Equate Non-Acetone Dip and Twist Nail Polish Remover Review

Equate Non-Acetone Dip and Twist Nail Polish Remover

Hello Sweeties,

Hope you all are doing well. I reached California safe and sound and the weather is so cold that I do not feel like coming out of my blanket at all. So after reaching here when I stared unpacking my stuff I realised that I just forget to bring many or my essential stuffs, thanks to last minute packing due to my busy schedule. So last evening I paid a visit to nearby Wal-Mart and got most of the essentials. As I have forgot to bring nail polish remover also I went to the nails section and was about to pick my favorite equate nail polish remover, when another shopper lady asked me if I have tried the dip and twist remover. She said that she loves it I must give it a try and on her recommendation I bought this product.

I must say people in California are very friendly. They always greet, make you feel good, and are always ready to help you. Even a stranger can be a great company for you here if you are willing to have a small talk. Anyways coming to this product, if you guys remember my DIY of making your own DIP and Twist nail polish remover, so I have made that and loved that but I never tried a readymade dip and twist remover before. These costs almost double the normal nail polish remover liquid but I was tempted by the description of the product by that lady so I bought it.

Price: $1.97

Product Claims:


My experience with Equate Non-Acetone Dip and Twist Nail Polish Remover:

This comes in a big tub kind of packaging and the foam is totally dipped in the nail polish removers liquid. You can feel the liquid if you shake the tub, but once the cap is on it is totally spill proof. It has pink colour foam in it which has 3 opening cut on it. Fingers easily go in there and it effectively cleans the nail paint in 2-3 twists. To show you guys, I have used this to clean my nail paint which was like 2 coats of nail paint and 2 cotes of glitter nail paint on it. As you all know it is so difficult to clean glitter polishes at times. You need to rub your nails again and again; it takes more effort and time. But with this remover, as you can see in the pictures in 2 twists the colour was gone and 2 more twists all the glitters was clean too. So no rubbing and in less than a 5 minutes all my 10 nails were clean, isn’t that great especially for working ladies or busy moms who hardly get time to maintain their nails this is like a saviour product. You can use it while you are boiling the milk on the gas or in your car (obviously when you are not driving the car).



Also as this is acetone free formula it is not harsh on nails. It does not cause any white film on nail, nails looks healthy and shiny after use. In whole I am very satisfied with this product and I would like to recommend this to all the girls out there who hate the mess of cotton ball and liquid remover. If you are a girl who is always on go, then go for this product.



Pros of Equate Non-Acetone Dip and Twist Nail Polish Remover:

• Easy to use, not messy at all.
• Removes nail paint quickly and efficiently.
• Acetone free formula, good for nails.
• No spilling of liquid.

• Very travel friendly.



Cons of Equate Non-Acetone Dip and Twist Nail Polish Remover:

• Not widely available in India.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5

Will I be repurchasing Equate Non-Acetone Dip and Twist Nail Polish Remover?

Though this one will last me long, still planning to buy 1-2 before leaving for India 😀

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10 thoughts on “Equate Non-Acetone Dip and Twist Nail Polish Remover Review

  1. *hihi* boiling milk idea seems hit for me.. *nails* i shud get it for it will really save my time.. *hihi* *hihi* n hope u had safe n blissfu;l journey, wish u wonderful stay here.. *oye balle*
    Hope to c u soon at our place or meet u up.. *pompom*

  2. Welcome to U.S I hope u enjoy ur trip, coming to review this one is my favorite I always use this its very easy and effective, I even carried it to my Florida trip, this suit s my busy life

  3. hey, i recently bought this and i was wondering are you having trouble with the sponge changing the color of your polish? My sponge is blue where my fingers go in and now when i put my fingers in to remove the polish i turns my nails kind of blue. do you know how i’m supposed to clean the sponge?

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