11 Essential Items Every Bride Must Have in Her Emergency Kit

Hey my beautiful girls,

It’s essential that a would-be bride dedicates time to prepare an emergency kit to carry along on her wedding day before it’s too late. All these things are very small and are really very easy to carry. Just throw these in your clutch and you are done! 🙂

Bridal Emergency Kit

1. Lipstick
Of course we know that it’s very important to carry a lipstick. When she eats, drinks, the lipstick tends to come off or just get faded which doesn’t look good in the pictures. So carry the lipstick that you have on your lips on the wedding day.


2. Lip Balm
As winters are the season of wedding and lips tend to get dry in winters the lip balm is a must to avoid that chapped, dry lips. Apply a layer of lip balm underneath your lipstick to keep the lips moisturized and soft.

Young Woman Washing Her Face

3. Sanitary Pads/ Tampons
Periods don’t have particular time to come. Because of the tension and stress periods can occur and to face it you should be ready with a sanitary napkin.

11 Must Have Things in Bridal Emergency Kit 4

4. Aspirin
Sometimes the stress is just too much. You have to pose for the camera, constantly smile…..and be at your best. And because of all these tensions and stress you can have the headache so aspirin is a must to be kept.

11 Must Have Things in Bridal Emergency Kit 5

5. Band-Aids
As the bride always have new shoes and the chances are you never took your bridal shoes for a test drive. You saved them up for the wedding to wear for the first time. Don’t do that! But still keep band aids handy in case the shoe bites, or just apply a little bit of coconut oil on the inner sides of shoes to avoid shoe bite.

11 Must Have Things in Bridal Emergency Kit 6

6. An Antiseptic Cream
We all know that Indian brides have to wear very heavy jewelry especially the chura or bangles on the wedding day. Keep an antiseptic cream in case of any allergy or pain. And of course like your feet you cannot go with the big band aids on your neck or ear area, so keep an antiseptic cream to apply if that heavy jewellery is irritating you or in case of any allergies.

11 Must Have Things in Bridal Emergency Kit 7

7. Safety Pins
Safety Pin is the most important thing in the entire wedding. You can catch your relatives running around asking every second woman “safety pin hai?”. Plus the bride may need it to adjust her lehenga/palla.

11 Must Have Things in Bridal Emergency Kit 8

8. Wet Tissues
I am sure you could not even think of this :p
In Hindu Weddings when the groom put’s the sindoor on the bride’s head it tends to get on the nose and fore head area. This could ruin the pictures and so to clean that area you would need wet wipes as dry wipes would ruin the makeup making it all red.

11 Must Have Things in Bridal Emergency Kit 9

9. Perfume
You are the BRIDE all the eyes would be on you. So, like you have to look good you also have to smell fresh. So, keep a handy perfume in your clutch to spray it whenever you need.

11 Must Have Things in Bridal Emergency Kit 10

10. Dry Tissues
As wet tissues are important, dry tissues are also important. During the Vidaai the bride cries and it can make the makeup a big mess. So keep some dry tissues to pat dry during that crying moments. Don’t forget girls you have to get clicked at your hubby’s house also. 😉

11 Must Have Things in Bridal Emergency Kit 11

11. Contact Numbers
As the bride’s family is all busy in running and making arrangements for welcome of groom, dinner etc. they may forget or misplace the important numbers. But bride has to be calm and poised so you should keep the list of numbers of the caterer, Photographer etc.

11 Must Have Things in Bridal Emergency Kit 12

So, these were the important things the bride should keep in her clutch in case of any emergency.

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3 thoughts on “11 Essential Items Every Bride Must Have in Her Emergency Kit

  1. You have made a very useful list Shreya. I don’t think there even one item that a bride would not need. Band aids, pins, pads – very nice list.

  2. Wow this is such a useful list. I’ll be sure to send a link of this to anyone I know who is getting married. I remember on my cousin’s wedding she had only a handkerchief and I guess her mobile in her teeny tiny clutch. For the sindoor thing getting on her face we had to hunt a tissue in our own purses 😛

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