Fa Jasmine & Coconut Water Natural & Fresh Shower Gel Review

Body type: Normal to dry depending on the weather
Hi girls!
My today’s pick is this new Fa Natural & Fresh shower gel. I always love fresh summery shower gels so I picked two shower gels from Fa. Let gets into the details.
Fa Natural & fresh Jasmine & coconut water Shower Gel

Product Description & Ingredients:
description, ingredients

Price: MRP- Rs. 950/- but I got it at Rs. 270/-

My Experience with Fa Jasmine & Coconut Water Natural & Fresh Shower Gel:

This shower gel comes in a long light green transparent plastic bottle with a small green flip flop cap. I find it little less tight so not sure if it is safe to travel with or not! But I like this clear packaging and that it is light in weight. According to its quantity price is definitely reasonable but I am shocked to see the MRP. It is definitely not a shower gel worth Rs. 950. But it is good for Rs. 270 no doubt.

I have the variant ‘Natural & Fresh’ which seems to be a refreshing shower gel. It has a nice mixture of jasmine and coconut fragrance; the combination creates a new mild fresh fragrant. I am not a huge fan of the coconut-smell but it actually feels good and not overpowering. But the smell doesn’t stay long; once I rinse my body it vanishes completely. Only mild smell lingers on in my bathroom.

The shower gel is in light green gel texture. The consistency is little runny which easily glides on body. It lathers well and I can enjoy a foamy bath. It is also easy to rinse from skin but it feels little slippery after washing my body. I generally don’t like this but once I pat dry my body, it feels perfectly clean and fresh. This shower gel contains jasmine and coconut water.
fa shower gel

I am a huge fan of jasmine and coconut water as they have so many benefits for skin. This gel cleans my body nicely, it removes dirt and sweat perfectly, and my skin feels fresh and clean. It never dries out my body and it gives squeaky clean effect.
shower gel bottle

I also like its hydrating quality. It provides nice hydrated soft smooth skin. My normal to dry body never feels rough after shower. It keeps skin healthy but it is not enough moisturizing for super dry skin or for the winters. It is definitely good as a summer shower gel. But super dry skin needs a good moisturizer after using this. Hydration is okay for humid weather but not enough for dry weather. If you have sweaty body like me then you will also like this because it keeps skin fresh for quite some time. It never irritated my skin.
bottle opening

Overall I really like this as my day time shower gel. It keeps body fresh and clean with a smooth hydrating effect. I just wish the smell stayed a little more. It’s just a nice cleanser; it doesn’t have any extra benefits. It is good for summer but not for dry weather, but it is a nice experience with this shower gel.

Pros of Fa Jasmine & Coconut Water Natural & Fresh Shower Gel:

• Clear packaging helps to notice the product.
• Reasonable if you will get at a discounted rate.
• Has a good fresh smell of coconut and jasmine.
• Smell doesn’t feel overpowering.
• Texture smoothly glides on skin.
• Lathers perfectly.
• Cleans my skin well.
• Provides squeaky clean effect.
• Easy to rinse.
• Never dries out my skin.
• Provides soft smooth skin.
• Good as a summer shower gel.
• Keeps skin fresh and clean for long.

Cons of Fa Jasmine & Coconut Water Natural & Fresh Shower Gel:

• Cap is not perfectly tight.
• Smell doesn’t stay.
• Little slippery.
• Not enough moisturizing for winter or super dry skin.
• MRP is overpriced.

IMBB Rating: 3.8/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Fa Jasmine & Coconut Water Natural & Fresh Shower Gel?
I love to try new shower gels. But I will try more variants from Fa. If you want a fresh summer shower gel then give this a try. But if you want a deep moisturizing shower gel then it is not the best option.

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