbo size, it may not turn out to be travel friendly, as it would end up taking a lot of space.

IMBB Rating:


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33 thoughts on “Olay Quench Body Wash Review

    1. Rashmita…thanx..! u can take some amount of the product, rub it directly on wet skin (without a loofah dat is) and use ur razor. dats all 🙂

  1. whenever i think of getting an olay body wash i end up buying some other body wash :p
    i seriously need to get this one next time 🙂 any idea if its available online ??:O

      1. Anshu, it is available online. in fact, i got mine online only, from urban touch. i think u get it at healthcart, and many other e-shopping sites. give it a try, both u and Rati 🙂 🙂

  2. never tried anything from olay.Now i remember i had another olay body wash in mind already. 😛 Will try to remember when i am at the store. 🙂

      1. hi somreeta i have had an awsome experience with med+ , i have shopped from them many a times and the awesome thing about them is the heavy discounts they provide on their products 😉

        thanx sayani 🙂

  3. Nice detailed review… I want to get dis now but the huge bottle somewhat bothers me because I get bired easily nd my bodywashes end up being my scootywashes 🙂

  4. Nice detailed review… I want to get dis now but the huge bottle somewhat bothers me because I get bored easily nd my bodywashes end up being my scootywashes 🙂

    1. 🙂 🙂 i have used two from Olay range of body washes….they r amazing!!! esp at the price at which they come..

  5. Nice review Somreeta 🙂 Have been eying some new bodywash for some time now. Have tried the Olay BodyWash Butter something 😛 & luvd it. Will surely give this one a try…& for the price its worth a try 🙂

  6. This was my most fav shower gel before i startd using forest essential… i still have a bottle in my bathroom.. Ur review is so true on this … love it

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