Etude House Calming Cheek Patch Review

Skin type: Combination, sensitive and acne prone

Hello everyone,

Today, I am going to review Etude House Calming Cheek Patch. Read on to know how it fared for me.

Etude House Calming Cheek Patch Review

Price and Quantity: PHP 128 or INR 175 (approx.) for 1 pair
Product Description:
This is a cream gel textured patch that soothes and moisturizes dry and irritated cheeks.

How to Apply:
1. Apply toner onto skin after cleansing.
2. Remove the patch’s film and place patch onto skin so that thin film-removed side of patch fits cheeks.
3. Remove after 20 minutes and gently absorb remaining contents onto skin.

My Experience with Etude House Calming Cheek Patch:

I had hauled some skin care products from Etude House some time ago. Etude House Calming Cheek Patch was one of them. The concept of a cheek patch was quite intriguing so I could not resist buying it. So, now let’s see how this product works.

Etude House Calming Cheek Patch Claims

Let’s begin with the packaging of the product. All Korean brands come up with very cute and attractive packaging. This pair of cheek patches also comes in a very cute and vibrant pink colored plastic pouch with cute prints on it in white color. There is some product related information printed on the top in the Korean language while the back of the packet bears all necessary product related information in both Korean and English. This packet houses a transparent plastic tray, which has the cheek patches. Overall, the packaging is super cute and travel-friendly.

Etude House Calming Cheek Patch Description

The patches are circular in shape and are made up of a gelatinous material. There is a cute facial feature printed on it, which makes it look cute and interesting. There is a sticky gel side on the patch, which is covered with a normal sheet. To apply this patch simply remove the outer sheet and apply the gel side on the cheeks. Now, press firmly and remove bubbles if any. Leave this for around 20 minutes and later massage the left out essence into the skin until fully absorbed. The patch stays at the place and sticks to the skin very well.

It has a very strong fruity and alcoholic type fragrance, which is surely strong but bearable. I personally dislike its fragrance. However, the patches give a nice cooling and soothing sensation to my skin. The changing weather has made my skin slightly dry. This product turned out to be super amazing for moisturizing my dry cheeks. After removing these patches, my skin felt soft to touch and really smooth. All the dryness and dullness of my skin was gone.

Etude House Calming Cheek Patch Ingredients

There was no residue behind. It does not make my skin greasy or break me out at all. My skin stayed moisturized and hydrated almost throughout the day after using these patches. I love how cute these patches look on the face. It is such a fun product. Though I liked the results it gave, I personally feel that the same results can be achieved using a good sheet mask as well for my combination skin.

So overall, it is just a fancy product for me. But for someone with super dry skin and skin drying up due to harsh winters, this product is great to eliminate dryness from the cheeks instantly without any fuss. Also, I find such stuff great while travelling. Overall, I have mixed feelings about this product. I may not use it regularly but I am surely including it in my travel skin care regimen.

Etude House Calming Cheek Patch

Pros of Etude House Calming Cheek Patch:

Nice packaging
Super cute circular patches
Made up of gelatinous material
Sticks to the skin perfectly
Does not slip
Gives a cooling and soothing sensation
Inexpensive and effective
Moisturizes and hydrates the skin
Results last throughout the day
Suitable for combination-oily skin
Does not break me out
Does not make skin oily
Does not leave any greasy residue behind
Serum gets absorbed nicely into the skin
Great for removing dryness instantly
Good for travels

Cons of Etude House Calming Cheek Patch:

Strong fragrance

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Etude House Calming Cheek Patch?

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