How To Keep Hair Sweat Free When Working Out

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Welcome back to IMBB and I am thankful to you all for reading all of my posts here! Today, we would be talking about how to keep hair sweat free when working out. Most of us go to the gym or do some kind of physical exercise to keep your body toned, healthy and in shape. While working out, our body sweats a lot which eventually leads to several problems with your skin and hair. A vigorous workout may not only leave you drenched in sweat but it also leaves you with oily skin and a sticky scalp and hair. Don’t let the sweat in your hair keep you away from achieving your goals. So here we list down some ways to keep hair sweat free while working out.

How To Keep Hair Sweat Free When Working Out

1. Keep Your Hair Off Your Shoulder:

One important and easy way to prevent hair from getting sweaty is to keep it up! No matter if it is in a pony tail, a high bun or a low bun, you should keep your hair away from your shoulders. You should check out different ways to tie your hair for the gym so that it prevents your hair from soaking the sweat accumulated on the skin. Do not open your hair until your hair and your body dries.

2. Use Dry Shampoo:

Using dry shampoo is a foolproof way to keep your hair sweat free while working out. Dry shampoo is an alternative to shampoo which can help to keep your scalp dry. Also, it prevents sweat from getting accumulated on the scalp. In order to make your hair look presentable and to keep it dry during the workout session, you should be using dry shampoo on the scalp. Apply some dry shampoo especially on your roots to keep them sweat free. Use Aussie Total Miracle 7N1 Dry Shampoo for best results.

Dry Shampoo to Keep hair sweat free

3. Apply Some Essential Oils:

You can simply apply a very small amount of essential oil to your hair in order to keep your hair sweat free. Using essential oils not only keeps your scalp cool and dry but also prevents sweat from accumulating on the scalp. You don’t need to apply a lot of essential oil to your hair, simply take 2-3 drops on your palm, and run your fingers through your hair. Use rosemary oil, lavender essential oil, ylang ylang oil or argan oil for sweat free hair and scalp.

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4. Wear A Hair Band:

If you are planning to go for an extensive and vigorous workout, you should be wearing a hair band. Hair bands help to keep your hair in place and also prevent them from getting drenched in sweat. You should always choose a hair band which has a good grip and is not slippery. Choose washable hair bands and also pick the one which has velvet on the reverse. Velvet soaks the sweat and prevents them from soaking the scalp and hair.

A hair band to keep your hair sweat free

5. Use An Apple Cider Vinegar Toner:

Apple cider vinegar contains anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties which benefit your scalp in many ways. Also, it helps to maintain the level of hydration on the scalp. Take some apple cider vinegar and dilute it with an equal amount of water in it. Now spray this tonic on your hair and then you may proceed with your workout.

6. Use A Lemon Spray:

Lemon contains a high amount of citric acid which balances the hydration level on the scalp and also keeps it sweat free. Using lemon spray on your hair can also prevent the release of any bad sweaty smell from the scalp. Mix lemon with water in 2:3 ratios and store this in a bottle. Cool the solution for some time in the fridge and spray it on your hair before going for a workout. Make sure the hair dries before you start running on the treadmill.

Use Lemon Spray to Keep your Hair from Sweating

7. Avoid Blow Drying The Previous Day:

In order to keep your hair sweat free, you should avoid using a blow dryer or any styling machine on your hair the previous day. Using blow dryers or heating tools can dry your scalp and lead to the production of sweat on the scalp easily. So it is always good to opt for heatless and natural hair styles.

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