Exercise to Get Dimple on Cheek

I always fail to figure what it is about dimples that make a person so attractive. They are so desirable, so eye-catching that many of us want to be among the blessed few who can flash a dimpled smile and sway onlookers off their feet.

Do you know that dimples develop mainly due to a kind of fault in the structure of the facial muscle and skin? Every face has a muscle known as zygomaticus major. However, when this muscle is shorter than usual, it is likely to pull in your skin when you smile, and create a dimple.


As hard as you try to poke a pen in your cheek and create a dimple, this is not how you are going to develop one. As a matter of fact it is be nearly unmanageable to get a dimple without any surgery.

To create dimples through surgery, a small incision is made through the inside of the cheek, in the zygomaticus muscle. A suture is permanently placed between the skin and muscle, thereby causing a dimple when a person smiles. Though short, it is definitely a sensitive procedure. You are likely to experience some form of bruising after the procedure, until the suture heals completely. Also be prepared for the fact that the size of your dimples may be medium and not very large. The process may get very complicated if you try to go beyond the demarcated levels of physical enhancements through unnatural means.


The doctor will most probably prescribe antibiotics for quicker healing and preventing infection. You will also have to use an antiseptic oral cleanser. A liquid diet is best during this period and do refrain from talking too much or laughing aloud. The swelling and pain will go away in a few days if you follow the restrictions.

However, if you do not want to go under the knife then here is one exercise that has given results to the lucky few. First, find the part of your face you want to make the dimple, lightly point your index finger up and into the dent (Make sure the shape of your dimple is right before you proceed!) Next, keeping your finger pushed firmly into your face (don’t push against bones though, just muscles!) smile your biggest smile then release, still keeping your finger in place. Then smile again but this time, keep smiling and instead tense and release only the muscles in your face surrounding your finger.


You can do these exercises as many times as you want but patience and commitment are key, the more you do it and the longer you hold the position, the sooner you will see results.

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23 thoughts on “Exercise to Get Dimple on Cheek

    1. Same here I have a natural dimple , but you can easily tell when someone has had artifical ones – they leave long lines – like SRK`s and Miranda kerr and all those women in the pic – but if it looks good , go ahead I say. *hifive*

      1. I have natural lines from my chin that create dimples under the apples of my cheeks. Many people with natural dimples also have lines running under the dimples to the chin.

  1. I got a dimple when I got myself hurt badly on the left cheek while playing. I was a kid of 5-6 then! Hated it back then…but now, kinda loving it! *haan ji*

  2. i generally sleep during my classes. 😛 From tomorrow am gonna be wide awake sitting on the last bench and do this dimple creating exercise *happy dance* *happy dance* hehehe…… am sure everyone’s gonna think am mad *duh* I have slight light dimple on both my cheecks which is only visible to my mom n me, but I will keep on doing this till I have big dimples 🙂 Thank you for the post Era. *puchhi* *puchhi*

      1. change your facial expression asap wen the professor turns on ur side rofl rofl thats how i have been sleeping from past 2 years… one eye open keeping check on the professor and the other completely relaxed 😛 😛

  3. Sounds interesting *happydance* …never heard of anything like this. I have faint dimples, would definitely try this to make them more prominent…yeyyyy *happy dance* *happy dance*

  4. My son have dimple, I don’t have *smug* *smug* , but never felt like having it until reading this post 😛 😛 😛

  5. *Hehehe* I’ve got one on my left cheek!!! My cheeks were dimple-less untill I was 13 years old. And honestly I’m not sure I liked dimples back then. But then I saw Deepika and her cute dimples in Om shanti om. N God, knows it was love at the 1st sight. Then I figured out this simple exercise on my own and ladies I’m almost 20 now n I have gotten my own artificial simple on my own cheek. God, I love it, I love to smile and show it off to everyone. *Hehehe*… This simile exercise really works ladies, you just gotta be a little patient… But trust me the result will be all worth it….bb (P.S-my dimple-less classmates get so jealous of me sometimes 😉 )

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