Essence Lipstick In the Nude Review

Essence Lipstick In the Nude Review



Product Description:

Looking at the lower range of prices and after reading some fine reviews, I went to buy some Essence lipsticks, but luckily most of the shades were out of stock and I just ended up buying one coral-peach shade “In the Nude-52.” Why I said luckily, read more to find out.

Product Description:

Lovely lips – intensive pink and cool nude provide fabulous color accents in the summer season of 2013. Thanks to the exact color-coded packaging, reaching for your shade is even easier. Available in 10 colors.


Pakistan Rupees 360 (4 g of product), Made in Germany.


Not mentioned.

My Take on Essence Lipstick In the Nude:

Whenever I buy a lipstick, 50% of the times, I am not satisfied with the color that shows up on the lips since when we use tester, we check it out on the wrist/hand and actually the color shows different on lips! Looking at it, I intended to buy some expensive and a few affordable lipsticks so that if I dislike the color, I don’ regret much. The reason that I chose Essence was that it comes at a super affordable price with attractive packaging, but I am totally disappointed with the product and the shade.

Nude shade lipstick 2

The packaging is lightweight, sturdy and of the same color as the lipstick, with transparent ring around to show off the lipstick shade. When you open the cover, a pleasant fragrance welcomes you. The lipstick has a sheer coverage, so it imparts actually a lip balm effect on the lips.  The color pigmentation is poor, several swipes are required to show off the color on the lips.

Nude shade lipstick 3

The shade seems a nice peach in the packaging and on wrist swatch, but when applied on the lips, it makes me look dull and washes me out, without creating any effect to enhance my looks! There is no shimmer but a glossy look; however, the lipstick is light on lips, moisturizing and hydrating, the only benefit, so one can use it as a lip balm at home. The lasting power is poor, without eating, maybe not more than 30-45 minutes and with eating, it goes off immediately.

Nude shade lipstick 5

Pros of Essence Lipstick In the Nude:

  • Good to use as a lip balm.
  • Hydrating and moisturizing.
  • Super affordable.
  • Lightweight on lips.

Cons of Essence Lipstick In the Nude:

  • Poor pigmentation in this particular shade.
  • Very less lasting time.
  • Washes out medium-fair skin tone, but very fair people might benefit from this shade.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Essence Lipstick In the Nude?

No, I like long-lasting lipsticks so that we don’t need to re-apply. If I was in need of a lip-balm, I will straight away take Maybelline baby lips or Essence lip balm.  My complexion is medium fair.

Do I Recommend Essence Lipstick In the Nude?

Not actually, but if you are fair toned and still want to go ahead, choose a dark shade; lighter shades don’t show on lips in this product.

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14 thoughts on “Essence Lipstick In the Nude Review

    1. Jomol, when i was hauling the last time in Karachi, i picked up 2 of their lip balms but they didn’t reach on cash counter on time and my hubby started rhyming “chalo chalo chalo…!!!”… *smack* …so they are a must pick now in next trip after your recommendation *woot*

  1. This would wash people out but it is looking lovely on your hands *happy dance* *happy dance* and totally use it as a lip balm because as a lippie it looks a bit patchy na *happy dance* but glad it won’t go waste *hifive*

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