Essence 01 kissing me Softly Smoothing Lip Peeling Review

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Who doesn’t love luscious pink lips? We all are suckers for those smooth, dryness free lips. While some are naturally blessed, others have to try a wide variety of home remedies/ products to achieve the look. So today’s review is on one such product from Essence: 01 kissing me Softly Smoothing Lip Peeling. So, read on to know more.

Essence 01 kissing me Softly Smoothing Lip Peeling Review

What the company claims:

Feeling soft. Enriched with argan oil, the peeling gently removes rough skin and nourishes the lips to make them feel nice and smooth
Price: €1.99 for 5g


My Experience with Essence 01 kissing me Softly Smoothing Lip Peeling:

Essence 01 kissing me Softly Smoothing Lip Peeling Review

I have a weird habit of checking the “New” labelled products and while I have devoted the life of my lips to honey and sugar scrubbing, I always was looking out for products to combat my dry lips. I have dry and pigmented lips. With winters the conditions worsen. While I try my best to scrub at least twice in a week, sometimes I skip it and I so wish that I buy some store bought scrub. I mainly wanted to buy lip scrub from Lush but then, while I was doing some shopping, I came across this product and as it was affordable, I wanted to give it a try. After all, lush is expensive compared to Essence!


The packaging of lip peeling is quite simple. It comes in a twist up package, quite similar to a lip balm and has a cap which is quite tight and thus travel friendly, as it doesn’t open up in the bag. The complete package is white in color, there were stickers stuck and when I peeled it out, it was not so nice to look, as it was very dirty! I wish the packaging was in some other color. The lip peeling is light peach in color. It has no taste but smells sweet that doesn’t last long. When I first looked at the lip peeling stick, I didn’t see any granules that are supposed to scrub the lips. I had to read on the instructions to make myself clear, if it was a lip balm or a lip peeling scrub.


As per the instructions, you need to swipe it several times for a scrub. When I started swiping the stick across my lips, I could feel something grainy rubbing on my lips. I did approx. 5-7 swipes each for both my upper and lower lips and voila! My lips looked luscious and a bit pink and were also moisturized, I am not sure if I had to wipe this product off or not and if I had to continue with a lip balm, as my lips already had a tint of the lip balm. However, I wiped my lips gently and followed up with the lip balm for the first time but lately, I just swipe and leave this lip peeling scrub on my lips. The Lip peeling scrub serves 2 purposes: It scrubs and nourishes. The lip peeling stick is very gentle and gently exfoliates the lips without irritation. However, it has been mentioned on the pack, that it shouldn’t be used on sensitive lips, so I think there could be some adverse effects in doing so. The exfoliation is gentle but it does remove all the dry flakes from the lips.


The gentle exfoliate particles present in the lip peel stick are very tiny and there is no mention from where it comes from. I am not sure if it is safe or no. The results last a day or two and not more than that, the flakiness do return. The lip peeling is not great if you have really dry lips and you need other remedies but for normal lips this product is a good choice. Also, this product is easy, as it can be carried around and can be also used on the go without dirtying your hands or wanting to wash off again. You can swipe your lips anytime and anywhere. The lip balm also contains avocado butter and thus moisturizes the lips. Overall, it is a good product and a ready to go product but if there are other options, you can surely look forward to. So, Summing up:

Pros of Essence 01 kissing me Softly Smoothing Lip Peeling:

• Gently exfoliates the lips.
• Travel friendly.
• A ready to go product, can be used anytime and anywhere without a fuss.
• Nourishes and moisturizes the lips.
• Removes dryness instantly.
• Affordable.
• Doesn’t cause a mess.
• Contains Avocado butter for extra intense hydration.

Cons of Essence 01 kissing me Softly Smoothing Lip Peeling:

• Contains a lot of chemicals.
• No much information on the packaging.
• The white packaging can get dirty.
• Might not be suitable for sensitive lips.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Essence 01 kissing me Softly Smoothing Lip Peeling again?
Yes! It is a nice handy solution

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