5 Easy Skincare Tips For Would-Be Brides

The bridal season is around the corner and I am sure many beautiful women here are waiting for their “Big Day” to come in a few months. Every would-be bride is filled with a lot of excitement, dreams, hopes and aspirations. Perhaps these are the things that add more charm to a bride-to-be. Looking forward to look at your charming best on your wedding day? Here are some of the easiest tips that you wouldn’t mind following, no matter how busy you are!

5 Easy Skincare Tips For Would Be Brides

At the very outset, let me tell you that I love beauty the natural way. I really do not believe that those exotic bridal packages, which give quite a blow to your pocket, are always the best thing you can lay your hands on. So, the tips I would be sharing here would be based on some of the easiest ingredients available. They help to detox the skin and take care of your skin in a natural way. They show results almost at par with the costly bridal spa packages, at 1/10th cost or even less; the only condition is that you have to be regular in maintaining the routine. Start at least 2 months prior to the Big Day and be religious in your regimen.

Beauty Tips For Brides-To-Be:

1. Eliminate soap and face wash:  Soaps and face washes can be convenient to use but often contain ingredients that are harsh on your skin. Hence, the best option is to eliminate them for these few days. What to do to clean your face and body then? When you go for a bath, carry a mixture of besan and milk. You would do well if you could add a pinch of turmeric to the mixture. Use the paste (which should have a runny consistency) on alternate days or at least 2 times a week while taking a bath and it will effectively clean your skin of impurities, without drying the skin and also exfoliate the skin. Use it to wash your face twice daily. It is absolutely safe and helps to brighten the complexion. You should also try the oil cleansing method once in a week.

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2. Say no to toners containing parabens:  Toners form an important part of your skin care regimen, but not parabens. Hence opt for rose water as the most convenient toner you can lay your hands on. Alternately, you can prepare green tea liquor and keep it in the refrigerator. Use it with cotton pads to give an anti-oxidant treat every time you tone your skin.

3. Body tan removal:  The first and foremost thing is that, you should avoid getting tanned altogether. Avoid the peak hours when sun rays are very harsh. Use a good-quality sunscreen with high SPF and even then, an umbrella is a must. Every day, while you go for bath, carry some curd (preferably homemade) to the bathroom. Apply on your body and bathe as usual. Do this daily. This will keep your skin hydrated and remove tan.

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4. Moisturize your skin:  If you are planning to get married this winter, you must be all the more careful with this tip. Your skin shouldn’t look dry and parched during the wedding rituals. Massage your skin with pure olive oil every day after bathing and even then, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of body lotions. Use a good quality body lotion twice daily, once after bath and once before going to bed. As far as face is concerned, I think honey is one fine thing that suits almost every skin type. Apply honey on the face and neck every alternate day as honey is a natural humectants. While going to bed, use a night cream, a foot cream, and also a hand cream so that you get up feeling soft and nourished. If possible, mix a few drops of lemon juice with water and dab it on the face. Let it dry and then, apply the night cream. This will enable you to lighten complexion naturally with overnight treatment if your skin is happy with lemon juice but refrain from using it if you have irritation.

5. Facials once in 21 days:  Although excessive facials are not desired, you won’t mind getting pampered once in 21 days when it comes prior to your wedding. If it is about 3 months to go, you can get 4 facial sessions, in a way that the last session is 2 days before your wedding. Choose the facial that suits you and get it done by expert hands. You may also want to try out some tested homemade facials if you are not comfortable with the kits available in the market.

These tips are absolutely basic. It is not necessary that only would-be brides should follow them. However, women become beauty conscious when they plan marriage and hence, this article. Start when there are two or three months left and you would surely benefit.

P.S.:  This article is solely based on personal ideas and experiences shared by married women who loved beauty treatments the natural way. This is not a research article as such.

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20 thoughts on “5 Easy Skincare Tips For Would-Be Brides

  1. im just a student right now and marriage is quite far but These r Some very useful tips for everyone 🙂 great post
    And the 1st point i ve been following since years n its really effective 🙂

  2. these homely tips are quite good ..will surely follow them..though i m already married but these tips r worth trying esp the honey one

    1. Absolutely Abeer…as i have already told here, it can be done by everyone…..bt since women become super conscious b4 wedding, its compiled under the given head 🙂

  3. Thanks for the wonderful article Somreeta!! Your timing is perfect! I am getting married this December and have been travelling so much for work that I am not even following my usual skin care routine. Which, by the way, is “wash face-> apply tea tree oil on acne-> go to bed. humph!
    Hopefully this will do some much needed damage control… 🙂

  4. Although I have no plans to get married, I love these tips! I am going to adopt the no-soap policy. My skin is staging a dharna these days against the random face washes that I keep using in my hurry to get ready. Regarding the 21-day facial idea, is it safe? Although I don’t exactly plan to do it every 21 days but my skin has got quite dull and I was thinking of getting a facial done every month for sometime until I get free enough to take proper care of it myself. It wouldn’t hurt the skin, would it?

    1. Use bean+milk is normal to dry or besan+rosewater if skin is very oily…ur skin would love it dear 🙂 regarding the facial, its okay only if u plan something spcl as marriage…3 or 4 sessions would be good that way…but otherwise, go for it 1ce a month…depnds n the needs of ur skin actually 🙂

      1. my skin is combination type n i use besan with rosewater in summers n in winters smtms when skin gets dry i add some milk n honey … skin feels great 🙂
        i keep buying random facewashes for using on lazy days but my mom always gets so angry! 😛
        but avoiding facewashes n using besan really does wonders 🙂

  5. wow somreeta really useful article this is….though i am far from being a bride to be but these tips are really useful for everyone!!!!

  6. Nice article, love all the tips except the first one. I am highly allergic to raw besan. Cant even cook with it thanks to my allergy! 🙁 Is there any substitute to besan which is equally effective?

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