How Excess Weight Creates Health Issues

Today, we have chosen to break the usual trend that we follow here and write on an issue that merits serious attention along with compassionate consideration. The following sections will be of a more serious tone and that is understandable once I reveal the topic of today’s write-up. Obesity or excess weight is a cause of grave concern for millions of people around the world. And although a lot of them try really hard to she  extra unwanted kilos, they are not always successful. Excess weight and obesity will eventually lead to a plethora of medical conditions and health issues, some of which are rather debilitating and quite naturally raises a few eyebrows. So today, dear readers, we are going to spare a few words on how excess weight creates numerous health issues. This article is meant for spreading awareness only and as such the author or IMBB do not claim to provide any medical solution to fight the numerous health conditions that may arise from having excess weight. So, let’s begin:

How Excess Weight Creates Health Issues

1. Hypertension: This is a medical condition that is caused by the increase of blood pressure than the permissible limits which gives rise to a lot of other medical conditions. If you have excess weight, then you always run the risk of developing this condition. To prevent hypertension, decrease the consumption of salt and lead a healthy lifestyle, dedicate at least one hour in a day for working out and doing some kind of a physical activity.

2. High blood glucose: Also known as diabetes, it is a disease that people develop mainly due to lifestyle changes and obesity. Suffering from high blood glucose levels is detrimental not only to your overall health but to your quality of life. For instance, in case of bleeding, glucose patients take a long time to clot than those who are not suffering from the condition.

3. High Cholesterol: Obese people are far more prone to developing high cholesterol than those who aren’t. As a matter of fact, overweight people are cautioned by health experts and doctors that they run a higher risk of suffering from cholesterol. It is only logical to lose weight to save oneself from the clutches of cholesterol.

4. Osteoarthritis: It’s a common problem that obese people encounter, more so when they advance in age. It’s a medical condition where the bones and cartilage are adversely affected and wear down, damaging joints in the hands, knees, hips and spine, eventually debilitating the patient.

5. Infertility: Obesity or being overweight also becomes a big concern when someone is trying to conceive (TTC) or if someone is already pregnant. The risk is not only limited to the pregnant mother, but also a threat to her unborn baby. Studies have revealed that pregnant mothers run higher chances of developing high blood sugar, high blood pressure which can potentially threat both the mother and the baby. It also comes with a compulsion to get C-section delivery done which takes more time for the mother for complete recovery. There are also high chances that the baby might be born prematurely with certain birth defects.

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6. Psychological problems: People with obesity are also prone to suffer from varied psychological problems. From anxiety, chronic depression to general mental disorders, obesity is the leading cause of all these psychological disorders.

7. Sleeping disorders: People with excess body weight often complain about suffering from sleep disorders. So there’s another reason why obesity needs to be tackled. Disorders such as sleep apnea are common complaints that health experts hear from obese individuals.

8. Quality of life: Excess body weight eats away at a considerable chunk of the quality of your life. As such, we need to pay due heed to controlling our weight lest we risk our very lifestyle and our comfort/peace of mind.

Our list of diseases and discomfort is anything but exhaustive, however one thing is clearly evident from our article so far that excess weight can ruin our lives and as such, obesity is a pretty serious condition and should not be trifled with or be treated casually.

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